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  • Dazzle your audience in an immersive Christmas wonderland with this giant set of world-class produced audio for any winter holiday theme! Mixed and mastered to industry-standard perfection, this library is packed with the magic of SLEIGH BELLS, CAROL SINGING, children playing in SNOW, PRESENTS under the CHRISTMAS TREE, and jolly greetings from a chuckling SANTA.

    Don’t get put on his ‘bad’ list! Leave your users deeply nostalgic for their favorite childhood winter holiday memories with this Christmas-themed premium sound effects library — the perfect present!

    So, are you naughty or nice?
    DOWNLOAD NOW to warm your players’ hearts!

    This library covers all Christmas themed environments, situations, and more, and it is the only audio library you’ll need to give your winter holiday game that special sparkle your users will never forget. Bustling SHOPPING MALLS, warm COFFEE SHOPS, Christmas HOUSE PARTIES, and CITY STREETS filled with warm chatter, Christmas CAROLING, and CHURCH BELLS are all at your fingertips!

    Your characters can play in the SNOW, listen to warm SANTA GREETINGS, watch FIREWORKS displays, wrap and unwrap PRESENTS, play with wind-up MUSIC BOXES, and even be swept away by the magical Christmas spirit with time travel!

    Included is a staggering amount of audio with countless versions, variations, and recording takes! The variety will leave you feeling like Santa, wondering how you could ever get to it all! Offering large selections of sounds for PRESENT WRAPPING and UNWRAPPING, CHRISTMAS JINGLES, SNOWBALL THROWS and slushy IMPACT HITS, explosions from FIREWORKS, church bell RINGS and CHIMES, and multiple variations of children’s voices while playing in the snow, each asset is carefully edited, mixed, and mastered to beautifully fit any project.

    With multiple AMBIENCES, VARIATIONS, and LOOPS, you’ll be hard pressed to choose which sounds to use!

    As an extra Christmas present to you, we’re offering an entire Santa Claus voice pack for FREE! From commanding reindeer to responding to children’s present requests, from checking his gift list to giving thanks for milk and cookies, and — of course — countless “HO HO HO” and “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!” variations, you’ll have plenty to choose from to recreate your perfect Santa Claus character to delight your players.

    Don’t get put on Santa’s ‘bad’ list!
    BUY NOW to warm your players’ hearts!


    • Video Games
    • Slot Games
    • Film / Animation
    • Ads / Trailers
    • YouTube Videos
    • Live Events
    • Sound Design

    …and all other audio-visual productions!


    • Easy to use, drag and drop ready
    • AAA mixing and mastering
    • High Definition, Standard Quality WAV and High Quality MP3 formats
    • Meticulously labeled and easily searchable files, including keywords/tags
    • FREE Updates to higher versions, FOREVER!


    • 840 Audio Files (280 original sounds)
    • WAV Format: 24 Bit, 96 kHz and 16 Bit, 44.1 kHz
    • MP3 Format: 320 Kbps
    • Unpacked Size: 1.6 GB
    • Total Run Time: 1h 36m 39s

    DOWNLOAD NOW to give your audience the perfect present!

    20 %
  • Household Sound Effects Bathroom devices Play Track 100 sounds included, 16 mins total $40
    100 sounds, 58 devices. All files are recorded 32bit, 192 kHz, with Rode NTG1, FEL Pluggy EM272 and Sonorous Objects SO.3 microphones, Sound Devices MixPre-6 II and Zoom F3 recorders. The library is also available in UCS.
  • This soundlibrary arises from recordings with plugins and effects.
    In these sounds you will find whooshes with air, fire, animal and cloth sounds.
    After working these sounds in post production, this library comes with 52 incredible whoosh sounds that will bring your vídeo, trailer or movie to life.


    Enhance your productions with our immersive jungle and rainforest ambiences, including:

    TROPICAL JUNGLE | 3D Surround | Trailer


    TROPICAL JUNGLE is a must have library if you need quality ambiences for dense, thick, lively, nature, or even otherworldly environments.
    Packed with utmost variety it is perfectly suited for highest professional demands.

