19 new sound libraries Asbjoern Andersen

This week on A Sound Effect, we've got a treasure trove of sound libraries to ignite your creativity!

Travel the globe with immersive soundscapes from rural Zimbabwe, bustling Rome, and peaceful Amsterdam. You can also hear ambiences of detailed wind, Ambisonic oceanscapes, 25 hours of various sports games, and essential football/soccer effects.

Feeling emotive? Check out eerie and chilling soundscapes, high energy dance music, or an ultimate cinematic bundle to capture your audience's attention.

If you're looking for a mix of emotive and ambient, you can dive into the future with sleek visionary ambiences, get a touch of the cosmos, or transport yourself to enchanting and otherworldly realms.

And finally, if you are looking for detailed, down-to-earth sounds, check out collections of an Airbus H130 helicopter, rumbling trains and busy terminals, elaborate broken glass, authentic footsteps and rustling clothes, wide-ranging movements, and high-quality low-frequency movements of large objects.

Happy listening!

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Rome – Ambisonic

'Rome – Ambisonic' by Dramatic Cat takes you on a virtual tour of the Eternal City. Recorded with Ambisonic mics, this collection offers over 4 hours of immersive soundscapes from bustling markets and cobbled streets to serene parks and hidden alleyways.
  • Ambisonic Sound Effects Rome – Ambisonic Play Track 53 sounds included, 255 mins total $89

    Embark on a sonic journey through the streets of Rome with this meticulously recorded collection of ambisonics ambiences.

    ‍Capturing the essence of Italy’s capital, our library offers diverse locations from bustling markets, calm parks, crowded landmarks, dense traffic on cobblestone to tranquil alleyways.

    ‍We used an ambisonics microphone to record this 255min library, delivered both in AmbiX, stereo and 5.0. From film and television to video games and virtual reality experiences, our Rome recordings are versatile assets that add depth, atmosphere, and authenticity to any project.

    AmbiX, 5.0 and stereo

    Each recording is delivered in both AmbiX, decoded stereo and decoded 5.0 (L/R/C/Ls/Rs), for quick and easy integration.

    Gear used

    Sound Devices MixPre-6 II • Rode NT-SF1


    This sound library is UCS compliant and comes with fully embedded metadatas compatible with Soundly, Soundminer and Basehead.

Ocean Ambisonic

'Ocean Ambisonic' by Biquette Studio offers immersive audio recordings captured during sailboat journeys across the North Atlantic. The collection has a variety of indoor and outdoor perspectives, including engine noise, wind and waves, sail handling, and anchor drops.
  • Ambisonic Sound Effects Ocean Ambisonic Play Track 45 sounds included, 109 mins total $80

    This Nomade series collection features recordings made on two sailboats navigating the North Atlantic Ocean.  

    Beneteau 15-meter monohull between Puerto Rico and Montreal, via New York, the Hudson River and Lake Champlain. ​

    Fontaine Pajot Aura 15.5-meter catamaran from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Halifax, Nova Scotia, then up the St. Lawrence River to Montreal.

    Enjoy the many indoor and outdoor perspectives, with or without the diesel engine, in different wind and sea conditions, as well as winch handling, rigging noises, anchor drop…

    In this collection you’ll find high quality audio recordings in ambisonic Ambix format with references pictures, detailed track sheet and GPS location on from both boat conveyance.

    We used a Sounddevice MixPre6 field Recorder and Ambeo 1st order Ambisonic mics.


Dark Ambiences Vol. 3

'Dark Ambiences Vol. 3' by Ferreira the Sound Guy provides 12 original, chilling soundscapes designed for movies, trailers, and more. Crafted using virtual synthesizers and processed in post-production, these dark ambiences will add an ominous touch to your project.
  • Bundles Dark Ambiences Vol. 3 Play Track 12 sounds included, 17 mins total $17

    In this library you will find a dark ambience sounds.
    These sounds are perfect to use in movies, trailers, games, documentaries, etc.

    These sounds were all created by me on virtual synthesizers.

    After working these sounds in post-production, this library comes with 12 dark ambiences.

Wind vol.2

'Wind vol.2' by IVO VICIC SOUND LIBRARIES has recordings from various environments throughout the year. From whistling drafts indoors to wind whipping through trees and cities, the collection includes ambiences for lakes, mountains, and more.
  • Environments & Ambiences Wind vol.2 Play Track 137+ sounds included, 340 mins total $39

    Wind in urban and natural environments, recorded all year round. Windy room tones, wind whistling under doors and windows, wind on the boats, in trees, in the city, windy ambiences, lakes, mountains etc. Check the list of sounds for full info. All files are metadata tagged, with detailed description of equipment, mic technique used and position of mics.


