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Home Sound Effects Historical Houses & Barns

Historical Houses & Barns


This is a collection of location foley sounds (anything we could find that makes sound) recorded over 3-year period in authentic historical houses and barns.

This includes 1700s peasant village houses, 1700s manor, 1850s farm, 1900s manor and 1930s cottage. These are recorded for film projects so they have the right cinematic feel, dynamic and variation.

The houses were full of period props, so the recordings are rich and have lots of details that take you to the right time and feel.

The library weighs in at more than 20 GB total, and features 5000+ sounds & 10 hours of recordings in 347 files.


• Many are long takes (8+ minutes) with lots of performance variations
• The stereo recordings have often one channel as close-up mic and other as distant / room mic.
• All recordings are 96khz 24bit with metadata.
• We used the best sounding equipment – sound devices recorders (744, 702, mixpre), Sennheiser mkh 8040,  mkh416 and DPA 4006a microphones.
Licensor: UGRI SOUND
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Type: Antique sound effects / recordings
Specs: 347 files • 5000 sounds • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 20.50 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 604 minutes total
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Ugri Sound are award winning sound editors, who capture sounds for their film projects in highest possible quality and performance. Eventually many of those sounds will also be sold here.

Gear we use:
2x Sennheiser 8040, 2x 8020, 2x mkh 416, 2x DPA 4006a, Neumann tlm 103
Sound Devices 744, 702, Mixpre-10T, Mixpre, 2x Sony D100