    Locations range from vibrant lowland and coastal jungles to deep along the Amazon and Agua Rico rivers, capturing extraordinary wildlife, including countless bird species, and more. As well as various dense insect and frog choruses and incredible monkey recordings, covering primates from howler monkeys to white-faced capuchins, with different weather conditions, including rain to calm hot days, there’s even captures for different times of day.

    These natural sound effects are delivered with a precise acoustic representation of each setting. This provides an ideal layer of ambience to enhance the atmosphere of your project.

    We captured the unique character of the jungles, rivers, and rainforests of Central and South America in our recordings. This 3D Surround library is a must-have for any audio professional who requires top quality tropical jungle sounds and the original nature ambiences in their work.

    Experience the diverse range of soundscapes found across jungle and cloud forest settings, each unique to their own ecosystem.



  • Animal Sound Effects The Oasis at Ash Meadows Play Track 91 sounds included, 367 mins total $65

    This library of ambiences from the largest remaining oasis in the Mojave Desert where the highest concentration of endemic species in the United States can be found was recorded in the summer of 2023 during a week when daytime temperatures were breaking 120 degrees Fahrenheit, (49 degrees Celsius) and yet the recordings at each of the three locations are full of wildlife calls attesting to the resilience and adaptability of nature.

    Great care and no small amount of time was spent identifying the birds and other wildlife in each recording and the calls have been tagged with metadata markers that appear in Soundminer as well as most DAWs to make it easier to know what you are hearing and when.

  • Micro Movements: Puzzle Cubes – A collection of recorded sounds using two different 3×3 puzzle cubes. (or Rubik’s Cubes) Utilizing one standard cube and one speed cube.

    Key Features

    • Over 250+ sounds
    • Separated into 14 WAV audio files
    • Recorded in 24bit/192kHz, Delivered in 24bit/96kHz
    • UCS File Naming Compliant
    • Extensive Metadata Tagging

    Each cube (labeled normal & speed) were recorded with the same movement types:

    • 90° Quarter Rotations
    • 180° Half Rotations
    • 360° Full Rotations
    • Rapid Rotation Movements & Turns
    • Slow Rotations (Slower, more drawn out rotations, compared to the others that are faster movements)
    • Mixing/Scrambling of the cube (like one does before solving it again)
    • Handling Sounds (holding, rubbing, tossing, grabbing, squeezing, etc.)

    What is “Micro Movements”?

    Micro Movements is a series of sound libraries that currently aim to achieve these goals:

    1. Affordable, low cost sound libraries that don’t sacrifice quality or usability.
    2. A collection of smaller sound libraries, particularly with niche use cases and recorded samples. This allows for an opportunity to fill smaller holes in the market and/or experiment without a large investment and high risk.
    3. Allow for more options that don’t require the purchase of a larger library to acquire the sounds you need and/or want.


  • Micro Movements: Shakes & Rattles is a simple capturing of smaller shaking and rattling sounds using tiny objects inside small containers.

    Perfect for use in foley, percussive elements in music, and sound design layers. Trimmed and non-destructively post processed to remove unwanted noise, these sounds are production ready to use out of the box.

    Key Features

    • Over 300+ sounds
    • Approximately 10+ minutes of audio
    • Separated into 12 WAV audio files
    • Recorded & delivered in 24bit/96kHz
    • UCS File Naming Compliant
    • Extensive Metadata Tagging

    • One-Shot Shakes
    • Side to side rattles
    • Up and down shakes
    • Rotations
    • Varying degrees of gentle to aggressive force
    Containers Used:
    • Prescription Pill Bottle
    • Aluminum Candle Tin
    • Thin & Small Cardboard Box
    • Plastic Container
    Filling Used:
    • Coffee Beans
    • Rice
    • Coins
    • Pills

    What is “Micro Movements”?

