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Solo Instruments

Solo instruments suited for all kinds of compositions

  • This pack includes 107 files of 6 Gamelan instruments and 1 Harp. This library is a sample pack of sound textures ranging from scarping, single tones, spinning notes, intervals, and playing the Gamelan instruments with various mallets.

    Recorded with 2-3 microphones and from 2-3 mic positions, you have a pretty good range of sound textures to choose from!

    We used this library mainly to add tonal qualities and textures to our RPG Magic SFX Pack 3 – Elemental. Now you can also have access to these recordings!

  • Made of birch bark, the birch trumpet, or tuohitorvi, as we call it in Finland, is a traditional Finnish instrument. We recorded long and short notes and then expanded the virtual instrument to cover four octaves.

    Other names for the instrument include birch bark trumpet, birch bark horn, neverlur, näverlur, tās̆u taure, ragas, daudytė, and karjapasun.

    FULL Kontakt 6.7.0 or higher required

  • KING OF STRINGS is the first Octobass sample library for Ni Kontakt.

    Featuring the sampling of the unique  custom made “Bohr-Moneta” Octobass.

    There are only 4 octobasses in the world, this instrument is the perfect way to add the power of a rare bass instrument to your music compositions, giving an organic flavor without sacrificing the natural rough sound of a string instrument.

    NOTE: KING OF STRINGS is an instrument for Ni Kontakt, it requires full version of Kontakt 5.8 or highter versions

  • Ensembles of traditional Buddhist instruments and chanting, with throat singing.

  • Instruments Kalimba Play Track 550 sounds included, 5 mins total $9

    Attention: This is NI KONTAKT instrument, so you need full version of KONTAKT (at least version 5.5.2) to run and play it. It will not work in KONTAKT Player!

    However, this library contains 96kHz WAVs in separate folders for each of three kalimbas if you don’t have (or need) KONTAKT.

    Introducing KALIMBA: the first KONTAKT instrument from KEDR Audio!

    Here you will find two models of high-end kalimbas, as well as a bonus:  prepared low-quality rattling kalimba to add some low-fi textures to your music or sound design.

    All were recorded with condenser and contact stereo mics and have separate controls for both microphones levels. Also, the use of five round-robins for each mic allows to achieve variability and human-alike sound.

    All three instruments are built on the same KONTAKT engine with many useful controls: room and contact mic gain, AD envelope, low-pass filter with resonance, chorus, reverb, delay and three-band equalizer.

    What you get:

    • Two high-end kalimbas, plus a bonus: an old, low-fi, rattling prepared kalimba
    • Separate folders with 96kHz/24Bit multi-take WAVs for each of kalimbas to use in sound design or other (non KONTAKT) samplers
    • Metadata for search engines
    • KONTAKT engine with three effects, a low-pass filter and a three-band equalizer.

    System requirements:

    • Full version of Native Instruments KONTAKT 5.5.2 and higher

    Gear Used:

    • Sound Devices MixPre-6, BarcusBerry Planar Wave 4000, Sennheiser MKH8040/MKH30
    40 %
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  • This pack includes 217 sought-after ambient guitar loops, introspective chord progressions, reflective rock melodies, warm plucky guitar rhythms, warm fuzzy feelings, and a variety of essential loop-able guitar samples for creating moody pop & rock music.

    Ambient Cinematic Guitars 3 is the third volume of the ambient guitar loops series by Epic Stock Media. This loop library is a cross-genre sample pack and creates unique and professional tracks ranging from Dream Pop, Easy Listening, Alternative Rock, Emo, Ambient, Instrumental, Soundtrack, Country & other ambient genres.

    Each guitar loop includes a wet & dry version of the sample. This will allow you to have maximum flexibility in your mix and gives you the power to further process your guitar loops without being locked into the wet with effects versions of the file.

    Everything is organized into understandable folders & meticulously key tagged. We’ve added extensive Soundminer metadata into the samples to help you find the sound at the right time.

