Rain & Thunder

The Rain & Thunder sound library features 53 files covering different types of rain, from light showers to heavy falls. Files were recorded in different locations, like open space, forest, under the plastic or metal roofs and some experiments like rain recorded inside metal grill or bucket. There are also few thunder recordings, mostly subtle and long ones. It’s 5.31 GB 96kHz pack with total length of 162 minutes.

Spirit of Sound Effects: Thunder Volume 1

Here is the thunder I recorded in 1988, to DAT with an ORTF pair of Schoeps MK-4s, which includes a strike from ~12' away!  Hair standing up on end and everything.  You may know some of this material as what I released through “The Hollywood Edge Signature Series” back in 1993.  Well, a lot has changed.  More than half the material was then unusable back then due to rain 'ruining' the recordings.  Not so with Izotope RX 7 Advanced.  Rain?  What rain?  Not a drop survived.  Not.  A.  Drop.

Painstakingly remastered to 96kHz 32-bit floating-point (no shortcuts padding it with useless zeros: That would be cheap and lazy).  Embrace it; it's our near-future and everything I publish from here on out will be as such.

​   Hundreds and hundreds of mic capsule failures were repaired along with plenty of distortion – without removing any time; so if you line up the old with the now new, they won't hold sync for long.  Back then all I could do was cut out time.  No more.  Come hear the utter clarity and crispness of this thunder as it should be.  To differentiate and make it quick and easy for people to cut, I've called the very close strikes “Lightning” and the not-as-close strikes “Thunder”.  Already prepped in/for Soundminer ready to go, and a spreadsheet document for those using other systems.

Rain Thunder & Storm

Thunders, rain and storms are great natural recordings, and this library features a wide view of Spanish storms! The sounds include electrical thunders, rain storms, close thunders and more, recorded since 2009 in Spain.

All the files have metadata embedded for great Soundminer type programs. They both include Spanish and English descriptions.

Another way to get this library:
Also included in the Surround Sound LAB Complete Bundle, featuring 25+ SFX libraries at a huge discount.

Rolling Thunder

This clean, stereo nature recording beautifully captures the tranquility of a typical British summer thunderstorm from the moment the birds stop singing as the first spots of rain roll in, to their re-emergence as the storm passes.

Recorded in the heart of rural Norfolk, England.


  • No sudden crashes: Ideal for relaxation and sleep aid.
  • Eleven minutes of pure natural ambience with no disturbance from passing traffic or other artificial disturbances.
  • A complete recording capturing the storm before the rain approaches, through until the rain eases after the storm.

Thunder and Rain

Looking for sounds that make you want to grab a warm blanket and stay inside? This collection has thunder and rain recordings collected during window-shaking storms from 2012 to 2015.

Most sounds are recorded in Helsinki, where summers contain a few weeks of hot weather accompanied by dramatic thunderstorms.

It also features a hot, violent storm captured in France that lasted several hours.

With recordings that last from 13 seconds to over a half hour, you're sure to get all the drizzling and cracking thunderclaps you're looking for!

High Desert Thunderstorms

High Desert Thunderstorms has the vast, beautiful crackling of Southwestern summer thunderstorms. These powerful storms travel for miles in all directions with rumbles that feel physically and emotionally immersive. Plus, you receive many types of Texan storms with rainstorms, dry thunder, echoing thunderclaps, and much more. If you need storm ambiences that ripple across barren valleys, listen to High Desert Thunderstorms.

2% for the Planet:
Two percent of the price of this library is donated to an environmental cause. I view it as an “artist royalty” for the planet!

Key Features:

• Hand-picked sounds from over 20 summer thunderstorms
• Three-part library: Dry Thunder, Wet Thunder, and Rain and Thunderstorm Ambiences
• Thunder echoing in mountain valleys
• Unraveling explosions as close as 2,000 feet
• Sub-bass growls as far away as 20 miles
• Approaching and fading storm cells
• Descriptors: close, distant, rippling, rolling, growling, rumbling, unraveling, sonic boom, Zeus, and sub-bass
• multiple microphone perspectives for a variety of stereo images and uses
• Location: Near Marfa, Texas, summer 2016, mountain valley at an altitude of 6,000 ft.
• 95% Bird Free
• Library can be purchased in parts or as a bundle to save 20%

Dry Thunder:
• Specs: 690 MB – 192 kHz / 24-bit WAV – 26 stereo files, 26+ sounds – MS recordings decoded and library does not include the RAW MS files
• Duration: Approx. 10 min total
• Isolated rain-free thunderclaps from nearby supercells
• Thunder with wind in summer grass
• Clips ranging from 7 to 44 seconds
Wet Thunder:
• Specs: 2.37 GB – 192 kHz / 24-bit WAV – 67 stereo files, 67+ sounds – MS recordings decoded and library does not include the RAW MS files
• Duration: Approx. 34 min total
• Isolated thunderclaps with rain
• Heavy, medium, and light rain
• Clips ranging from 10 to 64 seconds
Rain and Thunderstorm Ambiences:
• Specs: 6.47 GB – 192 kHz / 24-bit WAV – 31 stereo files, 31+ sounds – MS recordings decoded and library does not include the RAW MS files
• Duration: Approx. 93 min total
• Dry and Wet thunderstorm ambiences, including thunderclaps
• Heavy, medium, and light rain without thunder
• Metal rooftops, storm drains, small hail stones
• Clips ranging from 1 to 20 minutes
High Desert Thunderstorm – Full Library:
• Specs: 9.54 GB – 192 kHz / 24-bit WAV – 124 stereo files, 124+ sounds – MS recordings decoded and library does not include the RAW MS files
• Duration: Approx. 137 min total
• All Dry Thunder, Wet Thunder, and Rain and Thunderstorm Ambiences included
Gear Used:
Sennheiser MKH 50/30 MS pair
MS recordings decoded
DPA 4060 A/B pair
Sound Devices 702
Rycote AG MS Blimp