    Micro Movements is a series of sound libraries that currently aim to achieve these goals:

    1. Affordable, low cost sound libraries that don’t sacrifice quality or usability.
    2. A collection of smaller sound libraries, particularly with niche use cases and recorded samples. This allows for an opportunity to fill smaller holes in the market and/or experiment without a large investment and high risk.
    3. Allow for more options that don’t require the purchase of a larger library to acquire the sounds you need and/or want.


  • Car Sound Effects Chevy Corvette Stingray (C8) Play Track 192 sounds included, 559 mins total $159

    Specification: C8 Stingray model, V8, 495 horse power, 6.2 liter, Flowmaster Cat Back Exhausts
    Onboard perspective sounds are from 7 separate microphones.
    Cabin Left, Cabin Right, Engine Center, Engine Left, Engine Right,
    Exhaust Left and Exhaust Right
    External perspective sounds are from a MS (mid side) stereo mic, tracking the moving car.
    Sound Designers and Editors can use mid from MS if mono is needed.

  • Fallow Deer is a collection of recordings taken during the amazing spectacle that is the fallow deer rut. The library includes  the strange low frequency grunting, bellowing and dramatic antler clashes as the male deer fight to compete for mating rights. Many of the recordings were made at night and being in a hide surrounded by around 40 aggressive males in the pitch dark was a breathtaking experience I will never forget.

    Please listen to the demo and look at the metadata PDF below to get a sense of what type of recordings are included.

    The library includes detailed metadata and is UCS compliant

    • Recorders used: Sound Devices 633, Sound Devices MixPre 6ii, Sony D100, Sony M10
    • Microphones used: Sennheiser MKH 8040, Sennheiser MKH30, Sony D100 onboard, DPA4060, Clippy EM172
  • All files are recorded 32bit, 192 kHz, with Shure KSM 137, Line AudioOmni1, FEL Clippy XLR EM272, Sonorous Objects SO.3 and JrF C-Series Pro+ microphones, Sound Devices MixPre-6 II & Zoom F3 recorders. Library contains wav files of driving, interior and exterior foley, mechanical and electrical sounds. It is also available in UCS.

    Recording Mercedes Benz W123 1975 executive car

  • SINGLE TOLL BELLS presents a rare gem in the sound effects market. A compact yet precious collection of 130 bell sound effects, meticulously organised into three folders.

    Church Bells: Experience the solemn resonance of single toll church bells, perfectly suited for poignant funeral scenes in movies, trailer campaigns and score.

    Hand and Mallet Bells: Discover pristine single toll bell sounds, showcasing warm overtones. These bells have been played with varying intensities using both hands and mallets to capture a range of dynamics overtones.

    Abstract Design: A dedicated folder of designed bell sound effects, broadening the creative possibilities for your projects.

    Single Toll Bells is a unique collection that is hard to find elsewhere. A must-have for every professional.


  • Electromagnetic sensors recording in stereo a range of soundfields from static, shimmering electric fields to pulsing, bass-heavy drones, and extreme ultrasonic incandescents, fully UCS metatagged and filenamed.

  • This library contains a variety of actions performed inside a Citroen Cactus including: open/close door, adjusting the seat, handbrake, seatbelt, wiper, etc.

    I performed each action with passion and attention to detail, making sure I included everything you’ll need. Each action has been repeated many times and performed at different intensities.

    33 %
  • Every sound of clothes you need for a classic scene is in this library: walk, run, jump, fight, pat, rustle, etc. I used eight different types of material and recorded each action with a lot of detail and making sure I gave you a lot of variety.

