Indoor Gun and Explosion Acoustics Source

For those who need to design indoor explosions and gunshot acoustics this pack is for you! Contains 773 source sounds, with a minimum of three distance layers for each bang environment.

Perfect for designing guns and explosion sounds that need to have different characteristics depending on distance — it's how the pros do it!

• Bathroom Large
• Bathroom Medium
• Bathroom Small (only close distance)
• Corridor A
• Corridor B
• Corridor C (has 4 distances)
• Corridor D
• Corridor E
• Elevator (only close distance)
• Entrance (has 2 distances)
• Room Large A
• Room Large B (has 4 distances)
• Room Medium A (has 5 distances)
• Room Medium B (has 2 distances)
• Room Small A
• Room Small B
• Stairwell A (has 5 distances)
• Stairwell B (has 5 distances)
• Stairwell C (has 5 distances)
• Stairwell D (only close distance)

All shots and explosion have close, distant and far layers, except where noted.

Game Pack Mini 01: FPS

The Game Pack Mini 01: FPS contains over 7 minutes (200 files) of high quality ready to use individual designed assets for use with an FPS style game.

This pack offers a chance to sample some our released & upcoming new libraries for a accessible low price.

This pack has also been created to assist anyone learning our game audio implementation guide series found here.

The assets have been designed for use with computer game media, however this pack is suited for all forms of audio media.

All assets have been recorded & produced at 96kHz/24bit with high quality hardware.

Included in this pack, Individual Designed assets for:

  • Adviser (Human Male Voice)
  • Armour (Leather, Chain-mail)
  • Alarm
  • Body – Humanoid (Fall, Impact, Land) – up to 10 surface types included
  • Dialogue (Human Male Voice)
  • Elements (Dirt, Fire. Ice, Steam, Thunder, Water, Wind)
  • Environment
  • Explosions
  • Footsteps (Human Shoe, Creature Medium Paw, Creature Large) – up to 12 surface types included.
  • Gates & Switches
  • Guns (Rifle, Shotgun – Fires & Reloads)
  • Melee Punch & Bite
  • Shield drops
  • Vocalisations (Human Male, Ogre, Minotaur
  • Wildlife & Insects

Please Note: this is a mini sample pack with minimal asset variations. Please see our vendors page for full unique packs that contain multiple asset variations & much more!

Effective Trailer Hits & Impacts

One-shot impact hits with aggressive bass, angry and sudden booms, big heart-stopping whams, bone-chilling metallic textures, frantic clashes, glitchy futuristic hits, dramatic and disturbing explosions, and epic cinematic bangs.