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Home Sound Effects Alaska: Rain

Download the quad demo here

Alaska: Rain

From: $70

Alaska: Rain has the vast, beautiful crackling of arctic thunderstorms. Hear soothing rain deep in the boreal forest. Hear massive post-rain drips plopping and the musical call of Swainson’s Thrushes singing in the rain. Hear thunderclaps that ripple across glacial valleys and the soothing noise of a million raindrops on cottonwood leaves.
• This library offers you a large collection of arctic rain. I hope you enjoy listening to the natural music of the weather as it sings through the boreal forests of Alaska.

• Two percent of the price of this library is donated to an environmental cause, as an “artist royalty” for the planet!
• Carbon offset credits were purchased to offset my field recording travel for this library.

• A Cinela Kelly Rain Cover was used. So, all recordings were captured deep in the forest.
• Rain in the boreal forest of cottonwood, birch, and spruce
• Light, moderate, and heavy rain
• Post-rain canopy drips broken loose by the wind
• Rippling thunderclaps
• All recordings include birds
• Read the full story in my blog post The Sounds of the Alaskan Arctic.
• Hear an interview about my Alaskan Expedition on Episode 121 of the Tonebenders Podcast

• Use microphones known to perform well in high humidity. I use Sennheiser microphones. View my full gear list – here.
• Use cables made with Neutrik X-HD Series waterproof connectors. This keeps water from getting into your cable connection points.
• Use a dry bag for your recorder. I like the Sea to Summit 65L bags because they have a wide mouth and can easily fit a recording bag through the opening.
• Put your dry bag at least 25 feet away and cover it with local foliage. Otherwise you’ll just record the sound of rain hitting a dry bag.
• Use a Cinela Pianissimo Double Mid/Side blimp with a Kelly Rain Cover.
• Coat the inner cover of the Cinela Pianissimo with NixWax as Cinela directs on their website. This is a water repellant molecule that is also acoustically transparent. The water repellant causes the water to bead up and roll off while also letting the air through. Read more about how NixWax works – here.
• The honeycomb of the Kelly Rain cover disperses drops as they hit the blimp which minimizes thumps. However, don’t use the Kelly Rain cover in areas with lots of insects because they tend to get stuck in the honeycomb, buzz for hours, and ruin recordings. The honeycomb cover also doubles as excellent protection for the blimp if a bear/moose/elk decides to chew on it.
• Find a section of forest with low and dense deciduous leaves. These leaves catch the rain so drips don’t thump on the blimp. Occasional thumps during heavy rain are okay because they are easy to edit out in post.
• Waterproofing a microphone blimp is totally game changing. I can now leave my rig out in the elements for 24 hours without fear of rain. Waterproof blimps and 32-bit float recorders have opened up a whole new world of recording for me  and I couldn’t be more excited.
• Build a platform of local foliage to cover the blimp for extra protection. George Vlad has an excellent video on how to build a natural rain canopy – here.
• I learned many of these rain recording techniques from George Vlad, so make sure you check out his work at Mindful Audio.

• Named markers are included in each file to help find interesting events in an otherwise uniform waveform.
• Markers are included in the Soundminer and BWAV description fields starting with the prefix “Marker Text”.
• View larger version or Download CSV
• A spectrogram is included for each audio file. Double click on the photo to enlarge.
• Read 40+ user reviews for Thomas Rex Beverly Audio
• Read my Field Recording Mastering Rules and learn more about how these recordings were mastered.
• Browse the Library Info Master List to compare specs on all my libraries.
• Browse the Metadata Master List to search my entire catalog.
• MD5 and SHA 256 Checksums are included for each zip file in my catalog. Use these hashes to check the integrity of your downloaded files.
• Sennheiser MKH8040 pair and MKH30 in Double Mid/Side
• Sound Devices MixPre-6
• Cinela Pianissimo Double Mid/Side Blimp
• Cinela Kelly Rain Cover
• Stereo: front mid/side decoded to left and right.
• Quad: double mid/side decoded to quad.

Licensor: : Thomas Rex Beverly Categories: , , .
Type: Quiet Nature Ambience sound effects / recordings
Specs: 24+ sounds • 24 files • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • Stereo = 4.9 GB, Quad = 9.8 GB, Stereo + Quad = 14.7 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 141 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
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