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A Sound Effect is home to a huge, curated collection of sound effects – hand-picked from some of the best sound creators in the world

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A Sound Effect helps you browse, search and preview to find the sound effects you need. Need something in particular? We’re always glad to help find it for you

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A Sound Effect makes it easy to get sounds from as many individual sound creators as you like – in one go, all covered by one single license.





Deals will come and go during the sale - so if you see anything you like, get it while you can:

  • Human Sound Effects Crowds: Emotions And Reactions Play Track 400 sounds included, 90 mins total $47.40

    This SFX library contains a wide range of reactions and emotional responses varying from quiet crowds to roared battle cries to a large selection of exclamations generated by a group of passionate theatrical actors in indoor venues.

    Apart from the vocalizations, we’ve also included recordings of more unusual crowd ambiances like people walking around the mics, falling down, sitting down and getting up, jumping around, marching, or just being present in the space.

    Crowds library is split into the following two parts:

    Small Groups: Includes small groups of up to 30 people which you can layer together and quickly create the sound of any sized realistic groups of people.

    Large Crowds: Brings pre-designed, easy-to-use sounds of medium to large crowds in various types of reactions, moods, and surroundings.

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    This is the fourth and final installment in our sound library series, “RPG Interface Essentials – Pop-Ups“, an essential collection of interface libraries designed especially for RPG or MMORPG games. With a total of 135 sounds carefully distributed in various categories, this installment will immerse you in a unique sound experience.

    You will find these nine types of Pop-ups:
    – Enter Or Discover New Territory Pop-Up
    – Experience Popup
    – Insufficient Resources Popup
    – Neutral Pop Up
    – Item Received Popup
    – Journal Updated Pop Up
    – Mission Or Quest Complete Pop Up
    – Overwrite Saved And Save Game Pop Up
    – Special Event Complete Pop Up

    Exceptional Audio Quality:
    With 135 sounds presented in 192 kHz and 24-bit, enjoy exceptional quality and clarity in every detail, immersing players in a captivating audio experience.

    Designed for versatility:
    This versatile sound set is ready to enhance any gaming project, whether it’s a classic RPG or a unique adventure.

    More about the package
    – Intuitive file naming.
    – Use sound effects over and over again, in any of your projects or productions, forever with no additional fees or royalties. Use these SFX in your game, in your trailer, in a Kickstarter campaign, wherever you need it, as much as you want.
    – Full mono compatibility.
    – All sounds have several variations.
    – Use your imagination and feel free to use any sound in an action other than the one described, remember that the world of sound is totally subjective.

    Technical details:
    – 135 RPG interface sounds
    – Number of audio waves: 135
    – Format: 192kHz/24bit
    – Sound Effects Loop: No
    – Total duration: 6 minutes and 38 seconds

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  • Analog Days contains 390 sounds extracted from old portable cassette players, Retro WW tube radios, vintage turntable vinyl record players and retro tape machines. This is really a sound time capsule ready to send your projects back to the good old analog days and give that sense of analog imperfection that makes the sound really interesting.

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  • The Reindeer/Caribou sound effect library has 150 audio files and over 500 individual sounds. Including:

    • Isolated vocalizations of adults, young calves, and newborn calves, including grunts and nickers
    • Isolated mouth and nose sounds, including breaths, exhales, inhales, snorts, coughs, smacking, swallowing, sniffs, burps, and gurgles
    • Herd activity, including resting, moving, herding and round-up
    • Real and foley bells
    • Antlers clashing
    • Footsteps, walking and running on different surfaces
    • Eating and drinking
    • Sleeping/Resting
    • Digging snow

    Reindeer/Caribou - Sound Effect Library

    Most of these sounds have been recorded with a collar microphone on reindeer, so the sounds are extremely intimate, isolated, and close-up. The collar microphone was attached to a female reindeer with a calf, which captured the most intimate moments. The collar microphone also recorded many other reindeer in the herd, so there are a lot of unique reindeer vocalizations.

