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Travel & Transportation

Recordings and ambiences related to travelling and transportation in trains, planes, buses and more

  • Travel & Transportation Commercial Aircraft Interior Play Track 11 sounds included, 50+ mins total $14.40

    All Aboard!

    Commercial Aircraft Interior contains a distinct collection of ambient recordings taken onboard commercial aircraft flights over the North Atlantic.
    Our Audio Craftsman captured the various stages of an aircraft journey including general onboard ambiences, the plane idling on the runway, take off & landing and some sounds taken from the baggage claim and check-in sections of the airport.

    There are also wallas in various languages and the sounds of passengers shuffling in their seats and putting on their seatbelts. We captured recordings from two different plane journeys to get a variety of sounds. This library includes over 50 minutes of audio content, giving you all the ingredients you need to design compelling aircraft and airport soundscapes.

    All audio files have been carefully edited so that you can simply drop them into your project timeline and are provided dry in 24Bit 96kHz allowing for further sonic manipulation if required. All files are tagged with extensive metadata and are UCS compliant.

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  • Get ready to launch your spaceship and travel to the outer space! Stay in touch with your crew with these carefully recorded radio communications. Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.

    About Spaceship Radio Chatter SFX Pack

    We present you high quality radio chatter sounds that are emitted from the darkest depths of space. In this creative SFX pack, you will have both female and male vocal phrases including alerts, warnings, communications between vessels and also inside the ship, flight requests, asking for help, notifying stations, human radio chatters, spaceship announcements and many more sounds.

    This is a collection of 348 Spaceship Radio Chatter male and female voices and radio signals with many different scenarios and typical spaceship radio phrases and commands. The voice actorsโ€™ tone is confident and energetic.

    Spaceship Radio Chatter Sound Effects Bundle was recorded and designed delicately for all your scifi project needs especially game and film. To make the most organic texture possible, we recorded in 24bit/96KHz. The texture of the sounds are realistic and flexible for customization and the file naming is detailed.

    Examples of Phrases and Commands In The Sound Files

    Life Support System Failure
    All Remaining Power To Forward Shields
    Captain,You’ve Been Requested On The Bridge
    Anomally Detected
    Prepare Shuttles For Evacuation
    Warning,Hull Breach Detected

    Additional Keywords
    Military, space, spaceship, radio, chatter, war, communication, comms, power, shield, anomaly, detected, arm, weapons, asteroid, permission, speed, captain, bridge, catastrophic, collision, ready, damage, report, escape, engine, gravity, cargo, shuttle, safe, standby, action, operation, male voice, femal voice, enemy, move, left, right, copy, fire, message, intelligence, crisis, sci-fi, transmission, answer, messsage, received, target, mission, standby, contact, destroyed, affirmative, danger, alert, radioctive, tram.

    What else you may need
    You may also want to check out our Military Radio Chatter SFX Packย for access to 120 Military Radio Chatter Male Voices , with the most common intercepted communications capturing a volume of communication, to or from field to the base unit about raid, action, suspect, suspected parties such as terrorists or spies, determining their next move and whether there is cause for alarm.

  • Fasten your seat belts and place your folding trays in the upright position…

    Because this sound is pack is about to TAKE OFF!!


    Safety Demonstration

    Take off Landing

    General in-flight ambiance

    Airport walla

    All recorded and exported in 24/96khz

  • Travel & Transportation London Train and Tube Play Track 23 sounds included, 44 mins total $15.20

    London Train and Tube is the latest addition to our collection of ambiences recorded in London, UK.

    This library features interior and exterior ambient recordings of the London Underground, a train en route to to London St. Pancras Station, and the station itself.

    Discover the hustle and bustle of the London commute in these detailed recordings, including conductor announcements, platform ambience, passing footsteps, English accents, automatic tube doors, screeching rails, rolling suitcases, engine roars, beeps, bangs, bumps and more!

    These sounds are perfect for crafting natural soundscapes of London or British transport and can be used in your films, documentaries and video games.ย Included recordings of bassy engines and moaning metal rails are also ideal for more abstract genres, such as sci-fi and horror.

    Inject verisimilitude into your projects with this collection of immersive sounds!

    Our Audio Craftsmen have carefully edited each sound for maximum sonic clarity so that you can drop each sound directly into your project timeline and get down to work with minimal fuss.

    All sounds are delivered in 24Bit 96kHz format allowing further sonic manipulation and have been meticulously edited and tagged with extensive UCS compliant metadata for ease of use.

