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There are some really inspiring podcasts created by the sound design and game audio communities, and today, I’m launching a brand new one that I hope you’re going to enjoy:

It’s called the A Sound Effect Podcast, and it’s the world’s first podcast dedicated to sound effects!

Co-hosting the podcast with me is Christian Hagelskjær from Hzandbits, and together, we’ll be looking into what’s happening in the independent sound effect community, unearthing the inside-stories behind the latest SFX libraries – and highlighting some of the great new SFX releases that are coming out.

In this very first episode, we’re talking with Paul Virostek from Airborne Sound, for a bird’s eye view of the state of independent sound effects, and why indie SFX are so useful. We’re also highlighting four very interesting sound libraries from the community. The interview with Paul starts around 10 minutes in.

We hope you enjoy this very first episode, and if you have any comments or feedback, do let us know!

How to subscribe to the podcast
You can now subscribe to – and hear – the A Sound Effect Podcast on many different platforms:

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Update: Episode 2 is now out
A new episode of the A Sound Effect Podcast is now up: Get the story behind BOOM, creators of some of the most popular independent sound effects, hear some interesting new SFX libraries and travel to Tokyo in sound. More details here.

Hear the first episode below:

Sound effect libraries highlighted in this episode:

  • We enter the next round of absolutely striking new SFX! CINEMATIC DARKNESS is the fourth release in our grand CINEMATIC series and is absolutely no less exciting than its predecessors: dirty BLASTS, scary DRONES, digital GLITCHES, synthetic SCREAMS, disturbing STUTTERS, creepy NOISE – the list continues as we have packed more than 15 GB of high-quality SFX into this collection.

    CINEMATIC DARKNESS has been co-produced with sound designer Sebastian Johnson who left his footprints in the world of sound design starting in the 90s with the first commercial library for the Waldorf Microwave and sound design for Ensoniq, Clavia, DSI, and recently for more than 40 blockbuster trailers in the last 4 years such as Gravity, World War Z, Godzilla, Maleficient, The Hobbit, Transcendence, The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus, Pacific Rim, Resident Evil 5, Star Trek & much more!

    Our new library comes all nasty, disturbing & unsettling. It’ll shake you to the core & without a doubt it will power your next project. Evil, murky, harsh, synthetic and edgy are only a few characteristics of CINEMATIC DARKNESS. You have the possibility to customize this collection to your very own needs: the CONSTRUCTION KIT offers you high-quality source recordings to be creatively processed, while the DESIGNED version comes in handy with pre-designed, “ready-to-use” sounds, ideal for time-scarce projects. CINEMATIC DARKNESS is the next generation of evil SFX – add a wicked new tone to your sound pool!

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  • MaK is a Kontakt instrument which replicates the sounds of a person using various computer keyboards, mice, or touchscreen devices. This allows you to very quickly perform the foley of using one of these devices via midi.

    There are 15 devices available in MaK: 5 Keyboards, 5 Mice, 2 Touchscreens, and 3 digital keyboards. Each of these devices has been meticulously recorded at a number of different velocities for a very realistic playback performance.

    The majority of the devices have 5 velocity layers; from soft to hard. Each of these velocity layers have 32 different samples: 16 for the press sound, and 16 for the release sounds of each device. That’s 160 samples per device! MaK will randomly trigger press and release samples for each layer based on the velocity you play the notes. Easy to use controls allow you to adjust additional layers of randomness in both velocity and pitch. All of this adds up to realistic devices, and convincing performance. This library requires the full version of NI Kontakt (not included)

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  • Environments SEASIDE Play Track 16 sounds included, 50 mins total $16 $11.20

    Get the sounds of the sea – captured at different beaches along the Japan coast and the French Normandy coast. Recorded at the marina, pier, harbor, bridges and beaches, the SEASIDE library delivers around 50 minutes of waves, water, seagulls and more. All recordings are AB ORTF stereo, and there's a mono center added in some cases to deliver a LCR format.

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  • Environments Yellowstone Play Track 120 sounds included, 238 mins total
    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Yellowstone is a unique sound effect library created by renowned sound supervisor and SFX editor Tim Nielsen, featuring giant geysers, bubbling mud pots, fumaroles, hot springs, water streams and much more.

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9 thoughts on “Introducing the A Sound Effect Podcast – the World’s First Podcast Dedicated to Sound Effects

  1. Hi René, thanks for stopping by! Yes, here’s the RSS feed:

    It’s also been submitted to iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn – will post here as soon as it’s been approved.

  2. Great to hear that it’s coming to iTunes. I haven’t managed to catch it on SoundCloud yet, as the lack of offline listening drives me nuts, but I’m looking forward to listening to it intently.


  3. Great job guys, this is an area that has never been covered properly. Looking forward to seeing what’s next.

  4. Hi Fred, you can download the whole episode by clicking the button in the right-hand corner of the embedded SC player, if that helps. But yeah, eagerly awaiting the iTunes approval to go through here too – hopefully it happens soon.

  5. The A Sound Effect Podcast is now available here too:

    – iTunes:
    – Stitcher:
    – SoundCloud:

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