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This week we have a great podcast roundup with some of your favorite hosts.

You can hear from three beloved composers about how they came to write music for video games, learn how to control those pesky high frequencies, go behind the scenes with the sound of Arrival, get David Lynch’s perspective on sound and meditation, learn how to bounce back from burnout and avoid overload, hear about ASitP’s new studio and Matt and Gord’s thoughts on ethical employment, and hear an interview with composer, voice actor, and most-entertaining-man-on-the-stage Alexander Brandon. Happy listening!

Soundworks Collection – Composing for Video Games Masterclass

Episode outline: ‘Composer Jesper Kyd
Hitman Series, Assassins Creed Series, Borderlands Series

Composer Jack Wall
Call of Duty: Black Ops II & III, Mass Effect Series

Composer Inon Zur
Fallout Series, Dragon Age Series, and Prince of Persia Series’

Hear the episode:

The Mastering Show – Ep 55: How Bright Is Too Bright?

Episode outline: ‘Everyone wants that glorious, sweet, silky-smooth top end in their masters – but how do you get it ? How do you stop things sounding harsh, tinny and brittle ? And even if the high frequencies do sound gorgeous, how hard should you push them ? In this show we’re talking about treble, and our topics include:

* What is “Newton’s 3rd law” of EQ ?
* How do room acoustics affect how you hear high frequencies ?
* How can you “calibrate” your ears so you’re aiming for the right amount of top ?
* How do dynamics interact with high frequencies, and why does it matter ?
* What’s a “spiderman” plugin ?
* Which EQ plugin or hardware unit should you use for the best results ?’

Hear the episode:

Tonebenders Podcast – Ep 83: Sound of Arrival w/ Sylvain Bellemare & Bernard Gariépy Strobl

Episode outline: ‘Teresa and Timothy visit Montreal to sit down in person with the sound team behind the ground breaking and award winning film Arrival from director Denis Villeneuve. Re-Recording Mixer Bernard Gariépy Strobl and Supervising Sound Editor Sylvain Bellemare tell us about the way they brought the soundtrack of the film to new heights. This is a great talk about a fascinating film.’

Hear the episode:

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Sound Matters – Ep 23: L.A. Transcendental with David Lynch

Episode outline: ‘In part seven of our Sound of the Cities mini-series – a sonic exploration of our urban environments and their cultural soundscapes – Sound Matters podcast travels to the Hollywood Hills. Peacefully perched up above the sprawling noise emitter that is Los Angeles, we grab a damn fine cup of coffee and sit down with legendary artist, musician and film maker David Lynch to chat about the infinite dynamism of sound, creativity and meditation.’

Hear the episode:

Sound Design Live – Recovering from Burnout and Avoiding Overwhelm

Episode outline: ‘In this episode of Sound Design Live I talk with Nicholas Radina while he is mixing monitors on tour for the band O.A.R. We discuss reducing stage volume, troubleshooting wireless transmitters and receivers, recovering from burnout, and how to avoid overwhelm on the job.’

Hear the episode:

Beards, Cats, and Indie Game Audio – Ep 52: Gord’s Blog Post

Episode outline: ‘This time around we actually talk about cats. As well as general life, studio expansion, answer some questions and dig into Gord’s recenct blog post on being an ethical employer.

You can find that blog post on the Audiokinetic site at https://blog.audiokinetic.com/dream-job-ethical-employment-in-game-audio/’

Hear the episode:

Level with Emily Reese – Ep 99: Alexander Brandon (Aven Colony)

Episode outline: ‘Alexander Brandon has been making music for games for quite some time, like back to the days of Unreal and Unreal Tournament.

His new project is Aven Colony, a city-building strategy game where you build a colony on an alien planet. The music changes and develops as you build your colony successfully, slowly adding more and more acoustic elements after beginning with more synth and electronic sounds.

Alex is also a voice actor (he’s Amaund Motierre in Skyrim, the fella who asks you to assassinate the Emperor), so we chat about how he got into that part of the games industry.’

Hear the episode:

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