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Kai Paquin recently released a new sound effects library called Gizmo - and it's taken the sound community by storm, flying straight to the top of the charts. In this new interview, Kai Paquin gives you the story behind the library, and shares some of his favorite sounds and approaches for capturing those gizmo sounds:
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Hear a taste of what Gizmo sounds like above

Hi Kai, please introduce yourself and your new Gizmo sound effects library. What are some of the highlights of the library?
I’m Kai, a SFX editor from Los Angeles, and Gizmo is my newest release. It’s a collection of different clicks, snaps, clinks, clunks and all the other sounds you’d expect a machine to make if it ran without a motor.
There’s a lot of cool things about the library, but a highlight for me was recording an old antique cash register. I’m not the first person to do that, but hearing all the small gears and popping buttons at 1/20th speed is really impressive sounding.


What was your initial goal when you set out to create the library – and what sort of planning went into making it? How long has it been in the works?
A couple things inspired me while making this library. The first thing is a very talented recordist Robbie Elias had shared a recording with a stereo pair of Sanken CO100k microphones with me and it was otherworldly slowed down. I had never heard such a complex-sounding mechanical object and realized there’s a whole world of mechanical sounds like that, that needed to be slowed down.

Slowed-down recordings of an electrical typewriter

I work on a foley stage and had been collecting small antique mechanical props for years, like fishing reels, turnstile counters, hole punchers and a variety of other hand powered mechanical props

Second thing is I work on a foley stage and had been collecting small antique mechanical props for years, like fishing reels, turnstile counters, hole punchers and a variety of other hand powered mechanical props, so I was about half way there making a library. I was also on my way back home to visit my parents in Oregon where antiques are much cheaper than down here in Los Angeles, so I figured I could flesh out my collection of props quickly and cheaply while I was on vacation.
Finally, earlier in the year I was offered an amazing opportunity to help on another incredible mechanical library for Rock the Speakerbox called Gearbox and that put a taste in my mouth for taking my own approach at mechanical sounds.

As a side note I really strongly endorse also getting a copy of the Gearbox library on top of purchasing Gizmo because it tackles a whole different set of mechanical sounds. I tried to record my sounds to not have too much overlap with that library so they would complement each other well. Definitely check it out!


What was your recording setup for this one?
For most situations I was running 4 microphones. A stereo pair of Rode NT1a and a stereo pair of Sanken CO100k mics. The reason for recording with both is the Sankens have a lot of bandwidth from 0-100khz, but in general sounds with a lot of ultrasonic frequencies sound really thin on those microphones – since, even though you have the gain turned up on the recorder to the point you’re almost clipping, you might be listening to the part of the sound in your hearable range at something like -40db.

Running a second coincidental stereo pair that can’t record above the hearable range gave me a reference point of what the sounds should sound like at resting pitch while mastering

Running a second coincidental stereo pair that can’t record above the hearable range gave me a reference point of what the sounds should sound like at resting pitch while mastering. In some cases it gave me a different, richer flavor of sound to blend in with the Sankens in the mastering process to generally make the recordings feel richer than if I had just EQ’d.

Reactions from the sound community:

The library recently received two reviews – here they are:

From Michael O’ Connor:

“Wow, just wow. There is so much here I don’t even know where to begin. Kai’s diversity in sound sources makes this library extremely versatile. The dual Sanken 100K’s (alongside other microphones) have added pitch bending that allows you to sculpt and design with these sounds like never before. I tiny door hinge can be transformed into a castle-sized door creak; it is truly remarkable. Kai also made sure to capture plenty of unique takes so there is always an alternative performance to rely on. Lastly, Kai’s attention to concise yet thoroughly fleshed out metadata makes searching a breeze.
Source Material: 10/10
Sound Editing + Mastering: 10/10
Metadata: 10/10
Microphone Choice: 192/192”

From Ryan Sullivan:

“The highest quality clicks, clanks, gears, metal, mech, springs etc. This library has everything you would need for anything mechanical in any facet. Kai has separated the source of the sounds to just the essence of the sounds. It is truly a acoustimatic experience listening to this library. The incredible high quality 192k and 96k sample rate allows any sound to be manipulated endlessly. You can hear the endless amount of hard work put into this. This will be a library that will always be ingrained in my mind when doing projects. The metadata is remarkable in the amount of detail. I felt that I would listen to a sound, explain it in my head and the metadata was exactly what I was thinking.