    All files are Royalty-Free and supplied to you in high-quality 48k/24-Bit WAV format that can be used in the most popular samplers, DAWs, and plugins with drag & drop plugin features.

    Product details:
    217 loops
    1.1 GB of samples
    All in high-quality 48k/24bit .wav file format
    Modern Ambient Guitar Loops, Chord progressions, Melodies, Beds – all loop-able
    Includes Soundminer Metadata
    All files form, key & bpm labeled
    100% Royalty-Free
    Compatible with PC/Mac and all DAW’s

  • Instruments Cow Horn Play Track 36 sounds included $29

    Cow Horn is a traditional Finnish musical instrument constructed from the horn of cattle. In Finnish language it has many names, including sarvi, paimensarvi, lehmänsarvi, and sarvitrumpetti. Similar Nordic instruments include the Swedish kohorn and the Norwegian kuhorn.

    The recorded cow horn had two finger holes. Without covering any finger holes, we got a note C#. Covering one hole made a note D, and covering both finger holes made a note D#.

    We recorded long and short notes, and then expanded these to cover some lower and higher notes. Legato, portamento and vibrato was added via script.

    Cow Horn was recorded with two microphones, Neumann TLM 103 and Sennheiser MKH 8040, and you can choose your preferred one. We captured 36 samples with 3 round robins.

    FULL Kontakt 6.7.0 or higher required

  • Made of a Finnish reindeer antler, Reindeer Antler Whistle is a unique little instrument. The physical version of the instrument could produce only one clear note, which was then sampled to make a full-range virtual wind instrument.

    FULL Kontakt 6.0.3 or higher required

  • Jouhikko (Finnish version of tagelharpa) is a traditional bowed lyre from Finland. The recorded jouhikko had three horsehair strings, which is the traditional way. Other Finnish names for the instrument are jouhikannel or jouhikantele. Similar instruments include talharpa, tagelharpa, stråkharpa, hiiu kannel, crwth and gue.

    This jouhikko was tuned in E-A-D. As there are different tunings, including the traditional A-D-G tuning, the virtual jouhikko has many options to cover those.
    We recorded long notes, staccato, spiccato, pizzicato and tremolo, from A4 to C#5, and then expanded these notes to cover some lower and higher notes. Legato, portamento and vibrato was added via script.

    Jouhikko was recorded with two microphones, and you can choose your preferred one. We captured up- and down-bows, 3 round robins, two velocity layers, and 1088 samples.

    FULL Kontakt 6.7.0 or higher required

  • The Foley Vault is home to an ever-growing collection of original Foley recordings.

    Each library was captured by professional Foley Artists on our in-house Foley Stage using a Sennheiser MKH50 microphone.

    These sounds were originally performed for a variety of feature and short film projects. They have now been compiled and released for you to edit and implement into your own film, game and television productions.

    20 %
  • Dive into massive emotional force and create an unbelievably sincere and expressive raw feeling.

    Welcome to PLATFORM, a versatile and easy-to-use sample library and Kontakt Instrument with a huge variety of impressive modern-sounding and a futuristic//cyberpunk vibe a lot of character and personality.

    This is a collaboration between sonic mastermind Robert Dudzic and SampleTraxx.

    Designed with both acoustic and synth sources PLATFORM is aimed primarily for writing sound design tracks, score and cinematic projects but can perfectly fit in every genre of modern electronic music.

    With 570 Wav sounds and Kontakt’s sound shape possibilities PLATFORM can be an essential tool in the studio when you need that off/center non standard sound.

    This arsenal of high-end sound effects is now on your fingertips with 18 Kontakt Instruments and tons of sound shaping filters and envelopes, 13 effects, a rhythm section featuring a step sequencer, filter sequencer, 2 filter LFOs, and gain/pan/pitch LFOs.

    If you’re looking for instant inspiration and raw emotions PLATFORM is the right heavy-hitter for you.

