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January 20th, 2017 update:

Taking part in Global Game Jam 2017?
Be sure to head over here for +7500 free premium SFX this weekend!

Alright, the Global Game Jam starts today all around the globe – and if you do game audio, get ready to join the fun!

So what exactly is the Global Game Jam (GGJ)? The GGJ is described as a hackathon aimed at game development, and takes place in 91 countries (!) and at 630 Game Jam Sites. The theme of the year is revealed later today – and once that’s out, all GGJ participants start working towards making games based on that theme. The whole thing ends on Sunday January 31st.

Last year saw 72 countries taking part, 23,000+ registered participants in 488 locations with 4292 game projects registered – and this year looks to handily beat that. If you want to take part, simply hop on over to the Live Status page, find a Jam near you and register to take part. There you’ll also find further info on what to bring along.

This is how you get 5000+ sound effects for Global Game Jam – for free:

Update: The Global Game Jam 2016 is now over, but you can still get SoundlySoundly for free, and get access to 300+ premium sound effects – for free.

Simply download Soundly for Windows (here) or Mac (here).

Want more free sound effects for you game projects? Here you go:

The team at Epic Stock Media were kind enough to submit 33 free sound effects that can be used for the Global Game Jam. They are from their full Universal Game Sounds library, which comes packed with more than 2700 game sound effects.

To get the download link for the 33 free game audio SFX – and the much-loved A Sound Effect newsletter – just enter your details below:

If you don’t receive the email with the download link, please check your spam folder. Existing newsletter subscribers can of course sign up to get the sounds too!

Airy Gas Unlock Bonus 1.wav
Arcade Game Coin 4.wav
Arcade Game Jump 10.wav
Arcade Game Over Wobble .wav
Arcade Game Power Up 7.wav
Character Death Voice 12.wav
Cool UI Button.wav
Deep Cinematic Monster Growl 5.wav
Dungeon Seamless loop.wav
Energy Bar Recharge 6.wav
Epic Game Coin Touch 3.wav
Frozen or Electric Game Item Sound 43.wav
Futuristic Game Item 4.wav
Game Coin.wav
Game Mechanical Destruction 3.wav
Gong Drum Hit Impact.wav
he yah 4 dragged out.wav
New Wave.wav
Open Plains Wind.wav
Paper Scroll 3.wav
Pellet Collect 11.wav
Pizza Quick Coin 7.wav
Robot Dog Bomb Detonation 3.wav
Robotic Game Item Touch 4.wav
Simulate Countdown 2.wav
Sword Kill 2.wav
Sword Kill 5.wav
Taking Damage 1.wav
Tie game 4.wav
Tie Game Horns.wav
UI Hits Game 4.wav
Unlock level Game Sound.wav

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