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In my book, WINGS is one of the most impressive SFX libraries to come out in a long while. It can be hard to come up with original, useful ideas for SFX libraries – but WINGS is truly innovative, and it’s crafted with an incredible attention to detail. I’ve had a talk with Michel from BONSON about the library, what went into creating it – and he also shares a few handy tips along the way.

How did you come up with the idea for WINGS? And how long has it been in the making?

Everything started a year ago, when I was talking with some audio friends and I discovered that I was not the only one who wanted to have a good wings sound library. Because of this, and because I was having the idea of creating my own sound libraries, I thought that wings could be a good challenge to be my first pack.

What’s included in the library?

WINGS comes in 2 categories: Design and Source.

The Design category consists of all the sounds that I created, manipulating the source sounds and other recordings I have made. These sounds are ready to be used and cover a wide palette of sonic colors.

WINGS comes with the following designed creatures: Unidentified Flying Organism, Bee, Butterfly, Chicken, Dragons in different sizes, Fairy, Fly, Gargoyle, Grasshopper, Griffin, Mechanical bird, Mosquito, Pegasus, Pelican, Phoenix, Pigeon, Rhinocerous Beetle, Scarab, Sparrow, and Pterodactyl.

This category includes 180 sounds and you can find the following creatures: Unidentified Flying Organism, Bee, Butterfly, Chicken, Dragons in different sizes, Fairy, Fly, Gargoyle, Grasshopper, Griffin, Mechanical bird, Mosquito, Pegasus, Pelican, Phoenix, Pigeon, Rhinocerous Beetle, Scarab, Sparrow, and Pterodactyl.

The source category is the best of raw recordings. You can find 1240 sounds divided in 26 categories classified by the element we used to create the sounds, like an ostrich feather duster, sun umbrella, camouflage netting, etc. And you have them doing actions like single flap, double flap, hover, depart and take off.


What’s been your design process for the library – and how did you decide on the sonic direction for the designed creatures?

For the whole library my idea was to have the widest possible palette of sounds, and to record as many props as possible. We use Pro Tools HD at 192 kHz, 24 Bits, Sound Devices 702T and microphones like the Neumann TLM 170, DPA 4006, Sennheiser MKH 8040, MKH 30 and MKH 416.

The process for the sound design was totally intuitive

For the designed creatures the idea was to have from little to extra big creatures, and to have a lot of variations of sounds.
Recording props for a new mythical creature wing design

Recording props for a new mythical creature wing design

The process for the sound design was totally intuitive. I was hearing the source material and doing tests, changing pitch, equalization, layering files, and all the techniques sound designers normally use. When I heard something interesting and that I could relate that sound to, for example a dragon, I started trying to create enough material for that creature. Sometimes I started in the opposite way trying to get the sound of a pegasus for example, and then I started hearing sounds with feathers that could work when mixed with sounds of other props that could give the weight of the big wings of a pegasus. I would say that it was a lot of trial and errors.

You’ve mentioned that the single wing flaps have been carefully edited – what does that mean for sound users?

When editing single flaps, I discovered that it was better to have them “aligned” because if you want to change the rate or velocity if they are not aligned, it is going to break the rhythm. When I say “aligned” I mean that if you put them across the tracks, they should be all in sync and sound like one big flap. They have small variations but that doesn’t affect the rhythm.

Any tricks for timing the wing sounds / rate with visuals for convincing results? And any other tips for making the most of the library?

I’m a Pro Tools user from version 1, but I have been using REAPER for a couple of years know and I love it!

There are so many actions that you can assign to do many things, like randomize sounds, order your files by RMS, have several sessions open at the same time just to mention some.

For example a great option is using the “Reposition selected items…” action. With this action you can select, say 15 flaps and with a quick shortcut you can change the time interval between them, and quickly you can see at what speed they work best.

Example 1: Changing the speed rate in REAPER:

Video Thumbnail

Another good tool is BATTERY from Native Instruments. It has a cool option where you can map all your sounds and trigger them randomly from one Key in your musical keyboard. I recommend to play your video in slow motion while recording the midi so that it makes it easy to have all your wings in sync with the image. Then put at normal speed and fine-tune your recording modifying your midi velocity to add dynamic to your sounds and adjusting the sync.
From there you can continue experimenting with other audio processing techniques.

Example 2: Syncing random wings with BATTERY:

Video Thumbnail


In general, what are some of the key qualities to useful wing sounds?

Right now come 3 to my mind : frequency range, texture, and rate or velocity.

What was the hardest sound to get right? And do you have a favorite sound or sound set in the library?

Good question. I would say that the whole Wings sound library was hard to get it right, maybe because of the big amount of sounds that we recorded and all the editing, metadata, and mastering work that was involved to get things sounding good.