  • Scraped Cymbal is a collection of 78 sounds, pristinely recorded, edited and mastered as 96k/24bit stereo wave files.  This companion to the Bowed Cymbal series gives you more options for your stinger attacks.  David took the old, slightly cracked crash cymbal, and literally cut into it with tin snips (picture below).  He then took pliers, bent up some of the cut parts, and began experimenting with scraping various parts of the cymbal and adjusting the microphone position.  The tonalities produced are almost nauseating!  Deep rumbling lows, shimmery atonal highs, gut-wrenching mids – it’s a sound designer’s dream!


  • Folk Bagpipe is not a bagpipe!

    The “Folk Bagpipe” is a typical instrument of Southern Italy. It is an aerophone musical instrument made of a goatskin bag filled with air and four double reed pipes linked to the mother stump. Thanks to this library you will have an instrument to use both in a traditional way and to create sound effects and sound-design in a cinematic context.

  • Instruments The Hand Tank Drum Play Track 768 sounds included $14.99

    The Hand Tank Drum is a Kontakt library featuring a very unique acoustic tuned percussion instrument with an other-worldly tone!


    The instrument is one of a kind steel tongue drum crafted by an artisan from a propane tank.



    – Extended range C4-G5 – 768 samples recorded at 24bit/48kHz.

    – 4 velocity layers.

    – 3 random, no-repeat round robin variation for every sample.

    – 4 articulations covering mallet and finger playing, as well as semi-muted style for more precise tone, or open style for a natural, dissonant timbre.

    – Keyswitch for a fast and handy articulation change during the performance.

    – 2 microphone perspectives – top and bottom – with separate volume controls.

    – Effects section including delay, chorus, reverb, and rotary speaker/vibrato simulation.

    – Attack and Release envelope controls for further sound shaping possibilities.

    – Requires full version of Kontakt 5, free Kontakt Player is not supported.


    The Hand Tank Drum (Kontakt Instrument Library)

  • Where words fail, music gains its power. Now bringing together the soulful intimacy of our premier Felt Piano, LO•KI; the elegant delicacy of our mysterious Concert Harp, HA•PI; and the vintage analogue warmth of our Electric Piano, RO•KI. Use them together to compose unique melodies emerging from these extremely emotional and simple-to-use lyrical instruments. Previously released individually and as a duo, with the new GLOW Bundle, all three are now offered together at a reduced price.

    While the LO•KI Felt Piano offers soft hammerfalls and mechanical sounds with multiple microphone positions, the HA•PI Concert Harp is a meticulously recorded set of strings with 5 round robins and variable dynamic tones and range. The latest addition, our Electric Piano RO•KI, lets you switch between the raw DI signal or the warmth of a vintage style amp with 20 velocity layers. All three instruments feature the GLOW knob, which turns their sounds into mysterious, ethereal soundscapes with shimmering tones and enigmatic ambiances. All with a single rotation.

    [Note: This product requires a FULL version of Native Instruments’ KONTAKT. The free Kontakt player is not sufficient, as it only runs the instrument in DEMO mode.]

  • There are 13 main loops with several variations each, for a grant total of 428 single files!
    Whether you produce Lofi Hip Hop up to jungle\D&B this library it’s great for your next hits. You can go with a clean sound and make it dirty and distorted with your own effects, or you can use the loFi versions already in the lib, which are dirty and crunchy to the bone.

  • We carefully sampled one of the most iconic string machines from italian manufacturer Elka. The instrument is quite simple, since it has only two sounds that can be eventually combined to create a third one. And that’s it. But it’s more than enough to make your music iconic!

    The recordings were made at 48KHz and 24 bit resolution, so you’re good to go with cinematic projects too.

    We sampled each note chromatically, so every single note from the original instrument is there, no pitch shifting. We also sampled the sounds combination, so the third sound it’s sampled as it comes out the original keyboard.

    The interface on the original instrument is extremely simple and basic, but all the controls are implemented in “Cellotron 1976”. We added two effects for added flexibility and sonic possibilities, but we tried to keep the simple controls wise, to fit in the spirit of the original instrument.

