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Looking for something great to listen to? We've found some excellent podcast episodes about sound for you - in this roundup:

Tonebenders Podcast – Sound designer Tormod Ringnes about his work on the documentary “Songs of Earth,” which follows a man’s hikes through the Norwegian landscape.


Immersive Audio Podcast – The 100th episode features a panel discussion at SXSW on the history, present state, and future of immersive audio in various sectors.


AMPS Podcast – Sound designer Richard King discusses creating the soundscape of “Oppenheimer”, including the Trinity explosion, with host Ian Haydn Smith.


Field & Foley – Sound designer Glenn Goa discusses their experience in film, video games, and more.


Level with Emily Reese – Dom Palombi’s new video game cover album “Game Night! Vol. 2” which features twice the musicians and more personal choices than the first volume.


Location Sound Podcast – Learn about Greg Murphy’s career as a production sound mixer, working in live news, Major League Baseball, the Super Bowl, and NASCAR.


The A Sound Effect Podcast – Sound designer Nathan Moody discusses the creative process behind his new sound effects library, ‘MetalMotion’.


Dolby Creator Talks – A panel at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival discusses the challenges and possibilities of filmmaking with no budget.


Twenty Thousand Hertz – Hans Zimmer’s team reveals the collaborative process behind his iconic scores, including the music for “Dune”.


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Hear all the episodes below:


Tonebenders Podcast – 254 – Songs Of Earth With Tormod Ringnes:

We talk with Norway’s own Tormod Ringnes, about his excellent sound work on director Margreth Olin’s new documentary, Songs Of Earth. As the film’s title implies, the sound of the film is extremely important. We follow the director’s 83 year old father as he hikes the rugged and beautiful nature of Norway in every season of the year. From intense ice sound design to desolate mountain silence.

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Immersive Audio Podcast – Episode 100 State Of Play Of Immersive Audio – Past, Present & Future (SXSW 2024):

In this 100th-anniversary episode of the Immersive Audio Podcast, Oliver Kadel and Monica Bolles travel to the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas to host a panel discussion on the State of Play of Immersive Audio – Past, Present & Future. We proudly feature our special guests the Segment Manager for Immersive and Experiential Applications at HOLOPLOT – Natalia Szczepanczyk and the Co-Founder and CTO of Audioscenic Limited – Marcos Simón.

This panel highlights the key developments that have defined the immersive audio industry for the past decade, reflects on the current trends and looks to the future. Our expert guests cover the key sectors: large-scale immersive events, interactive live performance, spatial audio for consumer devices and specialist virtual training and immersive media production. In an era where audio experiences are becoming increasingly integral to entertainment, gaming, virtual reality, and beyond, understanding the latest innovations and market dynamics is crucial. We discuss spatial audio, content creation, consumer adoption, and market challenges and opportunities.

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AMPS Podcast – EP 31 – 2024 AWARDS: OPPENHEIMER with Richard King:

In this Special AMPS Podcast celebrating nominees in the 11th AMPS Film Awards, Sound Designer / Supervising Sound Editor Richard King talk to Ian Haydn Smith about the role of sound on OPPENHEIMER. The podcast discusses working with director Christopher Nolan and creating the sound for the Trinity explosion.

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Field & Foley – Episode 23 – Glenn Gullskjegg Goa:

I’m thrilled to welcome Glenn Goa, a seasoned sound designer with over a decade of experience in the audio industry. Their expertise spans across various mediums, from video games to film, and encompasses a wide range of audio-related fields. As a Senior Sound Designer at Larian Studios in Belgium, Glenn’s contributions to projects like Baldur’s Gate 3 have been invaluable. As a freelancer at GOA Soundwizardry, they collaborate with renowned studios like Remedy Entertainment and CDProjekt Red. With a Bachelor of Arts in Audio Production and fluency in multiple languages, Glenn brings a wealth of experience and talent to our conversation.

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Level with Emily Reese – Level 254: Dom Palombi’s Game Night! Vol. 2:

We loved having bandleader and drummer/percussionist Dom Palombi back to talk about his new album, Dom Palombi’s Game Night! Vol. 2. There are about twice as many musicians on this album than on Vol. 1, with what Dom describes as more personal track choices than before. The musicianship is just beyond measure, and it’s a fun, adventurous, delightful, funky romp through some great tunes. The three originals are fantastic. ENJOY!

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Location Sound Podcast – 102 Greg Murphy – Production Sound Mixer based out of Melbourne, Florida:

Greg Murphy is a production sound mixer based out of Melbourne, Florida. He does a lot of work in live news and also projects for Major League Baseball, the NFL, Super Bowl and NASCAR. For news, he uses a Sound Devices 688 mixer/recorder and for smaller jobs, a Sound Devices 633. For wireless, Greg uses Lectrosonics transmitters and receivers. He likes the Sanken COS-11 lavs and also uses dpa 4060 lavs. On the boom, he prefers a Schoeps CMIT 5u and a Sennheiser 416. Greg also uses a Schoeps CMC641 for sit down interviews. Greg likes the Denecke JB-1 time code sync boxes as well as Tentacle Sync. He also likes the Lectrosonics R1a for IFBs and camera hops.

