Wilderness Americas : Geyser and Volcano

“Wilderness Americas : Geyser and Volcano” is a collection of sounds focused on geothermal phenomena of Central and North America.

We recorded geysers in the Yellowstone National Park (USA) and two very actives volcanoes: the Fuego in Guatemala, and the Masaya in Nicaragua.

To complete this sound library, we added natural sound elements which are very efficient for sound design as designed sound material:

“Super volcano” eruption sounds, magma lake ebullition sounds, lava movement, and landslide sounds.

The geyser and Masaya volcano sounds (magma lake, lava movement) were recorded with the Telinga Parabola with a Sennheiser MKH 8040. The Telinga was used for its powerful ability to focus on sound details at a reasonable distance.

The explosions and eruptions of the Fuego volcano were recorded in surround with a Sennheiser DMS setup (MKH 8040-30) and also with the Telinga Parabola + MKH 8020.

-This sound bank contains 56 sound takes recorded in 24/96 kHz, and a total of 122 files.

The Mouth

Experience The Mouth like never before in this highly dynamic and creatively adventurous sound library! In this library we explore the many varieties of sounds the human mouth is capable of making. Jam packed full of whistles, yawns, throat singing, gargles, licks, slurps, grunts, throat croaks, beat boxing, monster breaths, deep breathing, consonants, experimental throat sounds, kisses, pops, clicks, teeth biting, teeth grinding, alien howls, explosions, weapons and so much more! Each sound file comes with multiple variations so you can pick the perfect take.

This library is perfect for organic humanoid creations or organic otherworldly sound design. The Mouth gives you the full dynamic experience from carefully recorded loud vocal exclamations to quiet mouth/throat movements. Use the consonants for speech editing or combine many sounds to create natural movement and depth. Add a beat box to your new track for that unique human element or create a natural and creative sound design landscape.

The sounds were created from one male voice actor in stereo at 96 kHz 24 bit. The equipment used was a Sony PCM-M10 and the files were processed, edited, and mastered in Reaper.

Effective Trailer Booms

One-shot sub booms and low-end impacts with dramatic bass, angry and sudden downfalls, big whams, bone-chilling metallic textures, frantic clashes, glitchy futuristic hits, dramatic and disturbing explosions, and epic cinematic bangs.

General Library – 44.1

A hand-picked variety collection of designed sounds and field recordings covering numerous categories. Each volume brings you 1,000 general sound effects at 44.1kHz and 16/24-bit stereo recordings, or you can grab both volumes at once for a discounted bundle! Here are some sound categories that can be found in each volume:

Volume I:
75+ Seamless Loops
8-bit: Explosions, Hits, Lasers, Power Up
Airplanes: A380, B777-300, CRJ900, Fly-bys
Ambiences: Wildlife (Day and Night), Crowds, Insects, Vehicles, etc.
Animals: Birds, Dogs, Cats, Horses
Doors: Squeaks, Shuts, Opens, Handle Movements
Footsteps: Concrete, Glass, Grass, Ice, Leaves, Snow, Stone, Stones, Twigs
Musical: Organ, Piano, Guitar, Hand Bells, Music Box
Objects: Printer, Pressure Washer, Washing Machine
Sci-Fi Spaceship Fly-bys
Vehicles: Cars, Drones
UI (Synthesized)
Wooden Destruction
Many, many more! (See the sound list below)
Volume II:
85+ Seamless Loops
Ambiences: Deep Abysses, Train Stations, Seaside Waves, etc.
Camera: Shutter Clicks, Flash Lifts and Falls
Dialogue: A creepy, deep male voice
Ice: Impacts (Small, Moderate, Large), Gathering
Roller Coasters: Full Rides, Chain Hill Lift, Screaming
Screaming: Crowds and Roller Coasters
Toilet Flushing
Trains: Arriving, Leaving, Passing, Idling, Doors, Clip-Clop
UI: Dialogue Text Scrolling
Vacuum Cleaner Hoovers
Vinyl Record: Glitching, Needle On and Off
Water: Streams, Bubbling, Swirling, Splashing, Movement
Weather: Rain, Hail, Wind, Thunder
Many, many more! (See the sound list below)