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Home Sound Effects Black Leopard

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Black Leopard

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This Black Leopard SFX library was recorded by our sound recordists in Thailand in 192 kHz, 24-bit WAV format. It includes a huge variety of sounds from groans, growls, sniffs, roars and everything in-between, recorded at a pristine audio quality. If you’re looking for a definitive library for the Black Leopard for film, game audio or sound design, this is the library for you!

Licensor: Krotos Audio
Category: .
Type: Black Leopard sound effects / recordings
Specs: 31 files • 31+ sounds • 24-bit / 192 kHz • 52.2 MB
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Black Leopard_aggressive_throat_attack.wav
Black Leopard_aggressive_throat_burp_hiss_groan.wav
Black Leopard_aggressive_throat_burp_hiss.wav
Black Leopard_aggressive_throat_growl_medium_distance_2.wav
Black Leopard_aggressive_throat_growl_medium_distance.wav
Black Leopard_aggressive_throat_growl_purr_light_roar.wav
Black Leopard_aggressive_throat_growl_rising.wav
Black Leopard_aggressive_throat_grunt_2.wav
Black leopard_aggressive_throat_grunt_hiss.wav
Black Leopard_aggressive_throat_grunt_sniff_2.wav
Black Leopard_aggressive_throat_grunt_sniff.wav
Black Leopard_aggressive_throat_grunt.wav
Black Leopard_aggressive_throat_hiss_growl_close.wav
Black Leopard_aggressive_throat_hiss_growl_pant.wav
Black Leopard_aggressive_throat_hiss_growl_threatening.wav
Black Leopard_aggressive_throat_low_growl_threatening.wav
Black Leopard_aggressive_throat_low_hiss_threatening.wav
Black Leopard_aggressive_throat_medium.wav
Black Leopard_aggressive_throat_moan_hiss.wav
Black Leopard_aggressive_throat_purr_sniff.wav
Black leopard_close_burp.wav
Black leopard_close_light_grunt.wav
Black leopard_close_throat_burp.wav
Black leopard_grunt_groan_roar.wav
Black leopard_grunt_short.wav
Black leopard_purr_breathe.wav
Black leopard_purr_hiss_grunt.wav
Black leopard_throat_grunt.wav
Black leopard_throat_high_hiss_02.wav
Black leopard_throat_high_hiss.wav
Black leopard_throat_vibrate.wav


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