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African Desert

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African Desert is a collection of immersive stereo soundscapes recorded in the remotest parts of the Namib desert. It covers a variety of locations, from sand dunes and canyons to desert pavement and rocky outcrops. Subjects include sand movement recorded with hydrophones, soft to medium wind blowing over the surface of the dunes, and insects, birds and reptiles creating a sparse ambience full of minute detail.

The purpose of this collection is to portray the soundscape of the Namib desert in all its sparseness and beauty. Some of these recordings are not much more than very soft wind. A few of the included soundscapes feature sand being blown over the surface of dunes. Thereโ€™s a variety of wildlife calls too, from insects like cicadas, crickets or flies to barking geckos and occasional birds. This is not a wildlife library though, as the focus is more on the lifeless beauty of this mostly barren landscape.

Licensor: : Mindful Audio Categories: , , , .
Type: Desert sound effects / recordings
Specs: 29+ sounds • 29 files • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 7.5 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 227 minutes total
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African Desert sound effects library

This library was recorded in more than 10 remote locations across the Namib desert in Namibia. Reaching these parts of Africa was not an easy task, and often it wasnโ€™t possible to record because of incredibly high winds. Having said that, there were plenty of lulls and breaks in the weather that allowed for sound recording. Temperature, dust and sand were other challenges that I had to overcome but luckily this was not my first recording trip to a desert so all my gear survived the expedition.


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2 reviews

  1. Chip Sovek / Spinn Creative

    There are very few professional sound recordists I keep on my short list when I need quality sounds for a project…and George (Mindful Audio) is one of them. This particular library has a handful of very unique sounds (desert ambience with zero civilization contamination) within all the others that served an exact project purpose. I would highly recommend any of his library’s to other audio post professionals.

  2. Nikolaj de Haan

    This library is really something unique. As with any Mindful audio library the quality is superb. Sitting down and just listening to the sounds of the Namib desert most of us would never experience is a joy in it self. Furthermore, the library is a great source for sound design – I am currently using it in a video game myself :) The sand movement recorded with hydrophones is especially interesting. Highly recommend this and all of Georgeโ€™s other libraries

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