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Going to GDC 2015 next week (March 2-5th)? I’m not going myself, unfortunately – but for those of you who are, I figured an overview of some of the great GDC audio sessions and events could come in handy.

So I decided to reach out to game audio guru Damian Kastbauer (aka @Lostlab), – as well as sound designer Jack Menhorn and field recordist Frank Bry – for some of their top picks this year.

Oh, I also came across an overview of all the parties and mixers that are happening at GDC too.

You’ll find the whole lot below – hope you find it useful!

Damian Kastbauer's Top Picks (in order of appearance):


Creating Hyper-Adaptive Music on an Indie Budget
C. Andrew Rohrmann(scntfc / 17-Bit)


Audio Bootcamp : Technical Sound Design
Mark Kilborn(Raven Software)

Audio Bootcamp : The Sounds of Year Walk and DEVICE 6
Daniel Olsen(Independent)


All Style, All Substance: The Audio Journey of the Vanity and Traversal System for Sunset Overdrive
Kristen Quebe(Microsoft), Bryan Higa(Obsidian)

Creating an Interactive Musical Experience for Fantasia: Music Evolved
Jeff Allen(Harmonix Music Systems), Devon Newsom(Harmonix Music Systems)


Peggle Blast: Big Concepts, Small Project
RJ Mattingly(PopCap), Jaclyn Shumate(PopCap), Guy Whitmore(PopCap)

Getting Buy-In: How to Give Your Game Audio Style
Joanna Orland(Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)

The Evolving JRPG Audio Culture
Tomohiro Yajima(Square Enix), Yuichi Nishimatsu(Square Enix)

Implementing Adaptive Loudness and Dynamic Range for Mobile Games
Rob Bridgett(Clockwork Fox Studios)

Smart Sound Design Using Modularity and Data Inheritance
Martin Loxton(Frostbite)

Women in Game Audio
Corina Bello(High Moon Studios), Penka Kouneva(Kouneva Studios), Laura Karpman(Laura Karpman Music), Paul Lipson(Microsoft Studios), Benedicte Ouimet(Ubisoft Montreal), Belinda Van Sickle(Women in Games International)


Audio Tips for Public Betas, Alphas and Early Access
Matthew Marteinsson(Klei Entertainment)

Hohokum: Adventures in Music and Sound Design
David Collins(SCEA)

Where Does the Game End and the Instrument Begin?
Matt Boch(Harmonix Music Systems), Jon Moldover(Smule Inc.), Nick Bonardi(Ubisoft), David Young(Smule Inc.), Brian Schmidt(Brian Schmidt Studios)

See the full overview of audio related sessions at GDC 2015 here.



Like to party? Here's where the GDC parties are at:
If you’re looking for some festive stuff after a long day at GDC, I’ve come across this overview of all the parties and mixers that take place during the event, maintained by Pedro Chavez.

See the continuously updated list of GDC parties and mixers here.

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  1. Thanks for reaching out, it was hard to whittle-down the tremendous list of talks.

    Keep your eyes on the #GameAudioGDC hastag and your ears trained on the Game Audio Podcast GDC daily standups.

    Stay good,

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