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Home Sound Effects Human: Barbara

Human: Barbara


Barbara can say it all without (well, almost without) uttering a single word! Whether it’s passion or boredom, love or hatred, her reactions are precise, full of emotions and charmingly feminine. She will let you know she’s tired, she will laugh of your jokes or stand to fight side by side. Designing a game character or building M&E for a movie, here is your perfect companion.

Licensor: Cacy Sound
Category: .
Type: Female sound effects / recordings
Specs: 83 files • 83+ sounds • 24 bits / 96 kHz • 772 MB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
Cacy Sound BARBARA:

01 Female Woman_Laughter from Soft Gentle Light to Loud Strong 29T

02 Female Woman_Understanding Comprehension Aha Mhmm Soft 31T

03 Female Woman_Understanding Comprehension Aha Ooo Aaaa Loud 30T

04 Female Woman_Hesitancy Indecision Annoyance 11T

05 Female Woman_Disgust Aversion Dissatisfaction Revulsion 30T

06 Female Woman_Fear Alarm Fright Surprise 28T

07 Female Woman_Satisfaction Approval Pleasure Yummy! Mouth Closed 9T

08 Female Woman_Pleasure Satisfaction 13T

09 Female Woman_Satisfaction Relief Relaxation Comfort Alleviation 11T

10 Female Woman_Breathing Inhale Exhale Single Long 23T

11 Female Woman_Deep Breath Inhale Exhale Single 10T

12 Female Woman_Breathing Effort Sport Exercise Running Slow A

13 Female Woman_Breathing Effort Sport Exercise Running Slow B

14 Female Woman_Breathing Effort Sport Exercise Running Escape Fast C

15 Female Woman_Breathing Effort Sport Exercise Running Escape D 1

6 Female Woman_Breathing Effort Sport Exercise Running Escape Fast E

17 Female Woman_Breathing Effort Running Escape Fast Irregular Fear F

18 Female Woman_Relief Calm 9T

19 Female Woman_Jump Fight Excercise Training Sequence Fast

20 Female Woman_Jump Fight Excercise Training Sequence Slow

21 Female Woman_Jump Fight Excercise Single 4T

22 Female Woman_Fight Excercise A

23 Female Woman_Fight Excercise B

24 Female Woman_Fight Excercise Slow C

25 Female Woman_Fight Excercise Hard D

26 Female Woman_Fight Excercise Hard Effort E

27 Female Woman_Kiss Smack Single 38T

28 Female Woman_Kiss Soft Series 3T

29 Female Woman_Cry 5T

30 Female Woman_Disregarding Puff Annoyance Boredom Exhaustion Fatigue 6T

31 Female Woman_Hey! Calling Somebody Attention Anger 22T

32 Female Woman_Yoo-hoo! Calling Somebody Attention 17T

33 Female Woman_Ooo! Calling Somebody Attention Long 2T

34 Female Woman_Mouth Reaction Pops with Tongue 5T

35 Female Woman_Mouth Reaction Tongue Various 9T

36 Female Woman_Mouth Reaction Disdain Lip Trill 8T

37 Female Woman_Embarrassment Dilemma Unease Indecision Vacillation Doubt 15T

38 Female Woman_Boredom Annoyance Fatigue Mocking Snort Puff 18T

39 Female Woman_Understanding Responding Answering Mhmm…. I see… 11T

40 Female Woman_Whistle Single 6T

41 Female Woman_Understanding Catching Aha moment 12T

42 Female Woman_Scream Fear Falling Long 2T

43 Female Woman_Scream Panic Horror Fear Pain 6T

44 Female Woman_Screams Pain Small Short 14T

45 Female Woman_Scream Battle Fight Triumph Win Satisfaction 25T

46 Female Woman_Pain Scream Small Light 12T

47 Female Woman_Scream Battle Fight 6T

48 Female Woman_Effort Climbing Grunt

49 Female Woman_Whistle Sequence 3T

50 Female Woman_Funny Raspberry 10T

51 Female Woman_OK Non-native speaker of English 9T

52 Female Woman_Yes Non-native speaker of English 14T

53 Female Woman_Wow Non-native speaker of English 13T

54 Female Woman_Hello Non-native speaker of English 20T

55 Female Woman_No Non-native speaker of English 9T

56 Female Woman_Hi Non-native speaker of English 15T

57 Female Woman_Go Non-native speaker of English 10T

58 Female Woman_Right Non-native speaker of English 3T

59 Female Woman_Talking sweetly with Child Animal Jollyfying 2T

60 Female Woman_Humming Singing Mouth Closed

61 Female Woman_Singing Mouth Open

62 Female Woman_Long Notes Mouth Closed 2T

63 Female Woman_Eating Chewing 2T

64 Female Woman_Funny High Pitched Voice Laughter Screams Cartoon 22T

65 Female Woman_Cuckoo 11T

66 Female Woman_Gagged Trying Say Something

67 Female Woman_Indian Whoop 4T

68 Female Woman_Effort Constipation Pushing Pressing 2T

69 Female Woman_Last Breath before Death, Vocal Fry 4T

70 Female Woman_Spit 7T

71 Female Woman_Question What? Excuse me? Eh? 30T

72 Female Woman_Cough Throat Clearing 5T

73 Female Woman_Throat Clearing Soft 4T

74 Female Woman_Yawn 10T

75 Female Woman_Snore A

76 Female Woman_Snore B

77 Female Woman_Snore C

78 Female Woman_Olfaction Sniff Smell 19T

79 Female Woman_Shhh! Pst! Silence Please! 23T

80 Female Woman_Mumbling Whispering 9T

81 Female Woman_Kiss Smack Voice Single 34T

82 Female Woman_Kiss Strong Sequence 4T 83 Female Woman_Various


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