Looking to blow stuff up? The EFX EXPLOSIONs Collection features a selection of grenade explosion & blast sounds – closeups, distant and muted/muffled explosion recordings included.

Effective Trailer Booms

One-shot sub booms and low-end impacts with dramatic bass, angry and sudden downfalls, big whams, bone-chilling metallic textures, frantic clashes, glitchy futuristic hits, dramatic and disturbing explosions, and epic cinematic bangs.

General Library – 44.1

A hand-picked variety collection of designed sounds and field recordings covering numerous categories. Each volume brings you 1,000 general sound effects at 44.1kHz and 16/24-bit stereo recordings, or you can grab both volumes at once for a discounted bundle! Here are some sound categories that can be found in each volume:

Volume I:
75+ Seamless Loops
8-bit: Explosions, Hits, Lasers, Power Up
Airplanes: A380, B777-300, CRJ900, Fly-bys
Ambiences: Wildlife (Day and Night), Crowds, Insects, Vehicles, etc.
Animals: Birds, Dogs, Cats, Horses
Doors: Squeaks, Shuts, Opens, Handle Movements
Footsteps: Concrete, Glass, Grass, Ice, Leaves, Snow, Stone, Stones, Twigs
Musical: Organ, Piano, Guitar, Hand Bells, Music Box
Objects: Printer, Pressure Washer, Washing Machine
Sci-Fi Spaceship Fly-bys
Vehicles: Cars, Drones
UI (Synthesized)
Wooden Destruction
Many, many more! (See the sound list below)
Volume II:
85+ Seamless Loops
Ambiences: Deep Abysses, Train Stations, Seaside Waves, etc.
Camera: Shutter Clicks, Flash Lifts and Falls
Dialogue: A creepy, deep male voice
Ice: Impacts (Small, Moderate, Large), Gathering
Roller Coasters: Full Rides, Chain Hill Lift, Screaming
Screaming: Crowds and Roller Coasters
Toilet Flushing
Trains: Arriving, Leaving, Passing, Idling, Doors, Clip-Clop
UI: Dialogue Text Scrolling
Vacuum Cleaner Hoovers
Vinyl Record: Glitching, Needle On and Off
Water: Streams, Bubbling, Swirling, Splashing, Movement
Weather: Rain, Hail, Wind, Thunder
Many, many more! (See the sound list below)