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The A Sound Effect Podcast – EP 30 – Making MetalMotion’s wild sounds – a creative sound library adventure with Nathan Moody:

What goes into creating a great sound effects library? Sound designer, recordists and composer Nathan Moody shares his sonic journey behind the making of his latest sound effects library, MetalMotion – available at asoundeffect.com/metalmotionThe library features 4 hours of moving metal, including everything from impacts and squeals to scrapes, rattles and beyond – and here’s the rarely-told story on what it takes to create such an adventurous, experimental and highly useful sound effects library.

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Dolby Creator Talks – 191 – Is “No Budget Filmmaking” a Fantasy? Hosted by Carlos López Estrada:

Recorded live at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival, Academy Award®-nominated director (“Raya and the Last Dragon”) — and Dolby Institute Fellowship winner — Carlos López Estrada brings together another all-star panel of Hollywood talent, this time posing the question: Is “No Budget Filmmaking” even possible in this day and age?

“There’s just so much pressure on a film and on a filmmaker that has nothing to do with the film being good, or them arriving at their artistic voice. I’ve worked on zero-dollar budgets, I’ve worked recently on $150 million budgets. And the problems on both ends of the spectrum are exactly the same. Your energy and your attention goes to so many places that have nothing to do with the actual movie, have nothing to do with the art, because of the capitalistic requirements of us, as artists. And if we really care about art and we really care about cinema… We have to change the way we talk about cinema… We want to advance the medium and we want to have a discourse around film that is not just, ‘did you like it? Did you hate it? Did it make money?'”

—Justin Simien, Film & Television Producer, Writer, and Director

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Twenty Thousand Hertz – Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control:

Hans Zimmer is responsible for some of the most iconic film scores of the last 35 years. So how does one person create so much amazing music? It turns out, he doesn’t do it alone. In this episode, Hans Zimmer’s incredible team pulls back the curtain to reveal their extraordinary creative process, and uncover the secrets behind the otherworldly music of Dune. Featuring Raul Vega, Taurees Habib, Suzanne Waters, Tina Guo, and Steve Mazarro.

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    To create this collection, our audio craftsmen unleashed their inner Dinosaur, recording a diverse array of sounds that includes roars, growls, sniffs, breathing, eating, and eggs hatching.

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  • The inner sounds of a Big Red Cooling System at the back of a small factory.

    Metallic drones, hums and watery trickles. Perfect for sound design and sound morphing into dark atmospheric ambiences.

    Number of Sounds : 18

    Number of Files :  18    

    Total Audio Time  : 1 hours 11 minutes  

    Type : WAV Mono

    Sample Rate / Bit Rate : 192 kHz / 24 Bit 

    Mastered : No

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    Looped Files : Yes 

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    Recorder : Sound Devices Mix Pre 3 II

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    Metadata : Files are stamped with detailed UCS compliant metadata in Soundminer

    Documentation Included : Copyright, EULA, Images, Metadata (exported in multiple formats)

    License : A Sound Effect EULA / Terms and Conditions https://www.asoundeffect.com/license-agreement/


    KEYWORDS : Ambient, Bubbling, Cooling System, Dripping, Droning, Factory, Humming, Mechanical, Metal, Pipes, Tank, Watery, Whining, Workshop

    FXNAME : Atmospheric, Abandoned Environment, Dark Ambience, Design Source, Drone, Dystopian, Eerie, Factory Ambience, Metal Sound Effects, Metal Textures, Post Apocalyptic, Sound Morph

  • DopeSick blends organic cinematic, sci-fi and modern electronic sound design for the creation of percussive impacts and rhythmic sonic cues for film scores, hi energy movie trailers, IDM, Futuristic Hip-Hop and different forms of electronic music that require sophisticated sound design at its best.

    The library features a vast array of timbres with a high degree of playability and musicality: raw hits, heavy alien impacts, cinematic/electronic hits, stingers and sequences, one-shots tones, trailer kits and more.

  • For Old Broken Piano we have recorded an old piano manufactured in the 1940s by the brothers Manegold. It has not been maintained and tuned for decades, giving it a unique, dark and nostalgic sound character.
    The instrument was recorded with a Sennheiser MKH 8040 Stereo Pair connected to a Sound Devices 702T.

    MKH 8040 are microphones with extended frequency response up to 50.000 Hz, which is great if you want to further process, re-pitch or stretch audio files.

    Rather unconventional approaches were used to „play“ the piano: Not a single key was touched! It was performed using a violin bow, various mallets and sticks, kitchen utensils, sticky tape and bare hands. The casing of the piano was partly taken apart to get direct access to the strings and the interior components of the instrument.

    A wide array of interesting sounds have been achieved by bowing, scraping or hitting single and multiple strings or parts of the wood body. For longer resonances, the sustain pedal was pressed down during almost all recordings.

    Old Broken Piano is a collabration between SampleTraxx and german sound designer Sebastian Emling.

    This library is the ideal companion for any professional sound designer, trailer or film composer.

  • City Life Sound Effects Walla, Public Places Play Track 137+ sounds included, 304 mins total $23

    Walla, Public Places sounds and ambiences.

    Walla backgrounds and public ambiences, sound textures. European languages. Recorded in European countries.
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    Check the sound list to see  if this is what you’re looking for.
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