    This sound effect library also contains all 33 files from my previous Reindeer sound effect library.

    Note regarding the naming of the animal: Wikipedia says that “Reindeer is the European name for the species of Rangifer, while in North America, Rangifer species are known as Caribou”. So, you can use the same sounds for each of them because, at least in terms of sound, they are nearly identical!

    20 %
  • User Interface (UI) Sound Effects Interactive Play Track 3917 sounds included, 225 mins total $104.99
    User Interface (UI) Sound Effects - get more than 3900+ sounds in the INTERACTIVE sound library

    Introducing ‘INTERACTIVE’ by Rock The Speakerbox: Your ultimate organic Game UI Sound Design Toolkit. Elevate your UI sound design with a comprehensive sound effects library crafted to meet the exacting demands of modern game development. ‘INTERACTIVE’ is a massive toolset designed to empower you with a diverse range of components for creating immersive, dynamic and organic sounding UI.

    Structured into three packages:

    Construction Kit (3151 Sounds):
    Unlock a world of possibilities with a massive set of generic components like clicks, whooshes, pops, and textures, alongside elaborate recordings for specific contextual needs such as coins, paper, medieval weapons and many more. Explore elemental textures like water, wood, stone, etc for added depth and a comprehensive arsenal of percussive and tonal instruments.

    Building Blocks (606 Sounds):
    Streamline your workflow with pre-designed sounds of basic UI components, including impacts, clicks, whooshes, specific contextual actions and textures (clattering coins, rustling paper, igniting fires, alchemical reactions, growing vegetation) plus tonal and musical feedback for different moods (positive, negative, rewarding, warning, triumphal, holy)

    Designed (160 Sounds):
    Choose from four sets of ready-to-use sounds tailored for the most common UI actions in different game styles (Casual, Dark, Medieval, Modern).

    Each of the four sets gives you following UI sounds:
    • Confirm
    • Select
    • Notification
    • Purchase
    • Open Menu
    • Back/Close Menu
    • Positive Light
    • Positive Heavy
    • Negative Light
    • Negative Heavy

    With 699 sound files, each offering more than 5 variations in average, ‘INTERACTIVE’ delivers a total of over 3900 sounds – ensuring that you’ll never run out of options to bring your creative vision to life. This library gives you everything you need to captivate your audience and create immersive UI soundscapes that truly resonate.

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  • Sci-Fi Sound Effects SCI FI Play Track 2300 sounds included, 279 mins total $104.99

    SCI FI - Rock The Speakerbox Professional SFX

    Dive into a new era of sonic exploration with Rock the Speakerbox’s triumphant return, introducing their latest masterpiece: The ultimate Rock The Speakerbox SCI FI library.

    Unlock your imagination with this meticulously crafted collection that unleashes 2,300 sounds across spaceships, machines, mechanicals, weapons, user interfaces, ambiences and more. We merged professional real-world recordings and hand-crafted synthetic SFX to inspire.

    This SCI FI sound effects library gives you three sonic realms:

    • Construction Kit:
    1,475 sounds blend raw yet clean and professional recordings with synthetically crafted SFX for highest flexibility.
    • Building Blocks:
    Swiftly create your scenes with 566 ready-to-use, designed SFX, fueling your creativity.
    • Designed:
    Elevate your projects instantly with 263 complex and meticulously conceived SFX.

    The complete sound library arrives in WAV format, 24 bit and 96 kHz, preserving every nuance. It’s compacted to a substantially size of 11.7 GB within 696 files, neatly categorized with the UCS category system. This collection is a true powerhouse of potential.

    Get ready to reshape sound – your auditory voyage awaits.

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    Ends 1722376800
  • Take a journey back in time with Ultimate Medieval SFX Bundle! Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.

    About Ultimate Medieval SFX Bundle

    With this collection you will have access to a carefully curated collection of Medieval Warfare, Medieval Town and Green Witch’s Cauldron sound effects. It covers your most essential historical needs with 1.200+ sounds, recorded and designed professionally.

