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Richard Devine Modular UI

Making 'Modular UI', the new UI sound effect library from SoundMorph & Richard Devine

An exclusive Q&A on 'Modular UI', a new UI SFX library created in a collaboration between SoundMorph and sound design legend Richard Devine:

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Izotope RX4 interview

An exclusive inside-look at Izotope RX4 - with RX product manager Matt Hines

Izotope's RX series is the gold standard for a lot of people in audio post. Here's the inside story behind it, from Izotope RX product manager Matt Hines:

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Video: Acclaimed sound designer David Farmer, on what sound design means today

Check out this in-depth video interview with LOTR/The Hobbit sound designer David Farmer, on what sound design means today:

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