Robot Voices

“Robot Voices” is a collection of designed vocal expressions of 50 friendly and very talkative robotic creatures. If Wall-E and R2D2 were throwing a cocktail party this is probably what you would hear! A total of 50 robotic creatures are included.

Robot Voices highlights:

• 50 Robotic creatures speaking
• Many expressions per robot (25 – 65 individual words and sentences for each robot character)
• Descriptive filenames
• Embedded Soundminer metadata

Robotic Lifeforms

Featuring over 2.4GB of designed sound effects, and over 1.6GB of source recordings, Robotic Lifeforms spans a wide range of robot sounds, from small bots to massive automatons.

Robotic Lifeforms includes:

• 1,700+ designed sound effects
• 950+ source recordings
• 230+ transforming sound layers
• 160+ morphing sound layers
• 650+ servo file

Foundation Series SCI-FI vol 2

FSSF VOL 2 is a second installment of one of our bestsellers; foundation series sci-fi (used on projects like: Robot Will Protect You, Season 10 of Archer and many more).

This pack is created with game devs, animators and sounds designers in mind.
627 high quality sound effects, optimized for game devs and mastered to sound good on all sets of speakers and headphones.

The library features:
• Seamlessly looping ambiences
• Buttons and switches
• Cyber-Tech sound effects (cinematic transformations and robotics)
• Sci-fi, futuristic door sound effects
• Seamlessly looping drones
• Exoskeleton sound effects (steps, servos, activations)
• Micro-Tech sound effects (cinematic micro transformations and micro robotics)
• Space racer fly-by sound effects (left to right and right to left)
• Achievement/power-up/even sound effects
• Energy Risers
• Seamlessly looping radio glitches and static
• Complex UI sound effects
• Seamlessly looping UI Calculations and alarms
• Simple UI sound effects
• Weapons sound effects (gunshots + weapon foley: pickup/equip, reload)
• Cinematic risers
• Cinematic Tension Builders
• Air release/gas leak sound effects
• Extraterrestrial, big monster sound effects

All SFX have baked-in Soundminer’s meta data.

The download includes:
96KHZ 24BIT version (1.11GB)
44.1KHZ 16BIT version for Unreal Engine (0.4GB)
RECORDED WITH: Sennheiser MKH8060, MKH8040, DPA4060, SONY PCM D100, JrF Coil Pickup
EDITED AND MASTERED WITH: Pro Tools, FabFilter, Reaktor, Soundtoys, Klevgrand, McDSP, Zynaptiq

Astro Droid Sound Pack 01

In the world of sci-fi not only humans but robots communicate, too. The following Astro Droid sounds are from such conversations. If your favourite was R2D2 from Star Wars then don't miss out!