    Recording equipment used: Sennheisers MKH serie mics, LOM Usi, Primo, Rode mics; Rycote blimps, Sound Devices recorder/mixer, Sony and Tascam hand recorders with LOM Usi mics (in Rycote BBG windshields); Mogami cables, tripods, etc.

    Maximum peak level on all recordings is -5 dBFS (for great dynamic range, great headroom), originally recorded with great headroom keeping in mind and to maintain great dynamic range of this natural phenomena.


Netherlands Collection 01

'Netherlands Collection 01' by MRFX offers a Dutch adventure for your ears. With over 350 recordings (45GB, 17+ hours), it captures everything from birdsong in Texel to bustling Amsterdam streets to provide a rich soundscape of Dutch life and nature.
  • City Life Sound Effects Netherlands Collection 01 Play Track 500+ sounds included, 1067 mins total $80

    Embark on an auditory journey through the Netherlands with our extensive collection of 359 recordings, encompassing 45GB and 17+ hours of pristine audio. From the serene birdsong at dawn in Texel’s quaint towns to the dynamic ambience of a busy supermarket, each sound tells a story of Dutch life and nature.

    Recorded with the exceptional clarity of the DPA 4006a, Sennheiser mkh 8040 and Sound Devices 744T.
    Discover the gentle rustle of leaves in an autumn forest near Den Haag, the vibrant energy of Amsterdam’s old town, and the soothing harmony of harbors and lakeside parks.

    Whether for film, gaming, or immersive audio experiences, our Netherlands collection offers a rich palette of sounds that capture the essence of this beautiful country.

Broken Glass (SB109)

'Broken Glass (SB109)' by Sound Brigade is a comprehensive collection of glass sound effects. From the initial shatter and break of various glass objects (beakers, jars, cups) to the movement of falling debris and piles of glass shards, this library offers everything you need.
    The SB109 BROKEN GLASS Sound Effects Library is a collection of glass shatters, breaks, hits, debris/glass shard movement and glass pile sweeps.


    We took a variety of glass objects, including beakers, carboy jugs, mason jars, tumbler cups and stemware out to a remote area of the desert and recorded them in all their glory!! These glass shatters, hits and breaks are great for augmenting and amping up production effects — and add a little processing to the various debris, shard and pile sweep movements and you can create all sorts of shimmering sound design. Enjoy!

Futuristic Ambiences

'Futuristic Ambiences Sound FX' by Ocular Sounds offers 75 soundscapes that bring sci-fi worlds to life. From bustling futuristic cities to the vast expanse of space, this pack provides the perfect audio backdrop for your movies, video edits, or any project yearning for an otherworldly touch.

    Say hello to our ‘Futuristic Ambiences Sound FX’ pack! It’s full of 75 amazing sound effects. Whether you make movies, edit videos, or just love futuristic stuff, these sounds will take you to cool futuristic places.

    This pack has 75 different sounds that make you feel like you’re in a futuristic city or exploring space. It’s like having sounds from a futuristic movie or a space adventure.

    These effects are great for making scenes in a futuristic world or creating a super cool atmosphere. Dive into futuristic worlds with the ‘Futuristic Ambiences Sound FX’ pack and let your audience experience amazing, out-of-this-world adventures!

Inside Transport Sound FX

'Inside Transport Sound FX' by Ocular Sounds captures the ambience of transportation experiences. From the rumble of trains to airplane hum and bustling terminals, it offers a sonic journey through the world of travel. It adds a layer of realism and depth to your projects.
  • Environments & Ambiences Inside Transport Sound FX Play Track 54 sounds included, 40 mins total $14.95

    Step aboard with our ‘Inside Transport Sound FX’ pack! With 54 incredible sounds, this pack takes you on a journey through various transport settings. It’s part of our Ambiences collection, offering a diverse range of ambient soundscapes from around the world.

    Containing 54 unique sounds, this pack captures the essence of different transport modes, from the rumble of trains to the hum of airplanes and the chatter of bustling terminals. It’s like having your ticket to a sonic voyage across various travel experiences.

