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Animal Farm

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This library is dedicated to popular farm animals, rural backgrounds and agricultural activities – all you need around farm life. It features 165 sounds in total, from 14 different species with multiple variations for each animal, 25 discreet rural backgrounds and 10 types of modern and traditional agricultural activities.

Recorded and mastered at 24-bit/96kHz high-resolution, Animal Farm took over a year to get ready, since the goal was to capture as many seasonal work activities, weather conditions and animal habits, as possible.

List of animals recorded: Cat • Chicken • Cow • Dog (Wolf hound, Sheepdog) • Duck • Fowl • Goat (Mediterranean) • Goose • Horse (Arabian, Andalusian) • Pig • Pigeon • Rooster • Sheep (Mediterranean) • Turkey

Types of agricultural work recorded: Chopping • Feeding • Gardening • Loading Manure • Milking • Mowing • Olive harvest • Sowing • Tilling • Watering

Licensor: : Sound Ex Machina Categories: , , , .
Type: Farm animal sound effects / recordings
Specs: 165 sounds • 165 files • 7 GB • Includes metadata
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Animal Farm highlights:

Versatility: Multiple variations for each animal as well as discreet backgrounds are provided so you can pick up whatever suits your needs best and build from the ground up your own rural ambiences.

Straightforward samples, minimally processed: The sounds have been minimally processed for maximum creative freedom in creating a whole new language and imaginary creatures, from Jurassic Park to Star Wars.

Well grounded folder structure, ease of use: The library is divided into 3 group folders of 165 total audio files all recorded and mastered at 24bit, 96kHz stereo Wav format, embedded with metadata.

Animal Farm - Excellent Farm Animal Sound Effects & Farming sounds


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1 review

  1. Peter

    I got this primarily for its sheep sounds, as finding ones I can use was not easy. Thankfully, this managed to get me clean enough recordings. It did require extra work on my part, having to clean up some of the background noise.

    That said, the other offerings for other animals have been useful as well, and I’ve ended up using chickens and pigs. Some of the rural backgrounds have been used as well. So I’d say it’s a solid package, but will require extra effort to isolate some of the animals you may need.

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