Are you looking for robot and transformation sounds?

You're in luck! This library gets you sounds like complex impacts, hydraulic movements, robotic vocal manipulation, breathtaking atmos, drills, shutdowns, startups, UI sounds and much more.

Transformation is produced by Oliver Schmitt aka SOUNDS OF REVOLUTION

Just Impacts – Processed

Just Impacts – Processed gets you 300+ sound effects of huge, dry impacts – layered and heavily processed for maximum weight.

This will come in handy whenever you need the sound of something huge hitting something even larger. Giant door slams, large hits, huge robot fights, heavy metal drops – oh yes, you got it:

Just Impacts – Simple

Just Impacts – Simple is a huge collection of plain impact sounds. Metal hits, wood impacts, glass smashes, junk destruction – 618 Sounds in 360 files.

This is a must-have construction kit whenever it comes to a movie or game scene where one object hits another. Think car crashes, robot fights, sci-fi battles or any other kind of impact that needs the right sound effect.

Foley Collection Total Pack

The Foley Collection Total Pack is a bundle featuring +70 Kontakt instruments with a total of 4000 individual sound effects at a very special price.

Included in the bundle are a number of footsteps, clothing sounds, laugh tracks, mountain bike  and more libraries.

Please note that these libraries require the full version of NI Kontakt 4+ (not included).