    Perfect for filmmakers, video editors, or anyone seeking authentic transport atmospheres, the ‘Inside Transport Sound FX’ pack adds realism and depth to your projects. Come aboard and experience the diverse world of transportation with this captivating collection from our Ambiences series!

Zimbabwe – Dry Season

'Zimbabwe – Dry Season' by BØLT captures the unique sounds of Victoria Falls and the Zimbabwean steppe during the dry winter. It features the calls of birds and mammals, the powerful roar of Victoria Falls (in stereo and ambisonic), and quiet ambiences during low-tourist times.
  • Experience the Sounds of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe at the End of Winter

    Every now and then an opportunity comes along that you just cannot pass up. The chance of going on a recording trip to Zimbabwe alongside someone who knows the area and many locals was exactly that.

    I traveled to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe in August of 2023. As the dry season and the coldest time of year was still in full swing, the land is dry, and animals travel long distances to reach watering holes and rivers to drink. With the trees dried out and few insects in sight, the soundscape across the steppes is eerily quiet day and night, save for the large number of helicopters flying tourists around during the day.

    Not only was it an utterly inspiring experience just taking in the beauty of nature and the warm spirits of the people I have met, it was also an exercise in navigating the challenges of anthropogenic noise becoming more prevalent around the globe. With this time of year being the height of tourism season, capturing the sounds of nature meant having to find pockets of silence to avoid the sounds of helicopters, safari trucks, and trains carrying coal.

    By resorting to drop rigs, overnight recording, and getting up before sunrise to record, I captured a wide range of birds, mammals, and ambiences that will let you recreate the soundscapes of this vivid nation in your projects. Of course, I also had to capture the incredible majestic power of Victoria Falls’ namesake waterfalls, both in stereo and Ambisonic format.

    A portion of the sales proceeds for this library will be donated to local conservation efforts including Painted Dog RescueAfrican Wildlife Foundation, as well as CARE‘s efforts in providing food and nutrition security, climate resilient livelihoods, economic development, education, and water.

    Read my Article about the Trip here!

    Recording the Sounds of Zimbabwe | A Sound Effects Library by BØLT
Soundtrack Radio: EDM Music Pack

'Soundtrack Radio: EDM Music Pack' by SwishSwoosh has electronic dance music for various media projects. It includes 11 core tracks with intros, outros, and loops with energetic, elegant, and futuristic vibes ideal for racing, sci-fi, and action media.
  • Soundtrack Radio is a collection of music tracks spanning various genres and concepts – ideal for any game, movie, advertising videos and other media.

    Powerful and engaging soundtracks of sporty and futuristic interaction, EDM pack is an elegant, yet energetic addition to the completion of your vision. This pack of music tracks sets up a perfect soundstage for victory, success and an engaging modern music experience with their intro, outro, looped and full versions. These tracks are packed in various resolutions, ensuring compatibility across a range of media platforms. Visual excitement meets the rhythm of life – EDM pack – feel the thrill of the race and ride the wave of electronic sound power!

Cosmic Charges

'Cosmic Charges' by Unidentified Sound Object has unique tonal sounds created by blending real recordings with synthesized sounds and musical elements. You get customizable layers, pristine audio, and easy integration with metadata.
  • Introducing “COSMIC CHARGES,” an innovative sound effects library meticulously developed by Matteo Milani at U.S.O.‘s headquarters. This collection represents a major advancement in our commitment to crafting distinctive audio assets that that reinvent our approach to sound design. “COSMIC CHARGES” uniquely specializes in tonal blasts and impacts, each thoughtfully created from the ground up to ensure unmatched creativity and originality in your projects.

    Designed to enrich a variety of media, such as video games, films, TV series, and more, each sound in “COSMIC CHARGES” integrates musical elements, providing a unique sonic identity that can intensify emotional resonance, enhance dynamics, and add richness to your works.

