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Complete – aXLsound

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Lamps focuses on the buzzing/humming sound of light bulbs, lamps, fluorescent tubes, you name it… You can find a sound for any electricity driven device you can imagine.

These sounds can be used as pure effects or as a layer in your ambiances/atmos tracks to create a buzzing hallway or even to add tension in a basement scene with a fluorescent tube.

Low humming growls, aggressive and high pitched, glass resonant tubes, tiny filament lamp, fridge style hums, etc…
This library contains 44 designed textures and about 20 source material files with full and detailed metadata embedded ( Soundminer, Basehead, iXML), all at 96kHz / 24 bits.

1970′ Ford Mustang Mach1 v8

Extensive recording session of a 1970 Ford Mustang ” Mach 1 ” . The Mach 1 is a performance-oriented model of the Ford Mustang, its 351 cu in (5.8 L) Cleveland V8 produces 300 HP.

This library contains onboard ( up to 8 mics ), exterior and all the spot effects and foley you’ll need ( doors, windows, seatbelt, trunk, indicators… )

For greater edit possibilities, the exterior tracks were recorded with various microphones setups :
– static wide AB array
– static Cinela LCR array ( ORTF + Center )
– Neumann KMR81 shotgun mic following the car

For the onboard setup, here’s what you’ll find:
– 2 mics in the engine ( static omni + dynamic cardioïd )
– 3 mics on the exhaust ( lavalier + static cardioïd + dynamic omni )
– MKH 8040 ORTF + a hidden lavalier inside the cabin

Foley and spot FX were recorded with the Neumann KMR81 and Sennheiser 80XX LCR setup

Urban Passes-By

Urban Passes By delivers hundreds of different vehicles passing by in an urban environment, covering all your needs for traffic scenes, especially to edit cars in the background or vehicles passing by your main character’s car during an onboard scene.

No need to search through your numerous traffic recordings to find the one “pass by”, we gathered hundreds of them from very slow to fast, dry cobblestones to very wet asphalt.
This library aims to help sound editors quickly find the whooshin’ vehicles they need, it includes passes by of cars, motorcycles, mopeds, trucks, etc…

All the sounds are 96 kHz / 24 bits and most importantly embedded with exhaustive metadatas for improved search results, including a detailed description, surface type, microphone setup, etc…
Metadata compatible with Soundminer, Basehead, etc…

The “Source” folder contains 337 files corresponding to 183 different recordings with various microphones setups :
– AB
– Cinela LCR array ( ORTF + Center )
– Some sounds are simultaneously recorded from inside and outside a car, giving you extra edit possibilities

The “ Designed” folder contains 59 stereo files with processed sounds such as :
– Interior “whoosh” passes
– Isolated wet asphalt textures
– Resonant bass vehicle textures

Metal Sweeteners – Gun HyperRealism

We recorded tons of different metallic objects like wrenches, cameras, stands, microphones,etc… to create different hits and textures for the Source Material kit, everything was recorded at 192 kHz with the famous Sennheiser MKH 8040/8050 microphones in order to capture all the harmonics up to 50-60 kHz.  Then we layered/edited/pitched, crushed them to create the sounds in the Designed folder.

The “Source” folder contains 91 files and hundreds individual sounds divided into these categories:
– Hit
– Scrape
– Screw
– Rattle
– Mech
– Click
– Slide

The “Designed” folder contains 20 files and many more individual sounds, all created from the “Source Material”:
– Silenced/Suppressed shots
– Reload
– Bullets
– Mechanics
– Ejections

The “Synced” folder contains multiple groups of 8 layers + 3 silencers/suppressor, all sync’ed on some of the most common guns rate of fire :
– Ak 47
– M16
– Uzi
– MP5
– M60
– M4

All the sounds are 192 kHz / 24 bits, giving you all the process flexibility you need. Most importantly the files are embedded with exhaustive metadata compatible with Soundminer, Basehead, etc…

This library is perfect to spice up “boring” real-life recordings, create a whole new futuristic weapon or just to give that ” Hyper Realistic ” feel to the project you’re working on.

Scottish Highlands

This ambiences pack is the result of a short field recording trip/road trip I made in October 2019 around the beautiful land/soundscapes of the Scottish Highlands.

I decided to go with a LCR + AB setup, as while testing different options I found it to be very versatile and relatively light and small. All mics were mounted inside the Cinela Albert basket for more convenience, allowing me to capture multichannel ambiences ( virtually 5.0 surround ) with a single thing to set up, and perfectly sheltered from the wind.

I came across rivers, streams, lochs, waterfalls, lochs, harbors, lochs, quiet forests, reindeers slabs and more lochs.

This ” Mini Ambience Pack ” contains 24 sounds /72 files embedded with full and detailed metadata ( Soundminer, Basehead, iXML ).

Planes -Takeoffs and Landings

This library is quite self explanatory, ” Planes – Takeoffs & Landings ”  is a collection of various commercial jets taking off and landing on a runway.

We recorded as close as possible to the airport fences with a multi microphones setup giving you different sonic perspectives.

The “Source” folder contains 130 files corresponding to 34 different recordings :
– AB stereo (LOM Usi)
– Cinela LCR array (Sennheiser MKH8040 ORTF + MKH8050 Center)
– a shotgun mic following the plane (Neumann KMR81)

The “ Designed” folder contains 46 files / 28 processed sounds such as fast jet fly by or sonic boom.

All the files are 96kHz /24bits and embedded with rich metadata ( Soundminer, Basehead, iXML ) .


Licensor: aXLsound
Category: .
Specs: 1000+ files • 650+ sounds • 96 kHz-192kHz / 24 bits • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Full sound effects list for Lamps:

View sound list

Download [25.47 KB]


Full sound effects list for 70′ Ford Mustang Mach 1:

View sound list

Download [54.31 KB]


Full sound effects list for Urban Passes-By:

View sound list

Download [46.85 KB]


Full sound effects list for Metal Sweeteners - Gun Hyper-Realism:

View sound list

Download [67.68 KB]


Full sound effects list for Scottish Highlands:

View sound list

Download [64.50 KB]


Full sound effects list for Planes - Takeoffs & Landings:

View sound list

Download [70.07 KB]


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Founded in 2019 by Axel Steichen, a french sound editor, aXLsound strives to release unique sound librairies made by and for sound designers.

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