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Home Sound Effects Bones & Blood – GORE Elements

Bones & Blood – GORE Elements


This library has the aim of bringing ultra high quality malleable materials for sound designers with extensive organic variations in the realm of horror/gore.

What’s inside:
• various impacts with hands, slap, stab, drop, stomp, slam, crush, and blood spurt
• slimy squeezes and twists of disgusting goo and flesh
• diverse manipulations and gnaw
• juicy flesh squirts and filaments tension
• bones cracking, snaps and breaks
• blade ringing, and various whooshes
• body chunks falling in bloodbath, spurts and spatters

It can help the most gruesome and disgusting scene comes alive with vivid realism.

well-focused and malleable

Each file has a great amount a variations of the same sound.

In the meantime, the extensive frequency range provided by the Sanken co-100k and the Sennheiser MKH-series microphones allows extreme pitch-shifting.

Let’s express creativity by layering these sounds and pitch-shiftings with almost no limits!

Licensor: Articulated Sounds
Categories: , , .
Type: Gore sound effects / recordings
Specs: 86 files • 800+ sounds • 24 Bit / 192 KHz • 2.34 GB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Single user, royalty-free - for a multi-user license, click here
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Full sound effects list for Bones & Blood - Gore Elements:

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Articulated Sounds crafts unique sound effects libraries.


We go to great lengths all over the world
pursuing the collection of unique and rare sounds
carefully edited and thoroughly conditioned.


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