    Discover the features of “COSMIC CHARGES”:

    1. Organic and Synthetic Fusion: Experience a unique blend of real recordings and synthesized sounds, offering a versatile palette for cutting-edge sound design.
    2. Electric Guitar and Percussion Elements: Created in collaboration with proficient musicians, these components add genuine, vibrant energy to your projects.
    3. Customizable Layers: Each sound is available in both a full stereo mix and isolated tracks, providing quick and extensive customization options.
    4. Infinite Headroom: 32-bit float BWF to ensure your sounds remain pristine without any risk of clipping.
    5. UCS Metadata: the definitive metadata standard we’ve embraced for seamless integration and organization in your workflow.
Football FX

'Football FX' by MRFX captures the action of outdoor soccer games. From the thump of powerful kicks to the scrape of tackles and the satisfying swish of a perfect pass, this library provides all the essential elements for soccer-themed projects.
Push & Pull, Heavy Weight

'Push & Pull, Heavy Weight' by Useful Sound Effects provides recordings of low-frequency movements for large objects. Recorded at 192 kHz, this library offers clean audio (no added effects) of objects like heavy doors, scraping stone, and shifting masses.
Ultimate Cinematic Bundle

'Ultimate Cinematic Bundle' by Vadi Sound Library includes over 800 sounds across five categories: impactful braams, whooshes and transitions, sound design elements, eerie drones and textures, and suspenseful electric guitar sounds with detailed labeling.
  • 5 definitive cinematic libraries in one fresh collection. 834 files that are great for sci-fi, horror, thriller – game, film and trailers. You can enhance your cinematic atmospheres, and create movement, suspense and impact and much more.


    What’s inside

    100 Cinematic Braams; strong, impactful, airy, modulating and synthetic braams

    294 Cinematic Whooshes & Transitions; swipes, futuristic & dark sci-fi, anime, tonal, pass by, power ups/ downs, movement, machine, nature, swish, flutter, destructive impacts and more

    218 Cinematic Series; hits, booms, stingers, trailer tools, transitions, explosions and more

    152 Ebow Guitar Thrillers; send chills through their spine with unsettling and terrifying noises

    71 Eerie Drones and Textures; dark, bright, noisy, clean, grainy, metallic textures, ethereal choirs, unnerving strings, otherworldly hums, growls and more

    You will get intuitive and detailed naming, metadata and the usual Vadi Sound craft and attention to detail.

    5,9 GB and 100% royalty-free, recorded and designed at 96kHz-24bit. The resulting spectrum is rich and allows for creative manipulation of the sounds and more complex sound design.

    Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.

    What else you may need

    You may want to check out our bestseller City Perspectives & Ambiences for 56 sounds and 3 hours of city ambiences; from busy intersections and back streets to vibrant parks to rooftops.

    Essential Magic is another good choice with 231 sounds of designed powerful magic; from electricity, cyber-magic, magicka, hits, buffing, whooshes, squeaks to sparkles, explosions, bubbles, chimes and even green magic.

Sports Ambience Bundle

'Sports Ambience Bundle' by Sonic Bat provides a massive collection of crowd sounds and field recordings for realistic sports sound design. With over 1500 minutes of audio, it covers various sports like basketball, soccer, handball, and more.
  • Bundles Sports Ambience Bundle Play Track 352 sounds included, 1522 mins total $150

    Design realistic sports ambiences with this feature complete bundle of crowd reactions and field-of-play interactions, recorded in crystal-clear stereo on a centered front-row seat position.

    Inside Sports Ambience Bundle you’ll find everything from support chants, goal celebrations, booing, casual conversations, clapping, local team speakers asking for crowd backing, referee whistles, coach instructions, air horns, overenthusiastic children, pre-match drills, and plenty of other content spread through long and evolving audio files.

    Sports included on this bundle are the following:

    • Basketball: played on a rectangular court, the objective is to score points by shooting the ball through the opponent’s hoop, mounted 10 feet above the ground, while preventing the opposing team from doing the same. Players dribble, pass, and shoot the ball with precision and agility, showcasing their athleticism and skill.
    • Futsal: a fast-paced and dynamic indoor sport that combines elements of soccer with unique features tailored to smaller, enclosed spaces; promoting close ball control, quick passes, and rapid transitions, making it an ideal platform for honing individual technique and teamwork.
    • Handball: a fast-paced and dynamic indoor sport known for its rapid-fire offensive transitions and high number of goals from both teams on any given match. The game emphasizes quick passing, dynamic movement and strategic teamwork, perfect at evoking varied crowd responses in a short time span.
    • Roller Hockey: a fast-paced sport played on roller skates inside a smooth-surfaced rink, meaning there’s sounds that can’t be found on any other type of athletic activity such as sticks hitting the hard rubber puck or floor, intense break sounds from offensive transitions and hard hitting impacts of players on the confines of the rink.
    • Soccer: renowned for its fluidity and dynamic gameplay, where players dribble, pass, and shoot with precision and finesse, soccer demands a combination of athleticism, agility, and strategic thinking, as players navigate the field to outmaneuver their opponents and create scoring opportunities. Setting it apart from other sports by being played on large stadiums, soccer has a unique flavor when it comes to crowd reactions and supportive chants.
    • Swimming: the regional competition audio files have abundant support chants from a young audience with minimal crowd dialogue, perfect to be used on any audiovisual project set in a swimming pool. The neutral takes of people swimming at a different public pool with no crowd conversations complement this section, providing different options for smart sound editing.
    • Water Polo: a team based sport played in a swimming pool, where each player uses intense swimming strokes and tactics to score and defend their goal. This requires constant communication between team mates and coaches, giving a distinct flavor to this sport with its booming echoes, splashes, shouting and plentiful goal celebrations.
    • Volleyball: a highly intense and balanced sport characterized by its fast-paced nature, emphasis on teamwork and strategic play, where players use a combination of spiking, blocking, setting, and serving techniques to gain an advantage and outmaneuver their opponents. The game is played on a rectangular court divided by a net, with each team aiming to score points by grounding the ball on the opposing team’s side.