10/10 on all fronts.”

Any surprises or fun experiences making of the library?
I’m a big fan of antique shopping, so going on a massive tour of antique shops was pretty dang fun. There were a couple field recording trips to remote places to get certain sounds like the bear box ronks. Some of the sounds never made it into the library like the swish/whoosh section, but I spent the better part of two days recording slingshot whistling projectiles with the Sankens. The recording session was a blast, but the recordings ended up being rejected because of too much noise.

More libraries from Kai Paquin:

Kai Paquin has released a number of sound effects libraries – here are some more example:

  • Electricity Electricity Play Track 392 sounds included, 35 mins total $60

    Electricity is a collection of various types of designed electricity sounds using various props and signal processing. No actual electricity was recorded in the creation of this library, its intent is for high intensity and combat electricity sounds that would be difficult to edit with acoustically recorded elements.

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  • Ambisonics Los Angeles Skylines Play Track 15+ sounds included, 237 mins total From: $50

    Los Angeles Skylines is the first release of the Series 2000 collection from Kai Paquin. This library features understated traffic beds to build Los Angeles city ambiances. Covering a variety of different locations from the coast of Santa Monica to the Mountains of Pasadena, this library contains over 4 hours of rooftop and overlook recordings.

    Each location was recorded for 15-20 minutes so you can find a variety of interesting moments like sirens, street walla, and trucks while having the flexibility to cut around those moments or be able to reuse the same recording on multiple scenes without it repeating.

    Additionally, the library was carefully tagged with metadata, including flags in the recording pointing out where moments that pop out of the bed are making it easier to find specifics to cut in or around.

  • Foley Slime Play Track 949 sounds included, 72 mins total $30

    Viscous materials are probably one of the more common elements that come up on a regular basis, and one of the grossest to record. Let me save you the trouble. Slime is a collection of different Viscous materials ranging from literal slime to more abstract slime-like sounding materials like rubber.

    One of the featured sounds of the library is a gallon of slime being tossed around, man-handled, and squished.

    All the items in this collection were recorded at 192khz with a Sanken CO100k, so there's a lot of flexibility to be had pitching and manipulating the sounds.

    Before you stick your hand in that jar of mayo, give the demo a listen. It might just save you some time, and smelling like a sandwich the rest of the day.

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Discover more sound effects from Kai Paquin here


What are some of your favorite sounds in the library? And can you share the story behind some of the sounds in the library?
Some of my favorite sounds were the servos. I happened to walk into a hobby shop while out on a field recording trip, looking to buy an RC car and started chatting with the clerk there.

He offered I could buy their back stock of replacement servos he had taken off old dumpster pulls. I ended up getting a pretty sizable collection of different servos.

It turns out, besides selling RC cars and planes, the clerk also built robotics for movie sets and had a workshop in the back of the store. Turns out they were going to close in a couple months and he offered I could buy their back stock of replacement servos he had taken off old dumpster pulls. I ended up getting a pretty sizable collection of different servos.

Do you have any tips to share with users on how to make the most of the library?
I definitely recommend assigning the samples to a sampler and going to town. You can make a lot of interesting sounds really quickly by performing them rather than cutting by hand. That being said though, cutting by hand gets more deliberate sounding actions, so both are worth doing.

Video Thumbnail

An example of the Kontakt instrument that comes included with Gizmo

Any tips or lessons learned you’d like to share with others who are looking to create sound effects libraries?
Mastering and metadata are as, or more important than the sounds. Putting extra work into making sounds easy to search and quickly identify what the recordings are makes them 100% more attractive to use than a loosely organized collection of sounds.

A big thanks to Kai Paquin for the story behind his new SFX library!
Be sure to check out the full library below:


  • Mechanical Gizmo Play Track 2500+ sounds included, 244 mins total $125

    Gizmo is a mechanism library for designing mechanical actions in machinery without the engines. This library covers the gambit of steam, ronks, clicks, clanks, clunks, servos and all sorts of mechanical actions from various props.