    You can find rope stressing sounds, listen to the rain on a beach from a bush perspective, bottle up potions, and hear a soldier as he gets ready for a battle. Listen to barn animals, horses, weapons and tools; town ambiences, mine, blacksmith, tavern, field, church bells; dried seeds and herbs, defensive spells and transfiguration spells. Go ahead and check out the contents of these three different collections included in the Ultimate Medieval SFX Bundle one by one and start imagining a story already!

    You’ll find yourself first on a brutal battlefield, then come back to the busy town a little. Don’t be afraid to ask for some healing magic from the Green Witch! Travel back to the Middle Ages and take Ultimate Medieval SFX Bundle with you!

    These sounds are available in 24-bit / 96kHz, were recorded delicately with DPA 4060s and Neumann KM184 pairs, have clarity and room for further sound design with the flexible texture of the sounds for customization.

    About Medieval Town SFX Pack

    400+ sound effects from a simple town’s parts such as; barn, field, grassland, tavern, blacksmith, carpenter, library, church, graveyard, mine, and many more a medieval town could offer. With the Medieval Town Sound Effects Bundle you will have access to dressage sounds, kitchenware sounds, church bells, town ambiences, medieval mechanical devices, mining sounds, animals, tools, weapons and more. Medieval Town Sound Effects Bundle was recorded and designed delicately for all your historical needs.

    What’s Inside
    Medieval, Town, Ambience, Object, Church, Bell, Bird, Animal, Duck, Food and Drink, Lake, Horse, Blacksmith, Hammering, Fire, Tool, Metal, Nail, Chest, Materials Wooden Metal Iron Fire objects chest, iron bell vegetation nail tools bench firewood coin opening action closing creaking hammering breathing dropping ringing shaping picking rolling breaking church bell sunny peaceful weather with and without animals lake fire castle locations barn blacksmith church lake campsite animals actions birds chirping, flying ducks quaking cows mooing horse eating hay, from trainer’s hand, breathing, licking, chewing, bridle clicking perspective texture middle distant close very close heavy breaking pile ceramic tress rattling wallet heat blade shovel sand pebble doorbell saddle cart earthquake farrier book cough cloth cricket kitchen pottery frog mechanical winch copper lock rock axe mining pouring sailing boat rooster footstep rope tavern treasure water light.

    About Medieval Warfare SFX Pack

    Medieval Warfare Sound Effects Pack brings the most realistic 350+ medieval sound effects that you may need for your game/film/creative projects. It includes sound effects of; warriors, explosions, barn animals, horse sound effects, medieval life sound effects, weapons, and tools, human voices, and many more to find out.

    You will have access to weapon sound effects, animals, horse items, ambiences, medieval life items, sword hits, catapult, crossbow, arrow whooshes, battle cries, castle gates, foley sound effects and more. Medieval Warfare Sound Effects Pack is specifically designed for all your historical needs, with the texture of the sounds flexible for customization. Plus, you get the usual Vadi Sound craft and attention to detail!

    Great for film, video, game, advertisements, Foley and suitable further as sweeteners outside of the medieval genre as well.

    What’s Inside
    Medieval war warfare armor impact scrape leather punching footstep rattle arrow whoosh axe breaking bone gore hitting carriage castle gate chain catapult fire drag & drop ground rumble crossbow Leonardo style attack dagger sword destruction explosion flag wind flapping gate opening stabbing mechanical knife hammer hitting horse galloping concrete sand mud metal mount katana male grunt angry textile step chest inhale exhale hurt pain yell falling pushing laughter scream strong leg prisoner siege town arrow falchion buzzing shaking throwing shield clanking.

    Green Witch’s Cauldron SFX Pack

    Green Witch’s Cauldron brings you the 450+ sounds of healing white magic and spells of a playful and sometimes wicked witch. It includes collecting and drying herbs, bubbling boiling potions, bottling, casting spells with elemental magic, and many more you can find in a cauldron. With this pack, you will have access to cat sounds, witch reactions, dried seeds, dried herbs, defensive spells, attacks, transfiguration spells, whooshes and transitions and elements.