    With over 48GB of content spread through 1522 minutes, this bundle serves as your seasonal ticket for any team sports project and its passionate crowds.

    Sports Ambience Bundle contains:

    Bonus Content: Sports Ambience Bundle offers an additional three and a half hours of recordings from Portugal’s main soccer league in a crowded stadium, alongside outdoors youth drills.

Airbus H130 helicopter

'Airbus H130 helicopter' by Rishhad Kothawala is a comprehensive helicopter sound library. Recorded at 96kHz / 32bit, it features concise audio for various flight scenarios - from startup and takeoff to flybys, hovering, and landing.
  • The Airbus H130 helicopter in 96khz 32bit wav for clean clear & realistic sound design.
    No need for sifting through lengthy audio, these are concise well edited wav files for immediate scenario based application of basic helicopter operations from startup, takeoff, flybys, circling, hover,approach, land & shutdown.
    Metadata available under UCS tagging.

Real Forest Footsteps

'Real Forest Footsteps' by MRFX features authentic recordings of footsteps in diverse forest environments. Capturing the nuances of various seasons and terrains, from swampy mud to crisp leaves, this collection provides a rich, realistic forest atmosphere.
  • Authentic Forest Footsteps 

    Explore a collection of genuine forest footsteps, recorded in various forests through different seasons. Our goal was to capture a wide range of textures, from the moisture-rich swampy forest to the distinct crunch of leaves in a dry, woodland setting.

    Each file is recorded using the Sennheiser MKH 8040 and Sound Devices mixers. Whether you’re working on a film, a game, or any multimedia project, these sound effects add a touch of realism to your audio landscape.

Movement Foley Sound FX

With 176 recordings by renowned Foley artist Hugo Milt, 'Movement Foley Sound FX' by Ocular Sounds captures everything from footsteps and clothing rustles to intricate object interactions - helping you create an immersive and believable soundscape for film, VR, and more.

    Introducing “Movement Foley,” your ultimate sound library for immersive audio experiences. With 176 meticulously crafted recordings captured at 96kHz and 24-bit resolution, every sound is delivered in crystal-clear quality.

    From the thunderous applause of a crowd to the subtle rustle of cloth, the collection features a diverse range of objects and human movements. Hear the precise cadence of military gear, bags and clothes swaying as you walk, the rustle of clothes being put on and off, and the unique sounds of belts, sunglasses, zippers, umbrellas, hats, and more. This pack also includes sounds of body touches, claps, handshakes, chair movements, and a variety of cloth-related actions with multiple variations for each sound.

    Each sound was expertly recorded in a professional studio environment by renowned foley artist Hugo Milt. With a portfolio spanning major film productions, Hugo’s attention to detail ensures every sound in “Movement Foley” is authentic and captivating.

    Enhance your projects with lifelike audio that transports listeners into the heart of the action. Elevate your storytelling, gaming experiences, and multimedia projects with the unparalleled realism of “Movement Foley.” Whether you’re creating a blockbuster film, a video game, a virtual reality experience, or an immersive audio project, “Movement Foley” provides the perfect sonic palette to bring your vision to life.