  • Victorian Pump Organ is our new steampunk-inspired Kontakt library made in collaboration with Stuart Keenan from Glitchedtones. With 50 different patches including sound design, drum kits and foley, this instrument is perfect for musicians and sound designers to make everything from sea shanties, period style music from the 1800s and early 20th-century all the way to EDM tracks and horror/atmospheric scores.

    Stuart Keenan from Glitchedtones faithfully captured a Victorian Pump Organ (built-in 1865, Canada) at a studio in Newcastle with 4 different microphones positioned for treble, bass and stereo room mic perspectives. Our Audio Craftsmen meticulously edited the samples and programmed 50 patches and integrated them into our Kontakt interface giving film composers, music producers, sound designers and game developers a vast array of options to create music and compositions in various genres.

    There are 9 main patches including 3 melodic patches, 4 chord patches and 2 foley patches with the organ adjusted at different stops. We also recorded genuine major, minor and complex chords helping people with less knowledge in music theory to write songs and chord progressions. We also covered foley patches with keys, squeaks and pedal sounds to add an essence of natural character.

    Our in house composers built additional designed patches which include; Harp like arpeggiators, ethnic instruments such as the harmonium all the way to electro leads, game boy organs and dubstep inspired basslines. We even manipulated samples and built patches for metal and rock music. 

    We have included patches for a variety of circumstances like abandoned church organs, space generators and creaky room voices. We have also included low subsonic impacts and rumbles to add weight to your sounds and music. Some of the patches like glorious arp, telephone arp, tweeting birds, drunken organ, sea shanty organ, harmonica and cathedral hits are ideal for adding texture and interest.

    Our user-friendly Kontakt interface provides a variety of controls that encourage experimentation within the patches. We have included a mic mixing section with ADSR where you can adjust the levels for treble, bass and stereo (multiple mics) if you need to add more width to the mix. The built-in Arpeggiator and Step Sequencer are great for generating hundreds of variations in seconds.

    We hope that you will take the opportunity to try out this fascinating and timeless instrument.

    Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher is required.

    NOTE: This library does not run in the free ‘Kontakt Player.

    20 %
  • Introducing lo•ki

    Where words fail, music gains its power. Our felt piano’s soulful intimacy reaches inside and touches the heart. A piano never felt better.

    Dial in the ambiance with the dedicated Glow slider, letting simple chords evolve into mesmerizing worlds of sound.

    Recorded with 5 round robins, lo•ki also includes knobs to control the attack, release, and dynamic range, as well as for tape, ambiance, and mechanics. It was recorded in 3 different microphone positions and 9 ambiance presets are included to get you started.

    lo•ki is the perfect felt piano to round out any composer’s piano collection. Felt pianos are made from adding additional felt between the piano’s hammers and strings, creating a perfect, more delicate touch for soft and intimate pieces.

    Available as a DOWNLOAD

    [Note: This product requires a FULL version of Native Instruments’ KONTAKT. The free Kontakt player is not sufficient, as it only runs the instrument in DEMO mode.]

  • For Old Broken Piano we have recorded an old piano manufactured in the 1940s by the brothers Manegold. It has not been maintained and tuned for decades, giving it a unique, dark and nostalgic sound character.
    The instrument was recorded with a Sennheiser MKH 8040 Stereo Pair connected to a Sound Devices 702T.

    MKH 8040 are microphones with extended frequency response up to 50.000 Hz, which is great if you want to further process, re-pitch or stretch audio files.

    Rather unconventional approaches were used to „play“ the piano: Not a single key was touched! It was performed using a violin bow, various mallets and sticks, kitchen utensils, sticky tape and bare hands. The casing of the piano was partly taken apart to get direct access to the strings and the interior components of the instrument.

    A wide array of interesting sounds have been achieved by bowing, scraping or hitting single and multiple strings or parts of the wood body. For longer resonances, the sustain pedal was pressed down during almost all recordings.

