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This week on A Sound Effect, we have 6 new libraries with fresh, unique ideas. You can hear ambiences of a suburb along coastal South Africa, an interior car that captures every button and dial, barefoot and sandalled footsteps, and surreal ambiences that will pierce your audience’s subconscious. You’ll also hear engines and turbines from futuristic podracers and lots of expressions for your female animations. Happy listening!
Space Racer 2 – Turbines & Engines
'Space Racer 2 – Turbines & Engines' by Fox Audio Post-Production is the second installation based on their popular podracing library theme. In this collection, you'll hear the engines and turbines of podracers with their startups, idling, accelerations and decelerations. It really is the perfect companion for their first Space Racer library! If this is your world's primary mode of transportation, then definitely give this library a listen.
Langa – Township Ambiences
  • City Life Langa – Township Ambiences Play Track 25+ sounds included, 53 mins total $20 $15

    Langa – Township Ambiences is a collection of everyday sounds recorded within a vibrant township community in the heart of Cape Town. The townships are always a busy place with a lot of different soundscapes to offer – from the chaotic market street in the town centre to the quieter houses/shacks on the outskirts. This collection has both interior and exterior ambiences and wallas to set the scene for any project set in a lively city environment. This pack consists of 25 Ambiences.

    Photo Credits: Matthias v.d Neut

    25 %
In 'Langa – Township Ambiences' by Ivo Sissolak Sound Design & Music, you'll hear nearly one hour of ambiences from the Langa suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. Capturing busy markets, community centers, bottle stores, barbershops, grocery stores, and more, you'll be introduced to the region by a sound designer who calls Cape Town home! You'll also hear lots of street walla of children and much more. If you need authentic ambiences from a lively community sitting where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet, check this one out.
Emotes – Woman
  • Human Emotes – Woman Play Track 234 sounds included $20

    This library features a woman making as many vocal sounds as possible, without saying any actual words. F±rom blowing a ‘raspberry’, to coughing, laughing, crying, cheering booing and much more. Good ‘Emotes’ for video game or animation usage.

'Emotes – Woman' by John Silke has over 230 sounds from a woman that are great for your animated uses. You'll hear lots of expressions like laughing, crying, cheering, booing, coughing, blowing raspberries, eeks, gasps, jeers, kisses, fighting sounds, sneezes, snores, yawns, and more. You'll also hear imitations of a pirate, a kung fu master, and even a cowgirl! If you're looking for sounds outside our human languages, this collection has 'no words' to describe it.
Barefoot & Sandals: EUS Expansion
  • Barefoot & Sandals is an expansion pack for Edward Ultimate SUITE.
    Foley Artist: Lara Dale
    Foley Recordist: Josh Reinhardt

    A full version of Edward Ultimate SUITE is required to use this product.


    Key Features:

    • 14 800 additional Foley sounds in high quality @ 24Bit, 48 kHz
    • 27 new combinations of shoes and surfaces
    • 2 new Shoes
    • 4 new Surfaces

    Surface Types
    Clean Concrete • Sand • Mud• Leaves

    Footwear type
    Barefoot • Sandals

    Extremely Slow Walk • Medium Slow Walk • Walk • Jog • Run • Stairs Slow • Stairs Fast • Stomp • Land • Scuff • Scrape 1 • Scrape 2 • Scrape 3

    Recording Equipment:
    Sennheiser MKH 416
    Neumann KMR 81i


'Barefoot & Sandals: EUS Expansion' by Tovusound is another great expansion pack for their beloved Edward footsteps engine. This collection has 14,850 sounds with 27 new combinations of shoes and surfaces like clean concrete, sand, mud, and leaves as they are trodden upon by bare feet and sandals. You'll also hear performances like slow and normal walking, running, climbing stairs, landing, scuffs, scrapes, and more. For a unique expansion that is hard to pass up, give the demo a listen.
Non-Engine Sonata Noises
  • Cars Non-Engine Sonata Noises Play Track 1224+ sounds included, 39 mins total
    Rated 4.00 out of 5
    $20 $15

    Sit back, relax, and listen to all the sounds a car makes. No, not the hum of the engine, not the tire squeal either, but everything else. Non-Engine Sonata Noises includes sounds (noises) of various button, switches, compartments, doors, slams, and even an automatic seat inside a 2013 Hyundai Sonata. These are the features you interact with ever time you step and sit inside the car, but get drowned out by the frustrations of traffic and stop lights. This pack totals 56 sound files with over 1224 sounds recorded in MS using the Sennheiser MKH8050 and MKH30.

    Flip on the heated seat switch, and search through meta-data tagged using Soundly and Basehead.

    25 %
'Non-Engine Sonata Noises' by All You Can Eat Audio features a 2013 Hyundai Sonata and all its interior bells and whistles. You'll hear sounds of its doors, compartments, automatic seats, dials, buttons, light switches, locks, power windows, windshield wipers, visors, trunk, and the list goes on! Altogether there are over 1,200 sounds neatly organized on 56 tracks that are labeled to let you know how many sounds they contain. Unique, focused, organized; what more can you ask for?
  • Drones & Moods Surreal Play Track 100 sounds included, 36 mins total $25 $15

    “SURREAL” is a collection of 100 Sound Effects for creating surreal moments in your productions and allows you to generate a bizarre experience to mess up with the listener mind.

    The sounds were created using a great variety of sources such as: transverse flutes, kalimbas, thunder drums and electric guitars to give the effects a more meaningful and emotive feeling.

    But if you are looking sounds to induce tension and suspense, this library is great for you too.

    Sounds included:

    Crazy atmospheres • Drones •  Detuned piano: Atmosphere, rarities and reverses • Atmospheric guitars • Atmospheric kalimbas • Glitches • Whooshes • And much more

    The sounds are great for any kind of production (games, trailers, movies).

    40 %
    Ends 1527717600
'Surreal' by MatiasMacSD is a library that will mess with your audience's minds and emotions. This collection uses the power of sound design, music, and instrumentation to create suspenseful soundscapes that are perfect for any genre that's looking for a creepy, abstract, tense, or bizarre edge. It has kalimbas, thunder drums, detuned pianos, electric guitar, and transverse flutes that are molded into atmospheres and drones using reverse effects, reverbs, glitch design, and more. For 100 tracks with a feeling of suspense and danger, close your eyes and let this one take you for a ride!

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Popular sound effects this week:

  • Game Audio Packs & Bundles Mobile Game Play Track 578 sounds included, 30 mins total $59 $35

    Need sound for a mobile game? With Mobile Game you get 578 files of musical stabs, modern & retro pickups, crafting essentials, tonal and organic game trinkets and upgrades, power ups, a variety of coins, bubbles, UI and so much more mobile game fun. ​It’s a pack that will bring instant familiarity to the users of your game or video productions.

    Inspired by app market hits like Clash of Clans and Candy Crush, we present to you Mobile Game, our most fun and gameplay-inspired sound library yet!

    Mobile Game features sounds such as:

    Bubbles • Building • Coins • Crafting • Mechanisms and Contraptions • Musical Stabs • Objective Completes • Pick Ups • Potions • Tonal Designed Organic fx • UI/Menu • Upgrades

    41 %
  • Sports Soccer SFX Play Track 100 sounds included $20

    Want the sound of soccer (or football, if you like)? This library delivers a wide range of soccer sounds, including various kicks and ball impact sounds.

    It also packs keep-up, knee, chest and header sounds + ball impacts on various surfaces / items. And finally, soccer boot footsteps, keeper sounds and ref whistles are also included.

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