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Home Sound Effects British Phone Box

British Phone Box


Sounds from a classic red phone box.

The classic red phone box is something that has been part of the landscape, here in Britain, for all of my life and long before. I decided to capture as many sounds from them as I could before they disappear from use. In this pack you will find such sounds as…
The door opening and closing, a tapping on the window (this could often be heard if you took too long on a call and the next person on line was getting impatient), phone rings and dialling (current and vintage), a man talking away in a phone box, the operator answering a call, room tones and more. Most of these sounds will also be ok for anything visuals that portray the less attractive ‘modern’ glass booths that first appeared in the mid 80s.

Licensor: John Silke
Categories: , , .
Type: Telephone sound effects / recordings
Specs: 49 files • 49 sounds • 16 Bit / 48 kHz • Not metatagged • 103 MB
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