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  • The sounds of grinding, skidding, windscreen groaning, rumbling and hooting – a complete sound effects library of the UAZ-469.

    This library is of the UAZ ย 469 Off Road All Purpose Vehicle – manufactured by UAZ. Originally used in by the soviet forces; it became known as the UAZ 469-B and is used by a variety of countries.

    Easy to repair and drivable on all terrains; for us its a really great sounding vehicle both from the engine and general sounds of the car (opening doors, fuel compartments and more)


    Windshear Team

  • Travel & Transportation Ambisonic – Transportation Play Track 68 sounds included, 314 mins total From: $68 From: $45

    Ambisonic – Transportation is a great collection of ambisonic ambient recordings performed at various transportation locations.
    It is aimed to provide you with great spherical content to wrap your dialogue or main-focus content, allowing you to create a convincing and immersing soundtrack.
    You will find recordings such as a Train car interior, Jet airliner interior, multiple cars interior under different driving conditions,ย Bus interior, public transportation stations and much more.

    This collection is great for post-production, VR/AR experiences sound-design, game developers and any real-time 3D audio engine.
    All files are tagged and categorized for your convenience โ€“ supporting multiple tag filtering browsing applications.

    A Sennheiser Ambeo microphone paired with Zoom H8n was used to create this product.

    This package includes 68 Recordings โ€“ 136 Files.
    A total 2h 37m of content.
    First Order AmbiX B-Format and Stereo @ 96Khz / 24bit.

    Download a Demo here:
    Want to hear an example of the included recordings? Download the B-formatย Demo Here

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  • A collection of high-quality stereo audio recordings capturing trains at speed in the United Kingdom.


    • Lineside recordings of both freight and passenger trains in operation on the main line.
    • Station arrivals and departures recorded from the station platform.
    • Sounds of the typical automated crossing barriers in operation at level crossings throughout the UK.
    • Incorporated metadata included within the sound files shows the direction and microphone position helping you align the perfect audio for your video clips.
  • Travel & Transportation Gardermoen Airport Play Track 19+ sounds included, 62 mins total $40

    Need airport sounds and ambiences? This collection provides good coverage of the common and domestic areas of a modern airport. In total, 19 different recording locations inside the Norwegian airport of Gardermoen have been recorded. A picture from every location is also included for reference.

    All files that contain PA announcements have added metadata with a short description of the message. This makes it easier to find the correct announcement for your project. The majority of the announcements are done in both Norwegian and English which is convenient for non-Norwegian speaking sound editors.

    Gardermoen airport is the largest airport in Norway, located 35 kilometres northeast of Oslo. Gardermoen is the main international airport in Norway and acts as the main domestic hub. It is also the second busiest airport in the Nordic countries, connecting around 30 domestic and 120 international destinations. In 2014 more than 24 million passengers traveled through Gardermoen.

  • Introducing our new Artbits library which is all about elevators! Such a typical subject to be recorded in the world of sound effects as they generate a large range of mechanical sounds from the emblematic doors, the traction system, all the clicketing metallic parts, and the characteristic acoustic of small cubic space.

    For this library, we selected recordings made from the last 7 years of various types of elevators, from antique old to the sleek modern lift, but also freight industrial elevator. They each have their specific character. You will find many door sounds opening and closing, manual and automatic. Lifts drive up or down with tasty rattles, creaks, and whirr noises.
    In addition, this collection includes 90 useful phrases of female voice elevator announcements ready to be inserted in your elevator scene.
    All sounds are carefully edited, mastered, and meta-tagged with Soundminer UCS-compliancy.
  • A collection of ambient sounds and isolated elements from suburban environments, meticulously captured from tranquil residential locales that transport your audience to the outskirts of bustling metropolises.

    Suburbs and Residential Areas - Full Library Presentation

  • City Life Sound Effects Escalator conveyor Play Track 41 sounds included, 37 mins total $35

    Rhythmic mechanism – start and stop – onboard and static – clanky – noisy – rumbly – clattery – and also soft ones !

  • City Life Sound Effects Warsaw Cityscapes Part 1 Play Track 53 sounds included, 127 mins total $15

    If you’ve ever been to Warsaw, Poland, you know how diverse this city is. Both extremely noisy and quiet, modern, yet sometimes surprisingly vintage. Full of vehicles, voices, nature, typical and untypical spaces. We decided to capture some of it for you.

    Part 1 of our library is:
    – focused mainly on traffic and transportation,
    – with some nature elements and human walla additions,
    – not language specific, so it will blend into any project seamlessly.