    Unlike most libraries, this one was recorded at 192 with a stereo pair of Sanken CO100k microphones for extreme lossless pitching, so you can take something small like a typewriter, and make it sound like a massive printing machine.

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A Sound Effect gives you easy access to an absolutely huge sound effects catalog from a myriad of independent sound creators, all covered by one license agreement - a few highlights:
  • Animals & Creatures Amazon Jungle Play Track 49 sounds included, 357 mins total From: $95 From: $66.50

    Amazon Jungle is a collection of unique ambiences recorded in the Amazon rainforest on the border between Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. The library was recorded during the rainy season when birds are vocal and humidity is at its highest. These recordings feature species such as the Screaming Piha, Toucans, Howler Monkeys, Trogons, Tinamous, Owls, very vocal Bamboo Rats and a multitude of insects and frogs.

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  • Foley Footstep and Foley Sounds Play Track 812 sounds included $10

    Footstep & Foley Sounds contains 511 high quality professionally recorded footstep sounds. Surfaces included: concrete, dirt, grass, gravel, metal, mud, water, wood, ice and snow. Plus 141 Foley sounds covering a variety of character movement sounds. A perfect addition to add realism to your footstep sounds.

    This pack also includes a variety of 160 bonus sounds effects from our full library Pro Sound Collection. ALL sounds from Footstep & Foley Sounds are included in Pro Sound Collection so if you need more sounds be sure to check it out before purchase.

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  • Environments Quiet Spaces Play Track 47+ sounds included, 139 mins total From: $25

    In films and documentaries there are often images of people in spaces speaking to other people, who are listening attentively.

    The recordings of the person doing the talking are pristine from the set. The recordings of the rest of the room don’t exist. Room tones of empty spaces don’t possess movement and life that your soundtracks require for these situations.

    Quiet Spaces is a collection of recordings of people gathered in rooms of various sizes and not talking

    Libraries are a natural place to capture these environments, and so a high quality stealth kit made from a pair of Sanken CUB 01s discreetly placed from a backpack onto empty tables in various libraries. We also got access to a university campus right at the end of finals week where we recorded out in the open with a pair of MKH50s in ORTF. We captured an entire class taking a test, as well as various other lightly and sparsely populated spaces in and around campus.

    Locations captured include:
    • 5 different public libraries
    • multiple perspectives per library
    • 6 locations on the UNT campus
    • 1 class quietly taking a written test

    The end result is a beautiful set of recordings of quiet spaces that are still filled with texture and movement.

    Available in two versions:

    Full version:
    • 24 bit, 96 kHz stereo wav files
    • soundminer and bwav metadata tags
    • photography
    • 4.8 Gigabytes of sound
    • 139 minutes of sound
    Lite version:
    • 16 bit, 44.1 kHz stereo wav files
    • soundminer and bwav metadata tags
    • photography
    • 1.48 Gigabytes of sound
    • 139 minutes of sound
Explore the full, unique collection here

Latest sound effects libraries:
  • Weapons Weapon Mech & Reload Sounds Play Track 800+ sounds included $80

    Weapon Mech & Reload Sounds is a sfx library recorded for police / military related film or video games. Recorded at 24/96,(real guns and soft/air guns) with 3 microphones (omni, cardioid and shotgun), you can use one sound or mix the 3 layers together for more impact!

    Key Features:

    Library ships in 96kHz, 24bit
    408 files, more than 800 sounds
    Effective workflow: well-grounded Soundminer Metadata
  • Foley Lethal Blow Play Track 983 sounds included $49.99 $34.99

    Lethal Blow is a collection of high quality fight sound effect. It features 925 sound effects; 600 source recording and 325 designed sound effects. It comes loaded with all sorts of sounds – from simple punches to multi-layerd crunchy blows and and meaty hits.
    All source sounds ware recorded with top tier microphones; Sennheiser MKH8040 and MKH8060 at 192kHz/24Bit with a Sound Devices recorder.

