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Building Site


To give a city a good energy, you’ll need to add some background activities. Building sites are one of the of sounds of a living city. You will find different kind of atmospheres in this collection – including large building sites with cranes and outdoor elevators, various emergency alarm, excavators, hammers and grinders. All you need to give your set the realism of a big city.

About Ambisonics:
This is an Ambisonics sound effects library - and by using the free SoundField SurroundZone 2 plugin you can convert the B-format files into your preferred format (stereo, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.1, 7.0 or 7.1 surround). Note: The library also contains ready-made stereo mixdowns for your convenience.
Licensor: Spheric Collection
Categories: , , , .
Type: Construction sound effects / recordings
Specs: 43 files • 43+ sounds • 24 bit / 48 kHz • 2.93 GB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Ambisonic library demo

These are binaural demos, encoded for headphone listening - many other possibilities available with the source material:
Video Thumbnail
GN1163-Sweeping and scraping in a stairwell. (2:06)
GN1156-Bulding site rumble with alarm signal general ambiance (2:58)
GN1157-Large Building site in the distance (1:41)
GN1158-Pneumatic drill bewtween skyscrapers in the distance (0:43)
GN1159-Scaffold mounting (4:43)
GN1160-Excavator on a building site in the city. Destroying a house (2:12)
GN1161-Scaffolding deconstruction (3:05)
GN1162-Bulding site cutting some pipe with an electric saw. (1:15)
GN1150-Hammering stone in a courtyard Low impact (0:19)
GN1151-Hammering stone in a courtyard (0:20)
GN1152-Hammering stone in a courtyard variation (0:27)
GN1153-Light work activity in stairs (2:55)
GN1154-Hammering in stairs (1:21)
GN1155-Bulding site rumble with high metal squeals (2:04)
GN1144-Hammering on wood in a farmyard (0:15)
GN1145-Hammering in a courtyard wood and metal (0:37)
GN1146-Hammering metal in a courtyard blacksmith (0:13)
GN1147-Hammering metal in a courtyard blacksmith a dove is cooing in the background (1:00)
GN1148-Hammering metal in a courtyard blacksmith a dove is cooing in the background (0:40)
GN1149-Hammering stone in a courtyard nice metal resonnance (0:43)
GN1137-Excavator in the distance moving around (0:55)
GN1138-NY rooftop rumor close to a building site (2:03)
GN1139-Horn elevator outside building site close up pov (1:06)
GN1140-Horn elevator outside building site pl (1:07)
GN1141-Horn elevator outside building site (1:55)
GN1142-Large pneumatic drill in the distance (0:29)
GN1143-Cutting wood with an axe in a courtyard (1:25)
GN1131-Building site metalic percussion voice in the distance (3:41)
GN1132-Building site people working in scaffold metalic percussion (2:54)
GN1133-Bulding site horn from elevator metal hammering whistle (1:47)
GN1134-Bulding site horn from elevator tools and percussion (3:02)
GN1135-Light work activity in stairs voice in background (1:25)
GN1136-Excavator in the distance digging sand (4:02)
GN1124-Building site electric saw 2 (1:11)
GN1125-Building site general ambiance driller diesel engine percussion (3:34)
GN1126-Building site general ambiance voices metal impact hammering (1:50)
GN1127-Building site light activity siren exterior elevator tools (5:04)
GN1128-Building site hammer driller elevetor siren background voices (4:03)
GN1129-Building site loud ambiance diesel engine hammering percusion voices (4:24)
GN1130-Building site metalic percussion voice close up perspective (3:56)
GN1121-Alarm building site elevator 1 (0:26)
GN1122-Alarm building site elevator 2 (1:03)
GN1123-Building site electric saw 1 (0:51)


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