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Home Sound Effects Birds and Desert

Birds and Desert


High-quality nature ambience of wild landscapes in eastern Oregon – with a focus on bird sounds in the high desert across times of day and seasons. These are authentic western desert sounds appropriate for use in westerns, wild west, and related games and films.

Many tracks are quite long – several minutes or longer. Species include woodpeckers, meadowlarks, woodpeckers, distant owls, and more. Includes bonus clips of fly buzzes and a few bats. A number catch birds quite close to the recorder.

Licensor: Discover Oregon
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Type: Wild west desert sound effects / recordings
Specs: 21 files • 21 sounds • 16 bit / 44.1 kHz • Not metatagged • 516 MB
Approx. 50 minutes total
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Wild West Bat – Echolocation and Chirping Sounds as it Flys by Hunting for Insects.wav    0:19
Wild West Desert Birds – Ambience of Dawn Songbird and Gentle Crickets in the Juniper.wav    0:58
Wild West Desert Birds – Chirping Tweety Songbird in the Sagebrush.wav    2:28
Wild West Desert Birds – Dawn Atmosphere in Eastern Oregon.wav    1:13
Wild West Desert Birds – Dawn Western Meadowlarks, Ravens, and Woodpecker.wav    6:27
Wild West Desert Birds – Fall Atmosphere of Birds and Last Crickets Chirp and Sing.wav    6:56
Wild West Desert Birds – Gentle Dawn Birds Sing in the Sagebrush.wav    5:29
Wild West Desert Birds – Late Winter in the Painted Hills Dawn Chorus.wav    1:34
Wild West Desert Birds – Lone Hawk Screeches Twice Over Remote Steens Mountain.wav    0:57
Wild West Desert Birds – Loud Atmosphere of Woodpeckers and Jays Calling in Spring.wav    1:13
Wild West Desert Birds – Morning in the Painted Hills Vibrant Birds and Crickets.wav    2:53
Wild West Desert Birds – Nighthawk (Nightjar) Ambience at Dusk or Sunset with Crickets 1.wav    3:10
Wild West Desert Birds – Nighthawk (Nightjar) Ambience at Dusk with Crickets 2.wav    5:24
Wild West Desert Birds – Oregon Mountain Woodpecker Drills and Western Meadowlarks.wav    0:21
Wild West Desert Birds – Rare Poorwills Sing Eerie Song at Night in a Canyon.wav    0:09
“Wild West Desert Birds – Spring Ambience as Single Bird Chirps, Sings, and Flutter with Distant Meadowlarks.wav”    0:22
Wild West Desert Birds – Vibrant and Interesting Songbirds Sing and Compete.wav    1:40
Wild West Desert Birds – Western Meadowlarks Chorus at Dawn in Spring.wav    3:07
Wild West Desert Birds – Western Meadowlarks in the Morning.wav    1:12
Wild West Desert Birds – Western Screech Owl at Night Chirps as Ducks Fly Overhead at Night.wav    0:27
Wild West Desert Birds – Woodpecker Calls and Drills into Western Juniper Trees.wav    3:20


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Discover Oregon captures film and audio recordings of America’s few remaining wild places – with a focus on long nature soundscapes and ambiences.  By traveling to remote locations, we are able to capture long nature soundscapes without any human noise such as plane flyovers or distant cars. Short films featuring these sounds have been featured by Vimeo Staff Pick, Outside Online, and National Geographic.