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I ran a survey last week to gather new ideas for sound effects libraries – and thanks so much for all your responses!

I’ve now compiled a list of the ideas that came in. Ideas marked with * are carried over from past surveys, and I’ve also added some suggestions for existing material in brackets. Hope you find it inspiring!

New sound effect library ideas:

• Ambience libraries recorded in Ambisonic format (here are some of the current ambisonic SFX libraries)
• Bamboo forest
• Bars/restaurants with much lighter crowds
• Bicycles on different surfaces
• Body drags
• Cars on slow passbys and maneuvers
• Cell Phones/Ringtones (the Rings And Tones or Call Me SFX libraries could come in handy)
• Circus *
• City atmospheres without people (Diffuse City sounds like it could be useful for that)
• Crowd reactions and walla that are realistic
• Deep space phenomenon (black holes, quasars, neutron stars, supernova etc)* – (the Space Drones library may be useful here)
• Door sounds and shop bells, new recordings to replace overly-used ones
• Doors – regular, everyday doors (the Normal Doors library could fit the bill for that)
• Electric cars: Teslas, hybrids * (there’s now a Tesla Sound effects library here, and here’s a hybrid car SFX library)
• Electricity (libraries such as Sparks N Arcs, or Electronic Drain may come in handy here)
• Everyday life ambiences
• Fabric (there are quite a few Fabric SFX libraries here)
• Fishing sounds
• Footsteps – it goes without saying that one can never have enough footsteps (there are quite a few here for a start, though :) )
• Global events (Olympics, World Cup, Tour De France etc) *
• Good crowd sounds without a bunch of noise. I work in medieval settings a lot for my own projects and often have a limited pool of crowd noises to pull from, sometimes there’s too much modern city noise to make them usable.
• Grains (everything starting from fine sand, to debris)* (The Groats library could be useful for this)
• Historical village and townscapes, taverns, traffic-free city noises, horses on cobblestone, tanners, blacksmith’s forges etc. *
• Kids, not babies, both genders, multiple characters, solo, not field recordings, a wide variety of natural/not-hammy laughs, screams, emotes etc. Avoiding words/accents so as to remain internationally applicable
• Laboratories *
• Large stadium crowds library would be sweet. I have a lot of medium sized crowd cheers but only a few massive stadium cheers which I use fairly often (libraries such as Large Crowd Reactions or The Football Match may be useful for this)
• Little groups wallas (the Small Crowds Outdoor library could be worth checking out)
• Loop group of crowds
• Medieval and interesting horns of all kinds
• Metal/Glass Doors (could be some useful material for that in the Gateway SFX collections)
• Middle East atmospheres (Middle Eastern Ambiences, Istanbul Ambiences or Sounds Of Istanbul might be worth checking out)
• Middle East cars
• Modern Office settings, lighter ambience
• Neighborhood/residential outdoors, lighter ambience
• Offscreen/spotted city fx- outside of the ordinary sirens and buses; and used to give st beds character and depth
• Old jallopy cars
• People Moving – sitting down, getting up, single and groups
• Prison *
• Pro wrestling sfx – wrestling ring, bell etc
• Protestations yells of huge groups (international)
• Quiet ambients with sparse voices (SFX libraries such as Quiet Spaces or Room Tones and Quiet Places
• Regular, current everyday type of cars – chevy, toyota camry, honda accord etc (the Everyday Cars library may come in handy – and there are more regular cars here too)
• Reptile recordings * (Real Snakes has a selection of reptile recordings)
• Rolling loops of different size, weight, texture and if possible by layers organized in frequencies of wood, metal, plastic and their corresponding squeaks. For example, loops of tree logs rolling, or different size metal tanks or pipes rolling downhill on concrete etc etc. *
• Room tones with activities and not just a noise tone loop
• Simple, every day car-related sounds. Normal speed (int./ext.) drives and pass-bys etc
• Skids and Peel outs *
• Slingshot bys library *
• Small and large crowds – general murmuring, talking, clapping, rioting, panicking… It would be really useful
• Small “fire” (candle, lighter, old lamps) *
• Sports sound libraries, better-sounding and more diverse (there are quite a few in the Sports SFX category here)
• Water elements (there’s a big selection of water sounds here)


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2 thoughts on “The results are in – here are 50 ideas for new sound effects libraries:

  1. A number of these ideas/requests would fit SO NICELY under the umbrella of a varied yet focused “Civil Disorder” sound library — from riot jeers, to police shouting for order (and the stomp-clomp of their crowd control boots), to restless prisoners clanking on bars!

    A VERY hot topic that’s relevant and usable in today’s Snowden-infused age of authoritarian distrust and anti-government uprising. Also useful for accentuating music with a raw edge, like industrial rock or cyberpunk electro.

    THANK YOU for continuing to aggregate these wishes, Asbjoern!

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