    Old Broken Piano is a collabration between SampleTraxx and german sound designer Sebastian Emling.

    This library is the ideal companion for any professional sound designer, trailer or film composer.

  • The physical version of Small Rantonen Kantele is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, still playable 5-string kanteles in the world, as it was made in 1770. The kantele was made famous by kantele player Antti Rantonen, who owned it and played it during his career.

    NOTE: FULL Kontakt 6.7.0 or higher required (NOT Kontakt Player)

    Kantele, also called kannel, is a traditional Finnish and Karelian plucked string instrument. Similar instruments include the Estonian kannel, Latvian kokles, Lithuanian kanklės, and Russian gusli.

    Main idea for the virtual kantele was to create an instrument you can play live, almost like a real kantele. We used pedals, velocity layers, and special keyswitches to create a playing experience closer to the real instrument. Strumming is a crucial part of playing the small kantele, so we kept that in the middle of the development from start to finish.

    Samples were recorded using different parts of the kantele, with resonance and without resonance, to give more options for the sound of the instrument. During the sampling the strings were tuned using a diatonic scale (CDEFG). With the virtual instrument it is possible to tune every string independently, so you can achieve the traditional D-tuning and many other tunings.

    We captured long, damped, and dead notes, and harmonics. In addition we recorded percussion with the strings and the body of the instrument. Many other delicious samples are also present, including the sounds of hand damping the strings!

    Below you can view the walkthrough video for the instrument.

  • The physical version of Large Rantonen Kantele is an old, large 30-string concert kantele made in 1902. The kantele was made famous by kantele player Antti Rantonen, who owned it and played it during his career.

    NOTE: FULL Kontakt 6.7.0 or higher required (NOT Kontakt Player)

    Kantele, also called kannel, is a traditional Finnish and Karelian plucked string instrument. Similar instruments include the Estonian kannel, Latvian kokles, Lithuanian kanklės, and Russian gusli.

    Main idea for the virtual kantele was to create an instrument you can play live, almost like a real kantele. As both hands are on the strings when playing a physical kantele, we used pedals, velocity layers, and special keyswitches to create a playing experience closer to the real instrument.

    We recorded long notes, damped notes, harmonics, and mallet hits. For the virtual instrument, we expanded these notes to cover the missing sharps and flats, and even more lower and higher notes. We also added a virtual damping board, two play modes, and a large number of options to help you to create your own sound and playing style.

    Below you can view the walkthrough video for the instrument.

  • Instruments Veloce Play Track 3202 sounds included $45

    “Veloce” is the result of a collaboration between Visionary Robots Industries and Marianna D’Ama.

    “Veloce” is a Farfisa Fast 3 toy-organ carefully and chromatically sampled to give you the best experience in reviving the iconic itlian toy-organs tone and feel.

    There are 3 sets of instruments:

    – Standard: is the original Fast 3 organ faithfully recreated

    – Custom I & II: a set of preset sounds created at the Industries

    – Signature I & II: a set of preset sounds by Marianna D’Ama.

    Marianna’s most iconic and personal sounds have been sampled with love and passion. Marianna’s work with vintage keyboards and pedal effects is unique. A personal world of sounds that are part of her creative personality and are at the core of her sound.


    CHROMA personifies the ageless beauty of the piano. Painstakingly recorded from a world class Yamaha C3, it fully captures the sonic exuberance of the ideal piano sound. It is not only the perfect recreation of the acoustic properties, but it is also a full exploration of the instrument. From the rich depth of the single note, to mallets, pads, and e-bow, rich and inspiring soundscapes – CHROMA is more than a piano, it is the experience of the piano itself.

    ● CHROMA is the new SONUSCORE flagship piano
    ● CHROMA offers 4 freely adjustable microphone positions
    ● CHROMA has an unique core engine that both recreates the piano’s original sonority, but also creates new and abstract soundscapes
    ● CHROMA comes with an adjustable velocity curve to match the dynamics to every piano keyboard

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