    53 high quality stereo sounds in 53 files, 127 mins in total. Enjoy, more of our libraries to come soon!

    40 %
  • City Life Sound Effects Rome Play Track 48 sounds included, 102 mins total $38

    Rome is 102 minutes/3.3 Gb of ambiance recordings from the Italian capital. 48 separate files – recorded in 24bit/96kHz A-B stereo. All sounds are UCS-compatible.

    Rome was recorded during Easter 2018, and features ambiance recordings of people & places in central Rome. Included are recordings from St Peters Basilica; the Pantheon; various piazza’s (plaza’s), streets and cafรฉs. Many of the locations are famous tourist haunts, and it is certainly audible in some of the recordings, but there are also recordings containing mostly Italian language chatter.

    The traffic recordings are typical; with the specific mix of mopeds, scooters, cars & trucks generally seen in the streets of Rome, and the street surfaces are mostly cobblestone. I stayed in Via Milano in the part of Rome called Monti, and recorded that street quite a bit. You will find a couple of long, generic sounding takes, along with a number of smaller snippets containing elements from those same takes, but with more interesting content. That way, you can build the street ambiance you like.

    There is also a set of recordings of the old elevator in the building I was staying in; clunky buttons, steel doors and an old-fashioned elevator bell.

  • Soundbodyโ€™s home town, all walks of London life here for your projects based in UKโ€™s capital city.

  • Step right up, step right up, UK Seaside Town & Theme Park contains a varied assortment of sounds recorded from a very popular seaside destination in the UK called Blackpool. We have covered many different areas in the town, including some of the tallest rollercoasters in Europe to close up sounds of waves lapping and interesting rail cars with unique horns. This library will be an amazing addition to sound designers looking for ambiences from a rarely recorded location and are perfect for using in films, documentaries, commercials, video games and other projects.

    Our team of Audio Craftsmen went through fascinating spots around Blackpool and captured the most interesting sounds ranging from rollercoaster pass-bys, screams of people riding a rollercoaster, crowd cheering in a circus venue and rock concert, exciting revs of motorbikes and cars, trains and trams passing by, ambiences from cafรฉ, town centre, fish and chips shop, arcade, train station, beaches with seagulls, close up sounds of waves hitting the shore etc. Furthermore, there are sounds of people chattering, walking by, shouting, laughing, clapping, whistling and much, much more.

    All the included sounds are carefully edited and provided dry in 24 Bit, 96 kHz which allowing you for further sonic manipulation. Moreover, all the sounds are tagged with extensive metadata and are UCS complaint to effortlessly find the right sounds for your projects and drag them straight to your timeline.

    20 %
  • Travel & Transportation Toolkit for Airports Play Track 53 sounds included, 38 mins total $47.99

    An extensive collection of airport ambiances from departures, arrivals, passport control and luggage reclaim halls, spanning Venice, Saigon, Istanbul and Trieste.

    Also includes a collection of voice-only announcements sound effects, topped with a collection of designed chimes in the style of the ones from London Heathrow and Gatwick, JFK, Johannesburg, Manila, Dubai, Tokyo and Paris provide you with a versatile tool kit of both off-the-shelf, ready-to-use ambiances and all the elements you need to create your own scene.

    Photo by Haiqal Osman on Unsplash

  • Travel & Transportation Transportation Play Track 223+ sounds included, 252 mins total $135

    Kicking off our brand-new series “Noisy Places”, TRANSPORTATION is a comprehensive ambient collection with a broad spectrum of crystal-clear vehicle recordings.

    Background Vehicle Recordings
    All recordings โ€“ often loopable โ€“ have been either performed from a distance or exhibit enough subtlety, atmosphere and unobtrusiveness to be perfectly suited for all kinds of background settings and applications, giving them a serene, almost naturalistic feel.

    Authentic Ambience Toolkit
    Build your acoustic backdrop that sounds organic and grounded while keeping the familiar human touch and making the listener more aware of their acoustic surroundings. While a good soundtrack can help in introducing a world to the audience, a believable acoustic setting completes the arrival, especially when standing on its own โ€“ one of this library's major strenghts, next to its ability to blend in with more frontal sound design and its varied line-up of motorized vehicles: On the road, rails, water and airborne with both interior ambiences and exterior recordings.

    Acoustic Purity and Flexibility
    TRANSPORTATION is one of the most flexible ambient libraries, thanks to its acoustic purity and isolation of targeted sounds, allowing you to design exactly what you need without any unwanted, arbitrary noise to worry about. A strong addition to your sound pool that will enhance, or perhaps even replace earlier designs.