    Green Witch’s Cauldron Sound Effects Bundle was recorded and designed exquisitely for all your magical needs and covers all sound effects needs for any white magic, potion-brewing, voices and subtle sounds of a witch’s life for the relevant projects and games that you are working on.

    These meticulously recorded sounds have clarity and lots of room for further usage and sound design with the flexible texture of the sounds for further customization. With 24-bit / 96kHz Wav format and easy to navigate naming, you can now set the bar higher for all your film, game, motion and video projects, advertisement, animation and all witchy projects.

    What’s Inside
    Medieval, town, ambience, fantastic magic magicka object, witch cauldron maddening opponent laughter mind air attack destruction burst element transition whoosh crackle wall braking hiss bubbling potion zinc bowl fireplace sizzling animal cat angry reaction eating food meowing attack basket dried seed plant falling shell braking boiling metal burning chained bush rustle stone glass chemical reaction glass lid bottle coin purse crumbling lavender palm wooden finger defensive shield destructive hand dusting off sprinkles creature pass by roaring cork casting healing glittery spice earth vacuum pouring acid pebble leaves leaf shaking shiny tree branch squeezed shuffling stirring grinder water bending ladle summoning teleporting time travel transfiguration imitating groaning laughing screaming wicked giggle eerie.

    What else you may need
    You may also want to check out our Gore for warfare, Essential Magic for darker magic and spells and All About Games Master Collection for a mega collection of 23 different packs for game audio sound effects.

    40 %
    Ends 1725055200
  • Electricity Sound Effects Quantum – ElectroMagnetic Field Library Play Track 3450 sounds included, 1450 mins total $72

    Quantum is an electromagnetic field sound effect library delivering over 3450 high quality sounds in 1924 files (more than 60Gb), from UI and Impacts over Whooshes to Ambiences, Energy, Retro Machines sounds and many more, this collection has all you need to create an exciting Modern Hard-SciFi audio experience.

    From raw recordings to ready-to-use sound effects, all the content has been recorded at 24 bit, 192 KHz.
    The Toolkit and Designed sections are delivered at 24 bit, 96 KHz.
    All files in this collection use the Universal Category System (UCS) and are tagged with detailed metadatas.

    This library is split in 3 different sections :


    The Raw section:

    342 Files / 37,8 Gb / 645m / 192Khz / 24 bit

    Captured with different microphones like Elektrouši, Elektroucho Pro and Priezor, we recorded a lot of devices and wild signals which allows you to sculpt, create, and edit your own sounds with more than 340 individual sounds.

    Some Devices included in Raw section
    3D Printer – ATM – Babyphone – Lamp – Headphones – Speakers – BluRay Player – Cameras – Cofee Machine – Laptop and Desk Computers – Video Game Consoles – Electric Outlets – Razor – Electronic Cigarette – Elevator – Fan – Fridge – Amplifier – Hair Clipper – Hair Dryer – Home Cinema – Router – Blender – Microwave – Shaker – Oven – Audio Recorders – Audio Interfaces – Science Center Devices – Smartphone – Kitchen Devices – Synthetizers – Tablet – TV – Outside Billboard and Devices – Washing Machine – Vehicles

    The Designed Section:

    372 Files / 13,6 Gb / 418m / 96Khz / 24 bit

    This section provides you ready-to-use sounds (over 1897 individuals sounds in 371 files), all created and designed only from the Raw and Toolkit section materials.

    From huge spaceships to tiny interfaces, this collection delivers various sounds from different categories such as Impacts, UI, Ambiences, Whooshes, Pass-By, Energy, Machines, Electricity sounds and many more.

