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Sci-fi Sound Effects: 14 Fantastic, Futuristic Sound Effect Libraries

• By Asbjoern Andersen • posted in New sound effect libraries

With a fresh new year ahead of us, I figured it was a good time to highlight some of the great futuristic SFX libraries in the catalog.

So when you need the sounds of the future for your projects, here are 14 SFX libraries that give you everything from robotics and spaceships to strange worlds, slimy aliens and much more:



Solar Sky gets you a fantastic collection of spaceship sounds for your sci-fi projects – from in-ship ambiences, drones, passbys and power-ups and power-downs. Be sure to check out the great demo.


If you need robotic sounds, this SFX library features 2700 files to work from – including a large number of designed and raw recordings, servo and transformation sounds.


Strange worlds

From sounds fit for abandoned space stations to alien worlds, this sound library gives you great soundscapes to work with. The sounds are generated in Kyma, with some heavy processing applied.


Chad Glenn’s ‘Indecent Machines’ gives you 1.7 GB of custom-processed artifacts, evolving atmospheres, robotics and much more – 347 sound effects in total are included.


Sci-fi components

Need an inexpensive collection of sci-fi sounds? Glitchedtones has put together this collection of 65 sci-fi sounds suitable for a variety of projects.


Echo Collective’s ‘Squelch’ sound library features more than 100 sounds captured from 6 radios and walkie talkies, giving you a unique collection of static, beeps and communication sounds.


Sci-fi zaps

For electrical sci-fi sounds, this release from Soundopolis will come in handy. It features a number of spark sounds, static, zaps and textures.

Futuristic UI

Need to bring your UI to life? This collection features 1400 sounds with a wide range of sounds for your futuristic user interfaces.


Future Bundle

The team at Empty Sea has put together a big bundle of futuristic sounds, with more than 3600 files in the pack. It covers a lot of bases when it comes to sci-fi such as robotic sounds, transformations, lasers + much more.

Digital Motors

This sound pack gives you a great collection of digital and analog-sounding motor and servo sounds to work from – captured from optical drives with two induction coil pickups.



For your alien characters, Russell Gorsky’s ‘Creatures’ SFX library gives you 242 growls and hisses, roars and screams to build on. To spice things up, you might want to add some grunts and squeals from these recordings too.

Slime and goo

Aliens seem to have a certain, inexplicable fondness for oozing slime and goo. To get the sound of that right, Mattia Cellotto’s sound effects library – featuring 158 squishy and slimy recordings – will definitely come in handy.


Magnetic Fields

Stephan Marche’s ‘Humbuz’ features 113 unique recordings of electro-magnetic fields from sources such as fridges, microwaves and many more.


For passbys, vehicles and designed whooshes, Airborne Sounds’ release gives you 70 sounds to work with – from airy whooshes, buzzing sweeps and more.

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