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Home Sound Effects AXXE // the sound of the ARP AXXE

AXXE // the sound of the ARP AXXE


A classic ARP mono-synth, meticulously multi-sampled.

As a minimalist monophonic synthesizer from the 70s, the ARP AXXE is as straightforward as it gets: Single oscillator, one envelope generator, a simple low-pass filter, white noise generator, pwm… However, it still manages to achieve that delightfully gnarly ARP sound that’s so unique to everything this little New England-based synth manufacturer put together.

This pack of carefully multi-sampled AXXE patches is a tribute to this simple synth’s greatness and contains tons of musical and useful sounds that are just as relevant today as they were back when this little synth hit store shelves. From solid basses to quirky plucks, from noise crashes to surprisingly competent synth drums – this pack is sure to inspire you.

No corners were cut during the sampling process and every single patch was recorded one semitone at a time for consistent timbre and maximum authenticity. Additionally, each note was tuned individually to make sure this pack can work along all your other instruments and samples.

Recorded with Rheingold music cables and high-end Antelope Audio converters, these samples are pristine and endlessly tweakable. To make sure that this pack is useful for everyone, I’m offering you these patches in a whole load of different formats so that you can bring them into your favorite sampler. Even hardware workstations are accounted for with a full MPC Expansion and files for various KORG machines.

Pack contents

  • 34 multi-sampled patches in multiple formats (see below)
    • 2,160 individual samples (24 bit / 44.1 kHz, 500 ≈ 900 mb)
  • 60 one shot samples (24 bit / 44.1 kHz, 12 mb)

Included formats

  • .exs for Logic Pro Sampler (10.5+), Alchemy, exs24 (legacy), and DecentSampler (via import)
  • .nki for Kontakt (not compatible with free Kontakt Player)
  • .adv for Ableton Sampler (Live 10 Suite or newer)
  • MPC 2 Expansion with Keygroup instruments, pre-programmed inserts, patch previews, and a drum kit with all one-shots.
  • .sfz SoundFonts for Ableton Sampler (Live 10 & earlier), UVI Falcon, Kontakt 5 & older, Sforzando, NN-XT, NN-19, Halion Sonic & others
  • Reason ReFill containing NN-XT sampler patches
  • .multisample for Bitwig Studio
  • .korgmultisample for KORG WaveState and ModWave

BØLT - AXXE | a meticulously multisampled classic ARP synth.

Licensor: : BØLT Categories: , .
Type: synthesizer sound effects / recordings
Specs: 2220 sounds • 2254 files • 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz • 800 mb • Not metatagged
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
// Patches
BOLT – 70s documentary
BOLT – arp basics 1
BOLT – arp basics 2
BOLT – arp basics 3
BOLT – arp basics 4
BOLT – arp basics 5
BOLT – arp basics 6
BOLT – bassic bass
BOLT – bees knees
BOLT – c64
BOLT – computaworld
BOLT – faint transmission
BOLT – herbie
BOLT – lo squelch
BOLT – lofi pluck
BOLT – lush pluck
BOLT – mellow spook
BOLT – mellowdy
BOLT – noisy saw-ish
BOLT – pew pew
BOLT – phonky bass
BOLT – pwm bass
BOLT – pwm funk
BOLT – pwm pluck
BOLT – rezo lead n bass
BOLT – rough wind
BOLT – sharp reso
BOLT – universal squelch
BOLT – universal wow
BOLT – vic20
BOLT – wigglez
BOLT – woosh
BOLT – zippy
BOLT – zree

// One-Shot Samples
BOLT – crash noise 1.wav
BOLT – crash noise 2.wav
BOLT – fx 8bit wob 1.wav
BOLT – fx 8bit wob 2.wav
BOLT – fx air leak.wav
BOLT – fx basic noise riser 1.wav
BOLT – fx basic noise riser 2.wav
BOLT – fx basic woosh 1.wav
BOLT – fx basic woosh 2.wav
BOLT – fx basic woosh 3.wav
BOLT – fx dissonant wob.wav
BOLT – fx game boy pew.wav
BOLT – fx glugzapper.wav
BOLT – fx low laser.wav
BOLT – fx major lazor.wav
BOLT – fx nes hit.wav
BOLT – fx ouch.wav
BOLT – fx pew nes.wav
BOLT – fx pew.wav
BOLT – fx pewww.wav
BOLT – fx siren.wav
BOLT – fx wiiu.wav
BOLT – fx wobble 1.wav
BOLT – fx wobble 2.wav
BOLT – fx wobble 3.wav
BOLT – fx wobble 4.wav
BOLT – fx wobble 5.wav
BOLT – fx wobble 6.wav
BOLT – fx wobwobwob.wav
BOLT – fx zap bright.wav
BOLT – fx zap classic.wav
BOLT – hat amb.wav
BOLT – hat lofi.wav
BOLT – hat open noise.wav
BOLT – hat open.wav
BOLT – hat raw noise 1.wav
BOLT – hat raw noise 2.wav
BOLT – hat raw noise 3.wav
BOLT – hat raw noise 4.wav
BOLT – hat rolled.wav
BOLT – kick basic thump.wav
BOLT – kick deep thump.wav
BOLT – kick medium rare.wav
BOLT – kick softy.wav
BOLT – kick trap.wav
BOLT – perc blip.wav
BOLT – perc boop 1.wav
BOLT – perc boop 2.wav
BOLT – perc doot.wav
BOLT – perc teeny click.wav
BOLT – snare cronchy noise.wav
BOLT – snare dirty.wav
BOLT – snare lofi.wav
BOLT – snare raw noise 1.wav
BOLT – snare raw noise 2.wav
BOLT – snare raw noise 3.wav
BOLT – snare raw noise 4.wav
BOLT – snare springy.wav
BOLT – tom noisey 2.wav
BOLT – tom noisey.wav


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Hi there! I’m Chris, aka. BØLT. I’ve been recording sounds of all kinds since I was 11 years old and my passion for all things audio has only gotten stronger since then.

Over the past couple of years I’ve been making waves in the music producer community with the dozens of sample libraries I created that have been downloaded over 10,000 times around the globe. Now expanding my focus towards sound design for linear and interactive media, I’m channeling nearly 20 years of recording experience into creating SFX libraries ranging from source to designed that will help you elevate your projects.

My playable libraries have become known for featuring an exhaustive array of sampler, DAW, and hardware patch formats alongside a very affordable price tag; Making these sounds accessible to large group of creatives.