    33 %
Fantasy Ambiences Sound FX

'Fantasy Ambiences Sound FX' by Ocular Sounds offers 70 sounds to bring your fantasy projects to life. This pack is like having your own magical soundtrack, transporting listeners to enchanted forests and mystical castles.
  • Environments & Ambiences Fantasy Ambiences Sound FX Play Track 70 sounds included, 91 mins total $19.95

    Welcome to our ‘Fantasy Ambiences Sound FX’ pack! It’s like stepping into a magical world with 70 amazing sounds. This collection, part of our ‘Fantasy’ series, takes you to enchanted places and magical adventures.

    With 70 different sounds, this pack captures the feeling of fantasy places—like mysterious forests and enchanted castles. It’s like having your own magical soundtrack!

    Perfect for game lovers, filmmakers, or anyone who loves fantasy stories, the ‘Fantasy Ambiences Sound FX’ pack makes your projects feel like you’re in a magical world. Immerse yourself in the enchantment with this captivating collection from our ‘Fantasy’ series!


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A Sound Effect gives you easy access to an absolutely huge sound effects catalog from a myriad of independent sound creators, all covered by one license agreement - a few highlights:

  • Dinosaurs Vol. 2 is the second edition of our popular Dinosaurs sound effects series.

    This library contains a wealth of pre-historic sound effects, covering a range of different dinosaur types. Inside we have carnivores, herbivores, scavengers, flyers and even baby dinosaurs, allowing you to craft your own custom Jurassic soundscape.

    To create this collection, our audio craftsmen unleashed their inner Dinosaur, recording a diverse array of sounds that includes roars, growls, sniffs, breathing, eating, and eggs hatching.

    This library is perfect for use in monster movie projects such as Godzilla, King Kong, Jurassic Park, and is also well suited to covering video game creatures and enemies.

    All files are supplied in 24Bit 96kHz allowing for further sonic manipulation and have been tagged with extensive UCS compliant metadata for ease of use.

    20 %
  • Creature Sound Effects Dinosaurs Play Track 32 sounds included $16.80

    Witness the terrible and wondrous sounds of the long gone rulers of Earth, with our new library, Dinosaurs, containing audio brought back from 65 million years in the past.

    Our Audio Craftsmen have captured the roars, rumbles and groans of a variety of Dinosaurs, from Triceratops to the King himself, T-Rex!

    All sounds were recorded in our acoustically treated Foley suite in 24Bit 96kHz allowing further sonic manipulation. We then meticulously edited and tagged the files with extensive UCS compliant metadata for ease of use.

    20 %
  • Vielklang Instant Harmony 2 is an instrument for easy generation of harmonies from an audio or MIDI melody. The utilization of voice leading and harmony progression models allows vielklang to create harmony parts in a more musical way than traditional harmony processors and makes it a versatile and creative tool for musicians, songwriters and producers.

    vielklang utilizes zplane´s widely-used élastique SOLOIST engine for high quality pitch shifting and time stretching.

    The new version introduces the following features:

    • advanced pitch editing with direct tool access
    • new sleek interface
    • vibrato and tremolo generator
    • hybrid view for score-like harmony visualization
    • MIDI harmonization
    • multiple file harmonization
    • Instant Harmony V2.0 & Advanced Pitch Editing
    • Harmonize your melody with one single click – loading a single-voiced audio file – and create natural-sounding background choirs and brass arrangements.

    vielklang Instant Harmony generates harmonies with 2-4 voices. It is packed with musical intelligence and music theory: it detects the best fitting harmonies for each individual input melody, and automatically synthesizes up to four voices with the voices not merely running in parallel but with their voicings selected to sound most natural (voice leading).

    The advanced pitch editing controls (full version only!) give you fast and easy access to pitch, timing, vibrato control, formant shift, and to many more editing options.

    WIN | MAC

Explore the full, unique collection here

Latest sound effects libraries:
  • Are you looking for the most creative Magic Spells sound design for your project? Then look no further / you are at the right place….

    Unearth the mystical power of ELEMENTAL FANTASY MAGIC SOUND EFFECTS, a memorising collection of high quality, ready-to-use spell-casting sounds that will transmogrify your film, game, or animation from wheezy wizard to unstoppable sorcerer! You cannot afford to miss on the cutting edge sounds of EARTH, FIRE, WATER, AIR (wind) and WOOD spells and rituals contained within, expertly crafted by our industry-leading AAA sound designers.

    Every action, scene, and scenario is covered by a vast array of WHOOSHES, THROWS, IMPACTS, CHARGED SPELLS, LOOPS, DRONES, and many other variations, expertly designed to give your project the magic touch.