    Clothing: Bomber jacket with zipper, Denim Shirt, Harrington jacket, Hawaiian shirt, Puffer jacket, Tuxedo, Windbreaker, Wool jacket

    32 %
  • “Dead Space Vol. 2”Here it comes!
    This time we bring you 130 sound effects! It’s still a 96K, 24bit high-quality file!
    The total duration is 15 minutes and 41 seconds.
    These sounds will bring more inspiration and innovation to your videos, games, and movies. I hope it can bring you more surprises this time!
    Enjoy it!
    The SB110 VINYL Sound Effects Library is a collection of end of record vinyl loops, vinyl pops and clicks, record needle ups and downs, buttons from a modern record player and traditional console record player, record scratches and vinyl/record foley and movement perfect for any scene in need of practical record effects.

    We started this library with a number of end of record loops perfect for adding authentic vinyl sounds to your music production or sound design, but didn’t stop there. We also recorded DJ-style record scratches, single record scratches perfect for comedic moments and a bunch of foley and handling movement — including crate digging, removing records from sleeves, sorting stacks of records, dropping records on the ground, placing records on a record player and more — perfect sounds to beef up any scene involving records. Also included are recordings of a modern turntable motor at 33 1/3 and 45 RPMs, as well as counterweight adjustment and button pushes on both a modern record player and traditional console record player. We hope you enjoy this unique library as much as we enjoyed creating it.

  • Foley Sound Effects Drawers Play Track 200 sounds included $12

    Drawers is a modern sound library containing very detailed and good-sounding recordings of 14 different types of drawers. I performed each action with passion and attention to detail, making sure I included everything you’ll need. Each action has been repeated many times and performed at different intensities.

    33 %
  • Bundles SFX Smorgasbord – 2019 Play Track 27 sounds included, 59 mins total $19.99

    A collection of sounds from the year 2019

    Some highlights from this collection include: An elevator from the 1890s, various recordings of New York City, drones made from a 1970s synth, and very crunchy bread sounds!

    Download includes the following:

    27 Audio Files / 1.19 Gb / 59 minutes
    24 bit / 48 kHz
    UCS Compliant Meta-data (with Artwork included)
    True Channel Integrity (Actual Mono/Stereo/Multi-Channel)
    QCed Editorial

  • Foley Sound Effects Tufting Gun Play Track 182 sounds included $11.40

    Bringing you the distinctive sounds of electric tufting guns.

    With 60 files and 182 sounds, you will get rhythmic, repetitive thuds as the gun drives the tufts of yarn or fabric into the rug, and the whirring, buzzing and more.

    All organically recorded at 192 and 96kHz, in stereo and mono with a Sennheiser MKH8040 stereo pair, F3 and Tascam DR-40X. You’ll have long, short and medium durations, continuous and in intervals.

    Rich electronic and mechanical clunks and whirs accompanied by the occasional thuds, buzzing and whirring. The resulting spectrum is rich and allows for manipulation of the sounds for complex sound design.

    182 sounds / 100% royalty-free / comes with detailed naming / UCS compatible

    Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.



    Tufting, machine, gun, electric, cut, pile, loop, rug, carpet, yarn, fabric, whirring, buzzing, clunk, weaving, thud, click.


    What else you may need

    You may want to check out the new Pottery Workshop for 84 sounds of hums, scrapes, splashes, thuds and more. Our Mechanicals library is another option for 600+ sounds of mechanics, tools, Foley and equipment.

    40 %
    Ends 1725055200
  • Give your bandit/thug character a unique personality with these 14 original sound effects

  • Immerse players in intense firefights with these distinctive, futuristic laser weapons sounds, each sound meticulously crafted to evoke a strong sense of tactility

    30 %
  • Immerse players in fierce gameplay with 27 meticulously crafted, authentic sword fighting sounds, designed to elevate the realism and intensity of their gaming experience

  • From subtle button clicks to satisfying scrolling sounds, each of the 91 sounds in this pack is crafted to enhance the interactivity between player and interface, ensuring a captivating and unforgettable gaming experience

  • This pack includes 14 original mech/robot sound effects, featuring powerful attack sounds and distorted vocalisations, designed to enhance the realism of your character. Give your mech/robot an unforgettably unique personality with these mastercrafted sounds.

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