  • Brazillian Airports & Plane Journeys is a comprehensive collection of various ambiences and environments. All of the main areas of the airports are covered, including check-in, baggage check, food halls and departure gates. In addition to this, all of the major interior plane phenomena such as coasting, take off, landing and in flight are also included.

    The majority of sound files in the library are over ten minutes in length, giving you a huge pool to source your audio from.

    With Brazilian Airports & Plane Journeys you will never be left wanting for airport or passenger ambiences again.

  • Bundles Essential New York City Bundle Play Track 130+ sounds included, 314 mins total $89

    Essential Sound New York & Subway Bundle

    This bundle includes both the top selling New York City libraries: Essential New York City, and Essential New York City – Street and Subway.
    These two libraries combined give you access to the rich urban intercity, under-city and rural ambiences that keep making New York sound unique. Sirens, skyline drones, and the beating heart of NYC are all covered in this bundle.

    Included sounds are: wet and dry close and distant perspective traffics, skyline dins, subway interiors, bys, through walls, etc. Pedestrians on busy sidewalks, quiet side streets, and dozens of other locations and situations.

    All tracks have been meticulously recorded and mastered with Sony D10-D50 and similar field recorders and Pro Tools.
    All recordings have full metadata created in Soundminer.

  • Two vintage heavy Funiculars in Lisbon

  • Old Vintage Tram from these 4 european cities : Lisbon, Helsinki, Budapest and Vienna

  • Eastern European Train Loop sound effects 01

    These iron monsters amaze everyone, so here’s 70 pieces of train sounds looped right from Eastern Europe just for you
    to use them on any field you like where these sounds are needed.

    I recorded these train loop sound effects next to real Eastern European train tracks in the summer. The collection is the result of several days of sound recording work.

    This sound effect collection is ideal for use in game software, applications, commercials, movies, TV shows,
    videos, animation, and any other entertainment industry where a high-quality audio effect is essential.

    70 Train loop sound effect
    Real train sound effectsย 

  • Hฤ luล China! Travel through Shanghai, Dali, Shangri-La; the cities, farms, temples and the grasslands. Authentic high-quality ambiences in 77 pristine files will serve as ideal background tracks. Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.

    As hard as it is to capture all of China in one library, this one offers a pleasant natural feel from some of its landmarks.

    You will get fine farm atmospheres with the lakes, farms, crickets, frogs, birdsong in Dali. Listen in awe to the monks singing and chanting in Buddhist temples in Shangri-la and stroll through the ancient town.

    Get the gist of Shanghai in busy intersections, constructions, cafes, walla of basketball players at the park, old people playing mahjong, Pudong airport, subways, highways and rich walla. Find peace at the grasslands with strong atmospheric sounds of yaks, cows, bees, horses, birdsong, wind and rain.

    This is the toolkit to create the perfect cinematic atmospheres, with or without being in the foreground. The length of the ambiences is mostly enough to meet your needs without loops. Some can be adapted to other urban or rural ambience needs. It gives you access to varying activity levels in close, medium, and distant perspectives.

    Recorded in 24bit/96 kHz .wav, comes with intuitive naming and thorough metadata. Compatible with all DAWs, middleware, video editing tools and 100% royalty free.

    36 %
  • Airports & Planes is 120 minutes/3.90 Gb of ambiance recordings from a variety of international airports around the world, as well as airplane interiors. 48 separate files – recorded in 24bit/96kHz A-B stereo. All sounds are UCS-compatible

    Airport & Planes was recorded between 2015-2018, in airports from Rome to Qatar, and in a variety of large capacity commercial passenger craft.
    It presents modern air travel from the passenger perspective, covering everything from airport shopping areas and security checks, to
    taxiing, takeoff, cruising and landing – with and without passenger walla, rummaging with luggage compartments and seat belt buckles.

    It was all recorded stealth style, but nevertheless delivers lots of different perspectives and variation. Room tones from airplane interiors
    come in different timbres (read: flavors of background noise), ranging from the tonally dry and flat, to rumbling and wheezing.

    You will also find spoken announcements in various languages from English to Japanese; in both airports and onboard planes.
    The characteristic bell or ping accompanying announcements in flight is also included, in two different versions:
    One was isolated from an actual recording, while the other was synthesized to match the first, but sounding cleaner.

    As a tasty little bonus, I’m throwing in a couple interiors from a bona-fide airliner lavatory.

    All in all, lots of suitcase wheels, rolling sidewalks and whooshy airplane tones.

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