    Collection consists of two main categories:

    DESIGNED 96/24 (325 SFX)

    Bone Breaks – Crunchy breaks, snaps and tears.
    Grabs, throws and blacks.
    Bright Punches – Punches with meaty bottom and pronounces “beef slap” transients.
    Crunch Punches – Punches layered with bone breaks and cracks .
    Dark punches – Punches with more of a deep, organic, thump-y sound.
    Rips and tears – Fatality-like, gory tears.
    Simple Punches – Organic sounding, deep punches that consist of only few layers (compared to other punches).
    Punches “Xtra” – Punches without Arm movement/scuffle/whoosh – just a hit that you can layer with your own woos/scuffle
    Skull crashes – Gory, slimy skull crashes and splits
    Swooshes, whooshes snd scuffles.


    Scuffles, arm movements and whooshes – Cotton, denim and nylon.
    Snaps – Leak snaps
    Flesh drops – Dropped oranges
    Cotton transients – Cotton hoodie hit with a soft drum mallet
    Real chest punches – Closed fist
    Meaty punches – Beefy, organic punches (punching beef steaks).
    Lettuce punches and smacks – Deep, wet lettuce punches plus exaggerated transient sounds.
    Real chest smacks – Open fist
    Meat movement – gory, slimy, beef movements.
    Meat Slaps – Beef steaks dropped on a tile floor with pronounced transients
    Small crack – cracking eggshells
    Bell pepper rips – Tearing, ripping apart Bell peppers for crunchy snaps and cracks
    Whooshes and swooshes – Airy whooshes
    Fabric Movement – random, cotton cloth whooshes and multiple swishes.

    325 designed sound effects will get you started right away and save a lot of time when cutting fight scenes.
    600 high quality source recordings will allow you to design all kinds of punches, bone brakes and gore sound effects from scratch, exactly to your taste.

    All sound effects are highly tweakable. You can fine-tune them to your liking; pitch them up/down to remove/add weight whilst retaining details and clarity.

    Download includes:
    96-192KHZ 24BIT version (925 SFX/562MB)
    44.1KHZ 16BIT version for Unreal Engine (925 SFX/264MB)
    192KHZ 24BIT BONUS source recordings (58 SFX/30MB)
    RECORDED WITH: Sound Devices MixPre 6 + Sennheiser MKH8040 + Sennheiser MKH8060
    EDITED AND MASTERED WITH: RX, Pro Tools, Brufri, DMGAudio, Sonnox, Fabfilter

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  • Game Audio Packs & Bundles Electro-Mechanics Toolkit 2 Play Track 860+ sounds included $67 $53.60

    The “Electro-Mechanics ToolKit 2” Sound Effects Library features a wide range of versatile electro-mechanic motors, engines, tools and toys.
    All waiting to be cut up, layered, edited and mangled with FX to become spaceship engines, robot movements, sci fi doors, weapon mechanics.
    This library is not meant to be a comprehensive tools library but rather a composite toolkit to bring futuristic electro-mechanic machines, devices, weapons, vehicles, … sonically to life.
    All cleaned and edited for direct use in your upcoming projects.

    All sounds have embedded BWF Metadata.


    Air Compressor • Angle Grinder • Band Saw • Belt Sander • Bowling Alley Machinery • Buffing Machine • Turning Lathe • Buzz Saw • Chop Saw • Doors & Shutters • Electric Drill • Electric Screwdriver • Electric Wood Plane • Evacuator • Film Projector • Fine Blanking Tool • Fretsaw • Grinding Lathe • Hand Blender & Mixer • Hoist Industrial • Industrial Vacuum Cleaner • Jigsaw • Mechanic Toys • Metal Saw • Milling Machine • Stationary Drill • Strimmer • Toy Helicopter

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    Looking for sounds of a remote controlled car? Here you go: This sound effects library features 170 sound effects of the Reely Core RC Car. You get several on-board and external driving sounds, pass-bys, close-up steering mechanics and idling mixtures, and of course some crashes. All sounds are edited and cleaned for direct use in your upcoming sound design projects. All sounds contain detailed BWF Metadata.

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  • Foley Crockery & Surfaces (Empty) Play Track 64 sounds included $20 $17

    A library containing a number of objects being picked up, put down and moved around on a number of surfaces including wood, glass and metal.

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