I especially like the Inflatable Sleeping Pad, the Balloon and the Knee pads, also the dragons and pegasus wings.

Thanks for the interview and I hope that audio colleagues will learn something here.


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A big thanks for these insights into making WINGS come alive – and get the libraries from BONSON below:

  • MOVES is a collection of character foley clothing and gear movements that cover a large range of characters such as Special Forces, Medieval Soldier, World War Soldier, Policeman, and High-tech Soldier among many others.

    MOVES will make a great addition to your sonic arsenal and help you achieve that personal character sound that you have in your head. MOVES does not replace a Veteran Foley artist, but will come in handy if you have a restricted budget or if you need a good sound to enhance the movements of your characters.

    You get several walks, runs and stop movements for every type of character.

    Two versions included:To speed up your workflow, the library comes with two versions of the same content, tailored for people working either in the Video Game or the Cinema industry:

    Video Game Workflow: For every variation, you will have a single wav file, making it ideal for people who like to have every sound already cut and ready to be used in their DAW or middleware. It consists of 772 sounds.
    Cinema Workflow You will find several variations of the sounds in single wav files here. It consists of 151 wav files sounds.

    And as mentioned, both versions are included, so you can pick whatever works best for your way of working.

    Features props and characters such as:
    Bullet-proof vest, medieval chain mail, dress, leather jacket, old robot, policeman, World War II soldier, Special Forces, Thin Android, Winter Jacket, medieval foot soldier, plastic character, rattle character, shield, sword, weapons, helmets, high tech soldier, winter jacket

    As always, all sounds are embedded with useful Soundminer metadata. I really hope you will find this collection inspiring and useful in your future projects.

    Have a great day designing your new characters with MOVES!

    Best wishes,
    Michel Marchant.

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  • Spanning five years of meticulous field recordings “Rain, Rivers & Waves” gets you nearly 8 GB of pristine water sounds in all shapes and sizes.

    The collection includes 97 files recorded in stereo at 96 kHz.

    The library delivers around 4 hours of tropical rains, urban storms, shallow streams, large roaring rivers, gentle lapping, heavy surf waves and much more!

    We hope this collection will be of great value to anybody looking for outstanding water sounds.

    As usual, all our sounds are meticulously recorded, edited with patience and mastered with love.


    Bonson Team


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  • Animals & Creatures STOMPS – Creature Footsteps Play Track 8500+ sounds included From: $299

    We're incredibly excited to introduce the 'STOMPS – Creature Footsteps' sound effects library – these are footsteps like you’ve never heard them before!

    STOMPS is a massive collection of more than 8,500 files to boost your creativity and help you add special footstep sounds to your new project.

    The library is organized into 3 categories –
    Source, Textures, Design:

    In the Source category you’ll find the “best of” several hours worth of our recordings sessions, with more than 7,500 files (with lots of variations) organized into 83 folders. Every single sound is the product of a new recording.

    You’ll find the sequences that include: 2 Legs WALKING, 2 Legs RUNNING, 4 Legs GALLOPING, 4 Legs TROTTING, and 4 Legs WALKING.

    We used all kinds of weird props to record original, versatile sounds with lot of character, different textures, and in very different frequency ranges.

    These sounds form the DNA of your future footsteps. You’ll have lots of different sound colours to play with, ranging from very small and harsh sounds to very low and bold ones, and all the ranges in between.

    In the Texture category, you’ll find more than 600 sounds with different textures to help you customize your footsteps. These textures are also a very valuable sonic material that will help you construct lots of varying sound design work.

    Finally, we have the Design category. Here you’ll find more than 500 processed sounds created by veteran sound designer Michel Marchant, covering a wide range of characters like Robots, Snow Creatures, Distant Dinosaurs, Rock Golems, Armies, Colossus and many, many more!

    Update: Glued version also included

    STOMPS now also features a special GLUED version, with the exact same content but with variation files edited together to reduce the number of single files in the collection, and making search through all sounds easier.

    With “STOMPS, Creature Footsteps,” you’ll have anything you’ll need to create everything from small creature footsteps to big, out-of-this-world ones.

  • Animals & Creatures WINGS Play Track 1444+ sounds included From: $99

    We are extremely proud to present our first library, WINGS – a one-of-a-kind sound library.

    From tiny insects to small birds, from fairies to dragons, WINGS offers a creative palette with a diverse range of sounds to choose from.

    With over 1400 files (more than 4 GB for the 192 kHz version ) we’re confident you will find the perfect sound.

    When purchasing WINGS you get 2 packs, our Design category that includes 180 files and the Source category that offers more than 1200 sounds. Featuring the very best of our foley sessions.

    All single flaps have been careful edited, allowing for unique speed or rate adjustments.

    Pick your preferred version at the introductory prices below:


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