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  • Foley Sound Effects Pickups and Small Item Sounds Play Track 280 sounds included, 7 mins total $4.16

    Great Audio is Essential

    Essential Audio Pickups and Small Item Sounds contains 280 Foley sounds designed specifically for Video Game Sound Designers who need the usual Pick-Up sounds and SFX for common small items, including: Keys, Coins, Access Card, Pills/Health, Latches, Locks, Chains, Bags, and many many more!


    • ย 280 sounds
    • Bags
    • Coins
    • Keys
    • Pill Bottle
    • Cable Ties
    • Camera
    • Lighter
    • Access Card
    • Chains
    • Locks
    • Clips and Clasps
    • Computer Mouse
    • Boxes
    • Papers
    • Clicks and Ticks
    • Tools
    • Scissors
    • Wood Game Pieces
    • Zippers

    Number of Audio Waves: 280

    Sample rate / bit rate: 44,100 Hz / 16 bit

    75 %
  • Environments & Ambiences Curated Rain Play Track 39 sounds included, 183 mins total $44.99

    CURATED RAIN – is an extensive sound library containing 39 unique files of rain in varying environments and conditions ranging from city streets, back alleys, parks, forests and windows and heavy walls of rain to gentle and lite drizzles. Including isolated sections of rain as well as rain storms in their entirety. All of our libraries comply with the Universal Category System naming convention standard as well as traditional embedded metadata, allowing for accurate and easy granular searches. Original recordings were captured at 192kHz and 32bit float. Curated Rain (RAW โ€“ 192kHz 24bit) comes out to 11.7 GB and 3 hours 3 minutes and 10 seconds in overall length.

    25 %
    Ends 1709852399
  • Introducing ‘Expressive Dogs,’ a canine sound effects library featuring 172 vocal expressions recorded at 96kHz/24 bit. Originating from a curated set of sounds recorded for a film project, where infusing character and emotion into the featured dog was paramount, these recordings have proven to be so versatile and impactful that we couldn’t resist sharing them with the world!

    This extensive collection captures a diverse spectrum of expressive dog noises, ranging from playful grunts and impatient whines to heartwarming breaths and gentle whimpers. Whether you’re working on film projects, animations, or games, these high-quality recordings offer a great toolset of emotionally charged dog sounds to enhance and bring life and personality to your dog based projects.

    As a side note rest assured that our beloved Session Dog, Paddy, was pampered and treated like the star he is during these recordings. It only takes a shake of his treat jar to get him singing โ€“ a testament to the joy and excitement behind each sound!

    25 %
  • Magic & Fantasy Sound Effects Phantom Magic Play Track 545 sounds included, 31 minutes mins total $29

    Now you can harness supernatural powers in sound design and bring peak levels of mesmerizing magic to your next project. Phantoms in the night, mischievous wizards, sorcerers conjuring black magic, supernatural creatures and telekinetic objects all come to life in fantastic 96k/24bit sound with Phantom Magic. The library delivers game trinkets, spells and sparkles, casts and conjures, potions and power-ups, shields and revives, lightning impacts, transitions, whooshes, and more.

    41 %
  • Foley Sound Effects Footsteps Bundle Play Track 3800+ sounds included $36

    The ‘Footsteps Bundle’ combines ‘Footsteps One‘ and ‘Footsteps Two‘ libraries together and brings you over 3800+ high quality footstep sounds on 19 unique surfaces to enrich the audio of your next project.

    Surfaces included:

    Dirt โ€ข Dry Sand โ€ข Dry Swamp โ€ข Forest Plain โ€ข Forest Plain II โ€ข Frozen Stairs โ€ข Grass โ€ข Grass Long โ€ข Grass Short โ€ข Gravel โ€ข Pine Needle Ground โ€ข Snow Deep โ€ข Snow Packed โ€ข Snow Scrape โ€ข Water Deep โ€ข Water Shallow โ€ข Wet Swamp โ€ข Wood Scrap โ€ข Wooden Stairs

    You get the sounds in two formats: 96 KHz 24 bit and in 44.1 KHz 16 bit, for more convenient ways of utilizing the sounds in games and other media.

    20 %
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