    Included sounds / Keywords
    Ambience – Impact – Robot – Electricity – UI – Alarm – Radar – Energy – ForceField – Generator – Machine – Vehicles – Spaceships – Alien – Scanner – Calculation – Data – Hologram – Transmission – Glitch – Static – Interference – Whoosh – Interface – SciFi – Retro – etc…

    The Toolkit Section:

    1211 Files / 12,2 Gb / 388m / 96Khz / 24 bit

    This is a NEW section that we wanted to introduce with this library. The Toolkit section is organised in different categories (Energy, Drone, Forcefield, Machine…ect..) to allow you to easily create your own Retro Hard Scifi sounds. We have decided to share with you a useful creation tool process by giving you presets for famous Reaktor ensembles like S-Layer, Dron-e and Whoosh to combine with several dedicated Reaktor maps directly linked to the Toolkit samples.

    For more information about the Toolkit section, you can watch the tutorial video below

    40 %
    Ends 1722376800
  • Electricity Sound Effects A Fluorescent Bulb II Play Track 12+ sounds included, 37 mins total $25

    This library is a continuation of my first library A Fluorescent Bulb. This contains 6 more fluorescent light hums/buzzes with nice plinks and warming sounds. For each light there is at least 2 minutes up to 5 minutes of tone, and a second file with a manipulated light switch where you get multiple plinks and buzzes. The tone of this library is a bit higher pitch than the first 6 bulbs from the first library

    29 %
  • Ringtones and notifications for movies, games or TV production are tricky things.

    You just can’t use stock ringtones from smartphone manufacturers because of copyrights.

    Ringtones with strong harmony can clash with background music.

    Many ringtones from SFX libraries are just overused.

    There is a way out!

    This library consists of 423 files (1600+ sounds), which are divided into categories, such as: ringtones, alarms, notifications, UI,  lock-unlock and etc.

    You’ll also find Foley folder, which contains vibrations, mechanical buttons, tone dials and etc, recorded with four smartphones of different age.

    But that’s not all: every sound was re-recorded using stereo microphones from three different smartphones, ranging from vintage to modern, for instant worldizing and authentic cinematic feel.

    This library will strengthen up your sonic arsenal like heavy duty smartphone tempered glass!

    Main features:

    • 423 files/1600+ sounds
    • Copyright free
    • 96khz/24bit stereo
    • Handy smartphone (or any electronic phone) toolkit, consists of several categories, such as Ringtones, Alarms, UI, Notifications, Camera and etc.
    • Completely worldized (re-recorded in real world using stereo mics) with 3 different smartphones, ranging from vintage to modern
    • Foley folder with vibrations, mechanical buttons and etc
    • Extensive Soundminer and BWF metadata for search engines
    • Universal Category System (UCS) compliant

    Equipment used:  Sennheiser MKH8040/MKH30, Sound Devices MixPre 6, Samsung s5830, Motorola MotoG 1st gen, Xiaomi MiMix2, Xiaomi Mi4

    30 %
    Ends 1723154400
  • Environments & Ambiences Submersion – Underwater Library Play Track 377+ sounds included, 383 mins total $42

    Submersion is a sound effect library delivering over 1800 high quality sounds in 377 files (more than 10Gb), from bubbles and impacts over whooshes to ambiences, propellers sounds and many more, this collection has all you need to create an exciting underwater audio experience.
    From raw recordings to ready-to-use sound effects, all the content has been recorded and designed at 24bit, 96 KHz, all fully tagged with metadatas, by sound designers Arnaud Noble and Benoît Marsalone.
    This library is split in two different sections:

    The Raw section:
    Captured with the Aquarians H2a Hydrophone in different locations (pool, river or inside several props), the raw section allows you to sculpt, create, and edit your own sounds with more than 1300 individuals sounds, with many variations.
    This is your toolkit for all your underwater scenes and projects.

    The Designed Section:
    This section provides you ready-to-use sounds (over 593 individuals sounds in 172 files), all created and designed from the Raw section materials.
    From huge to tiny, this collection delivers Cinematic Impacts, Ambiences, Whooshes, Explosions, Propellers, Lava sounds, Sci-fi sounds and many more.

