Spain & The Festa Major

Ambience recordings from around Spain – and from the famous Festa Major celebrations in Sitges, Spain.

Featuring crowd sounds, general street ambience, fireworks and explosions, music and all the sounds associated with the festival.

The collection also features ambience recordings from various other Spanish cities and towns, including Barcelona, Benidorm, Cadiz, Cartagena, Figueres and Montserrat.

If you’re looking for the authentic spirit of Spain, this library gets you more than 3.5 hours of it!


Introducing Artillery, a new powerful sound library covering a wide range of elements including cannon shots, electric systems, mechanical parts, distant artillery barrage, impacts, whooshes, grenade launchers and more.

The sounds are organized in the following categories:

• Artillery: Falling rubble, explosion impacts
• Beeps
• Grenade Launchers
• Howitzer: Electric System Background
• Howitzer: Falling rubble, explosion impacts
• Howitzer: Mechanical Parts Handling
• Howitzer: Shot Metallic Parts
• Howitzer: Shot Distant Explosions
• Shell Trajectories

Sound of Italy: Complete

Sound of Italy is an Italian sound effects library created for those who need an Italian flavor in their sound productions.

10 categories of typical Italian sound effects like cars, ambiences, motorcycles, sports, rails, religious, sirens, people, cooking and various.

More than 2000 sounds recorded 96/48K 24bit, in over 30 gigabytes continuously updating.


8-Bit Games

Ready for some retro game sounds? The 8-Bit Games SFX library includes more than 500 designed sounds and music elements, paying homage to the sonic world of Tetris, Super Mario, Space Invaders and other classics.

Authentic 8-bit blips, explosions, hits, jumps, lasers, coins, power-ups, and many other sound effects and music elements will cover your retro gaming needs. All sounds delivered as single files in 48 kHz / 16 bit WAV format with embedded Soundminer metadata.

Black Powder

This library makes the walls shake! Massive cannon shots, ancient hand mortars and large saluting guns let you revive the old days of gun battles.

You're looking for a huge cannon shot to end a sea fight? That big explosion at the end of the movie is missing that one amazing crispy impact sound?

Use BLACK POWDER and your search is over!