    With a dizzying selection of variant options, including LOOPS, LAYERS, DIFFERENT INTENSITY LEVELS, MULTIPLE LENGTHS, SIMPLIFIED and COMPLEX VERSIONS, FULL SEQUENCES, and many more, a whole world of magical possibilities is at your fingertips.

    • Video Games
    • Slot Games
    • Film / Animation
    • Ads / Trailers
    • YouTube Videos
    • Live Events
    • Sound Design
    …and all other audio-visual productions

    • 240 Audio Files (80 original sounds)
    • WAV Format: 24 Bit, 96 kHz and 16 Bit, 44.1 kHz
    • MP3 Format: 320 Kbps
    • Unpacked Size: 299 MB
    • Total Run Time: 18m 46s

    So what are you waiting for?

    Get ELEMENTAL MAGIC SOUND EFFECTS now unleash the true magical potential within your project!


    Want this awesome sound pack even cheaper + tons more of magic spells?
    Check out our FULL Fantasy Magic Spells library: https://www.asoundeffect.com/sound-library/medieval-fantasy-magic/


    25 %
  • The inner sounds of a Big Red Cooling System at the back of a small factory.

    Metallic drones, hums and watery trickles. Perfect for sound design and sound morphing into dark atmospheric ambiences.

    Number of Sounds : 18

    Number of Files :  18    

    Total Audio Time  : 1 hours 11 minutes  

    Type : WAV Mono

    Sample Rate / Bit Rate : 192 kHz / 24 Bit 

    Mastered : No

    Normalised : No

    Looped Files : Yes 

    Size : 2.48 GB


    Recorder : Sound Devices Mix Pre 3 II

    Microphones :  LOM Geofon

    Microphone Configuration : Magnet


    Metadata : Files are stamped with detailed UCS compliant metadata in Soundminer

    Documentation Included : Copyright, EULA, Images, Metadata (exported in multiple formats)

    License : A Sound Effect EULA / Terms and Conditions https://www.asoundeffect.com/license-agreement/


    KEYWORDS : Ambient, Bubbling, Cooling System, Dripping, Droning, Factory, Humming, Mechanical, Metal, Pipes, Tank, Watery, Whining, Workshop

    FXNAME : Atmospheric, Abandoned Environment, Dark Ambience, Design Source, Drone, Dystopian, Eerie, Factory Ambience, Metal Sound Effects, Metal Textures, Post Apocalyptic, Sound Morph

  • DopeSick blends organic cinematic, sci-fi and modern electronic sound design for the creation of percussive impacts and rhythmic sonic cues for film scores, hi energy movie trailers, IDM, Futuristic Hip-Hop and different forms of electronic music that require sophisticated sound design at its best.

    The library features a vast array of timbres with a high degree of playability and musicality: raw hits, heavy alien impacts, cinematic/electronic hits, stingers and sequences, one-shots tones, trailer kits and more.

  • For Old Broken Piano we have recorded an old piano manufactured in the 1940s by the brothers Manegold. It has not been maintained and tuned for decades, giving it a unique, dark and nostalgic sound character.
    The instrument was recorded with a Sennheiser MKH 8040 Stereo Pair connected to a Sound Devices 702T.

    MKH 8040 are microphones with extended frequency response up to 50.000 Hz, which is great if you want to further process, re-pitch or stretch audio files.

    Rather unconventional approaches were used to „play“ the piano: Not a single key was touched! It was performed using a violin bow, various mallets and sticks, kitchen utensils, sticky tape and bare hands. The casing of the piano was partly taken apart to get direct access to the strings and the interior components of the instrument.

    A wide array of interesting sounds have been achieved by bowing, scraping or hitting single and multiple strings or parts of the wood body. For longer resonances, the sustain pedal was pressed down during almost all recordings.

    Old Broken Piano is a collabration between SampleTraxx and german sound designer Sebastian Emling.

    This library is the ideal companion for any professional sound designer, trailer or film composer.

  • City Life Sound Effects Walla, Public Places Play Track 137+ sounds included, 304 mins total $23

    Walla, Public Places sounds and ambiences.

    Walla backgrounds and public ambiences, sound textures. European languages. Recorded in European countries.
    In most of the recordings languages are indistinguishable, background babbling, hum, ambience. In some cases language can be recognized and this is mentioned in the name of the file.
    Check the sound list to see  if this is what you’re looking for.
    High quality audio recorded with care (detailed description of audio/mic technique used is in metadata chunk).
    21 %


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