    Included sounds / Keywords
    Ambience – Impact – Explosion – Movement – Whoosh – Swim – Bubble – Propeller – Air release – Stream – Scrape – Squeak – Creak – Crack – Waves – Ice – Lava – Hot – Embers – Sizzle – Crackle – Acid – Soak – Quench – Combustion – Organic – Fizz – Pulses – Plunger – Bottle – Drip – Boil – Drain – Pour – Rattle – Bounce – Slide – Hollow – Crush – Plonk – Snap – Metal – Plastic – Wood – Realistic – Sci-fi – Abstract – Alien

    40 %
    Ends 1722376800
  • Magic & Fantasy Sound Effects Sorcery Play Track 2196 sounds included, 337 mins total $104.99

    Rock The Speakerbox presents Sorcery, the ultimate sound design toolkit for magic and enchantment.

    Harness the forces of light with white magic. Ignite the night with the unbridled power of fire and flame.Summon the darkest of evil with black magic and necromancy. Release the fury of a million volts by mastering the electron. Lay waste to your foes with the sheer might of water and acid. Conjure the frigid and unleash the frost with the power of ice.

    Recorded on stage and in the field, and designed by award winning sound designers, SORCERY contains 11.7 GB of HD quality content spread across 1992 construction kit sounds and 204 designed sounds. With spells, deflects, casts, blocks, beams and more, SORCERY provides sound designers and media content creators unrivaled wizardry at their fingertips.

    The extraordinary awaits within.

    30 %
    Ends 1722376800
  • Destruction & Impact Sounds Cracks Play Track 800+ sounds included, 200 mins total $43

    CRACKS is a large exploration of different cracking sound sources – cracking, crunching, breaking and creaking.
    I have recorded a number of different materials, designed and processed to create some more aggressive, powerful and ready-to-use destruction sounds.
    Bread, Cardboard, Celery, Ceramic, Chips, Glass, Ice, Icy vegetables, Leather, Paper, Pasta, Plastic, Polystyrene, Rocks, Snow, Wood.
    The library contains over 444 sound files – around 2,5 hours of sounds included in total.
    Originally recorded at 192 kHz with two Sennheiser MKH8040 and a Sound devices 702.

    Each sound file has been carefully named and tagged for easy search in Soundminer and is Universal Category System (UCS) compliant.

    (see the full track list below).

    Update 3 – New sounds added to the library:
    Cracks has been updated with 71 new recordings, and completely renamed and tagged in UCS .
    A total of 2 GB of free additional content, bringing the total library size to over 7 GB in 515 files.
    Update 4 – New sounds added to the library:
    Cracks has just been updated with 73 new files, more rock, ice and wood cracks.
    A total of 1,8 GB of free additional content, bringing the total library size to over 8,5 GB in 586 files.
    22 %
  • Every sound of clothes you need for a classic scene is in this library: walk, run, jump, fight, pat, rustle, etc. I used eight different types of material and recorded each action with a lot of detail and making sure I gave you a lot of variety.

    Clothing: Bomber jacket with zipper, Denim Shirt, Harrington jacket, Hawaiian shirt, Puffer jacket, Tuxedo, Windbreaker, Wool jacket

    32 %
  • Mechanical Sound Effects Quadcopters Play Track 192 sounds included $55.30

    Introducing QUADCOPTERS.

    This extensive collection includes 192 sound files of radio-controlled quadcopters, ensuring the highest audio quality at 96 kHz and 24-bit.

    With a focus on versatility, this library offers a comprehensive range of quadcopter sizes, including 3-inch, 5-inch, 7-inch, 8-inch, and 9-inch models.

    Each sound file is tailored to capture the essential actions of each quadcopter. From the exciting startup and smooth landing to the mesmerizing hover, precise maneuvering, dynamic flybys, and acceleration, you’ll find everything you need to get an authentic sound.

    Whether you’re a filmmaker, game developer, or audio enthusiast, QUADCOPTERS is a must-have resource for bringing the captivating world of quadcopters to life in your work.

    30 %
    Ends 1721944800

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